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  1. Nah if I was a stalker you would of caught me digging through your garbage.
  2. Well at least you don't deny it so you have improved some what. Gratz on hitting puberty.
  3. To be fair when G1 originally took over FE servers went to dogshit as well. They ended up improving it eventually, but it fell again when the game was essentially put on life support. So it likely has numerous issues at setting up as well. Although it's fair criticism that it was last minute notice and a notable amount of time.
  4. That wouldn't solve anything. Gear balance is where the issue sits. The combat system in 2011 after going f2p was terrible(yay half the skill lines are total trash), and you would collapse in the combat system pre-f2p. Going back to it would be terrible...ignoring the fact they likely don't even have that version anymore lol. Game needs a proper playerbase to justify anti-cheat.
  5. No that was just me spreading the love. You're welcome.
  6. How about you go back to spamming racism and going on unhinged tirades boy. You were 1 of the more cancerous players in this game so step off that high horse. I do like how you want to act as if you have done something that was beneficial. Nah the issue is you of all people acting as if you are part of the 'more sensible FE community'. You could of said you disliked what happened without trying to stroke yourself off at the same time.
  7. Very cool LO this event was amazing. Please do more lore events like this in the future. Ahh yes murcuri the 'more sensible community' member: ❂MurcuriLast Friday at 9:05 PM No, ***, you stupid neckbearded sister-****er The more sensible will prevail lmao.
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