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  1. since factions are no longer linked together, other players in PVP zones can mess with your faction relations if you are friendly with one but they are not. for example, you are friendly with techs but techs are not your primary faction. a tech player attacks you, but you cannot kill him/her without losing tech reputation. what i suggest are a few possible solutions. totally disable PVP faction reputation loss. but not reputation gain. unless its needed for balance. disable it if you are already FRIENDLY with said faction since you are defending yourself. or only lose it when taking a keep or killing a player near said keep. any thoughts on my suggestions?
  2. please make make the bloodsports more balanced. like level everyones gear the same. and to keep the PVP gear worthwhile, just make 2 bloodsports arena types. one with unleveled gear, one with leveled gear. the unleved gear is the same as it is now. the leveled gear is more skill based. and NOT with over powered gear. and if you disagree with this, please explain how this is a bad idea. 2 seperate arenas. one for people who like their pvp gear, and one for those who don't like pvp gear.
  3. what do i do? i tried emailing support yesterday but i got no reply as of yet.
  4. i havent played inna while...but i'd love to have a private server for myself.
  5. i posted this as a reaction to many games and other hobbies being influenced by moral policing. and those things tend to die and become not fun after that. i don't want fallen earth to succumb to that fate.
  6. im just gonna come out and say it plain and blunt. please ignore moral authoritarians of any kind that wish to put their politics into the game. be it from the left or right wing. don't change the games story for either side. don't edit game play for either side. just...please...if they use language that seems to come from a political stance...ignore them. they are more likely to go away if ignored. people play games to escape real life and enjoy the lore of a fictional world. we don't want real life politics pushed on us, especially from moral crusaders who try to force their way by the threats of violence, the threats of harassment, or just plain shaming. if someone tries to use any form of moral shaming like calling you/the community a bigot or any other immoral kind of person...please do not listen to them. thank you for taking the time to read this.
  7. i'd like to have Fishing for both late game and early game. i like fishing in games. just a simple cast, wait a few seconds, click when the fish bites, and you get a fish, trash or an unlocked box with some random loot. but since water is very limited in the world i have some ideas for getting water around, 1. just use the construction skill to build portable fishing holes. 2 edit the world to have more water, or just one big lake per sector. 3 a new area that acts similar to the bloodsports arenas, rather than pvp its focus is just simple activities. and you have to pay chips to get in. 4 use all all three methods but implement them one at a time. but if i had to choose ONE method to vote for...it would be number 1. players create the fishing holes. it can be for both roleplayers and non roleplayers. there can also be activities related to fishing. like with mini quests like turn in some fish or trash for a new NPC faction, a fishing group that wants both fish and to clean the water from the useless trash. what do you guys think? also give suggestions to improve the idea should Little Orbit think it would be fun.
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