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  1. That's not too surprising I mainly mentioned it due to the fact they had caught some high profile cheaters and had notable banwaves for paid cheats. I didn't say it was the best of the best just a 'fairly solid' anti-cheat. As in it's your general anti-cheat which is for 'known' bots rather than the ones which stop general muddling.
  2. Fully adapted for it? Are you high? There is no 'fully adapted' path for mission grinding or the like. Yeah do those sick mission aps. What's that boss? Do a 30 minute back and forth talking quest for 1 ap? Ohh that sounds like just the best. Collection of books? Sweet let's go farm that node for 1/3 of the books that has a 30 minute respawn time with a heavy lean to 1/3 of the books it drops. It may take 24+ hours but it gives what 4 ap or something?(can't remember been years) Ahh events might actually be decent. So events and 30 minute races. Sick 100 ap grind. 800k faction points are easy. That huge point gain area in deadfall might be useful in this aspect, but hey why bother with that one. No matter where you are outside a starter town or main town the game will seem dead. Hell pop is typically seen depending on capital cities in games anyways and sorry to say but even if everyone constantly afked in the capital city of your choice it would still seem dead. You could have the best of the best anti-cheat you will still have people cry foul. Hell look at csgo, which is typically seen as fairly solid for anti-cheat and people still screech like smart monkeys about cheaters. And I'm saying is you do not want to waste a golden ticket. Once games lose players or fall by the wayside there are not many opportunities for it to reestablish itself or revive. It'd be stupid to hack off a bunch of the game to midlevel and go 'here guys come play again'. The only real improvement you get is a bigger pool of weapons and that's it. All the same issues are still there in spades. Perfectly done up till s2? What drugs are you on? You can run into bugs 5 minutes in. Curious what is this 'cadejo' bug or is it just a broken mission? edit to clarify: This game of grab patootie is great and all but we aren't about to agree on this. You want the game to just be shrunk and be thrown up again with advertising for this while they work on it so as to have something(I perceive this as a cash grab...aka what gore was). I disagree because rebooting or relaunching a game can only happen so much and FE is lacking in MANY areas, plus there is the fact I view your idea as a cash grab that would ultimately cause more harm than good(yes even if the first 2 sectors are 'perfect'). I'm not about to agree as from my perspective this would be like the handling of alpha county...the fabled '4th sector' that people talked about and was hinted at since FE's original launch under icarus. It ultimately flopped as a play from them and the main thing that maintained pop at this point was their move to f2p.
  3. 1 - Have you done any of the pve? Or is your entire experience in those sectors grinding rats? It's all pretty lopsided. 2 - No it wouldn't. Maybe in the capital city and a couple of the valuable towns, but outside that it would still seem barren. 3 - Yes I know but gear is just fine vs dt equips last I checked. Then again I never paid attention to dt gear down here. 4 - Ugh this is entirely dependent upon population size. Yes anti-cheats are valuable but they are not the end all be all and people will still accuse people for any number of things(people still think its some big advantage to macro skill combos in the current system). This will only stem so much and unless it's one that people have high confidence in it won't mean anything. You actually think just sector 1/2 with no changes beyond a wipe would be appealing? Great sales pitcjh: "Hey come play 25% of the content guys it's the same as you remember but now you gotta regrind those recipes and mats. Want max ap? Do those 20 min races or do the fetch quest ap missions! Are mission rewards decent yet? Nope. Is it laggy? We hope not! Come on guys this is surely to reinvigorate the game!" It's far better to put out general status reports and long-term plans periodically to keep people watching it than to try to amputate the games' legs and tell people to have fun.
  4. 1 - You assume this is enough. There is no gurantee this wouldn't. There is also the issue of mission balance, mob balance, dropoff rate etc. The first 2 sectors have their own assortment of issues. 2 - You wouldn't get this even if you put everyone in 1 town. Even when FE had 1k players it didn't create the illusion of a busy game due to it's inherent size. 3. DT weapons aren't an issue at these sectors. Resists are low enough any weapon is actually viable. 4. Anticheat is an extra expense on a game with little actual if any income. Yes it hasn't been done so rather than doing it half assed and wasting this card it should only be done when it's ready. You do not get continuous reuses of these cards. You get to play them once and if it doesn't work out then it's essentially gone. This is what happened with alpha...they played their 'sector 4' card with f2p and a new combat system. The card essentially flopped. The other option is to do what fixing they are planning to do and then do this. That is the optimal scenario. This also eases the frustration that would come from current players and provide a better landscape for reintroducing the game to people. They have also said there are core technical issues they have to address with FE, and since they seem to have plans based more in the future for FE it's best to wait for that than to do some half-assed gimmick that doesn't address anything.
  5. Wasn't the last halloween event just a box spawn event? edit: Don't expect too much as they typically just repeat events(what's grunch at? 3 or 4 years now?), but likely bigger fish to fry.
  6. Active in chota is not the same as active in pvp for chota. If they were a lowbie clan that is an entirely different manner. You merely exposed your lack of knowledge of the pvp scene before you pvped and took the word of braggarts at face value. If something can be multiplied infinitely you can potentially gain an infinite amount of chips. Comically reducing the value of items sell value would destroy the trashheap that is FE's economy as that is the only viable way to gain chips. So you can't even properly apply the bandaid without extensive changes. -Grouping everyone in a small pen provides an initial illusion but it is an illusion that quickly falls apart. -That's a bandaid fix. To address the most common dupe they had to remove a fairly key component in the game. My phrase was mocking your revival. You might as well tag it with early access at that point. And really player advantages occur after sector 2? What crack are you on? Meh an anti-cheat is a low priority imo as that requires significant investment. It is better to let it fade away in recent memory to bring it back in the future than to chop off its limbs and paint a smile on it's face and try to drag it around. Relaunch is not something you can do continuously and expect people to pay attention.
  7. So you know nothing of condemned or pvp before gore. Condemned was active in pvp pre-gore. Darkorina wasn't but that's because darkorina just did bloodsports. They were your bloodsports superstar who was mediocre at it. His claim to fame was whining that people healed each other in bloodsports(he joined decon to whine about this and try to push for a removal of healing in bloodsports). Though I can't remember all the details about him. Like I said Chrispy didn't bring them into pvp and that is an assured fact from someone who pvped with them before chrispy played the game. A reset without any addressing of overall issues with the game would be the most idiotic thing they could do. A reset and wipe is only a legitimately strong decision is when the game is based around it or you made significant changes. -If you can multiply something an infinite amount of times even if it is worth 1 chip you can break the economy using this. There's also the fact it's the lag it causes would do far more damage. -Also you are relying on having a team of people constantly combing through active players numbers for chips, mats etc. Do you have any idea the amount of shit this would take just to make sure this shit bandaid doesn't go completely rancid? -No a reset wouldn't suddenly return value to things. FE has ALWAYS had a broken economy. -How would this bring in new players? Graphically speaking it is an older game and the tutorial is mediocre. A random reset with hard restrictions wouldn't suddenly bring the illusion of a population. Let's say all 100 unique players stay with this reset. Even if they all stayed within 1/2 starter towns it wouldn't make it seem populated. No it is an even stupider idea to try this. A relaunch usually is covered on gaming sites or the like so it brings in some new eyes. This reset and area restriction would just piss off people still playing and give no incentive to play or give it a try. 'Come try this game where everything was deleted and the map is smaller because we couldn't fix a bug. Come try "Fallen Earth: Nothing Has Actually Changed" today!' What reason would your idea give to get people to play? You are literally just removing sector 3+ and changing nothing else. It would just be throwing away any potential. This is an even worse idea than just a full reset.
  8. Wtv this would of been longer but braindead companies putting back/forward browser buttons on resting spots on keyboard/mice and this forum only having quick reply and me being too lazy to remove them or edit them before. Og wasn't really notable but wtv. Chrispy didn't bring condemned into pvp...they were pvping before he even played the game. All he did was get them to fellate gore and stay away from pvp unless their core players were there...ohh and get dv to carry them. 1) Circuits make this the second easiest path due to pve being incredibly easy. 2) longest in terms of time but due to bloodsports its a matter of when not a matter of if. 3) This was purely crafting before but it was volatile/gore which pushed the boss path. For gear all 3 should have paths but crafting should be king. They should maybe have key mats required from their respective areas but require crafting. The other thing is they should refine the decay system. They should make it decay faster and start with less overall longterm durability(cant remember the exact names so wtv). This was so slow because when they announced it people were worried they would overtune it so they instead grossly undertuned it and ignore it afterwards. This is a problem because this makes the only reliable market for renewable sales was consumes and it made mats incredibly easy to stockpile(which was made even worse with long updates and harvesters/farms). It also makes the system completely forgettable unless you actively play for months. The company shouldn't kneel before veterans, but at the same time it's pointless to reset without significant changes. A reset and wipe due to duping wouldn't bring in new people nor would it bring back old people. Fe requires technical changes and general system changes which makes it a significant endeavor so better to wait till then rather than do a reset without even fixing the problem or making any notable changes. You for the longest time seemed to be on the 'reset now due to duping' boat but likely it was just you being unable to express a reset being inevitable, but who knows. Why would you expect short term changes for FE? They didn't shitcan FE with Tiggs so as far as I'm concerned it's already doing wonderfully. They made an investment into G1 and it's flawed products and so in the short term they have to focus on one and try to get a return. The best product G1 had for that was APB due to it's setup and actually previously having had an income. FE on the otherhand has always been a low grossing product which previously was referred to as a '<100,000$ game' by an old G1 ceo. Nevermind FE has numerous issues they have to address on the technical side due to it being a decade old in this regard.
  9. Those people would of left eventually. It's been nearly a decade and a lot changes in that time. Yeah I mocked your ban because you were obnoxious due to your stupidity(or at least poor ability to communicate your message). Ehh tiggs can be influenced but isn't anyone's pet. No one wanted you banned or would over some inane insult. Savangra was the only good one. Shivy was decent. Felony was from active saints at the time really. Crazy og was never actually influential or notable. Condemned under chrispy cream was only notable due to gore...aka why they actively defended gore. 1) Only armor mattered and it was due to how easy it was to get initially. 2) Best armor and some ok weapons. 3) Had decent weapons but it depended. In all reality up until 1.9 crafted weapons were supreme. DT and faction were good but that was because crafted was still a tier behind and typically had less bonus stats. Gore could of been fine but they wanted to pigeonhole people into having to get it and then make a key resource be one you had to fight over and therefor even more important to have them. Then continued to make stupid decisions they have always made due to poor understanding on what people wanted. A flat reset or reroll wouldn't restore FE. Those would depend on old players returning when you would likely want to revamp it to some extent and bring in new people but still offer old people a place they recognize.
  10. This point made sense 6 years ago, but makes little sense now. No matter the patch the game goes to it would require significant changes across the board to accommodate them. This is the closest system you have where every line has a proper purpose and it would still require an equipment revamp, consume revamp, crafting revamp, scavenging revamp and general pve upgrade. Even if you go to an old patch you would still have to balance them out and trim some fat and fix things and adjust values. I'll make this simple for you so you stop being braindead. This is inanecorn aka agent noir/nysak/thi zqn. Game over had no notable influence their claim to fame was having a bunch of people who harvested and got farmed for dt. They have had 1 good pvper and 2 mediocre pvpers come out of their ranks. 'kos' didn't create faction wars it was older clans sticking to SELF-IMPOSED faction rules because they could AFFORD to. Faction pvp didn't die due to people not 'kos'ing enough it died because the population died and people started stringing in randoms so as to be able to have a chance in group pvp(aka the issue of your 'group'). Feel free to actually talk to actual people who played a while...it was entirely clan based rules. Essentially a form of rp so as to add more spice to pvp. No I called you a derp because you are a derp. You had good intentions but you were a slow acting poison for new people. Never have been able to respect hackusators. Purely because all they are doing is damaging their own side for the sake of their own ego. Plus you picked the worst method of teaching people(at least in regards to groups) so most of them stagnated. You also had a poor grasp of how the game worked so I can't imagine you being a great teacher. You brought more pvp, but you did little for the overall environment. Also I couldn't care less if you had cheaters, bad players or any of that personally it was your own actions that I disliked. Yeah this was my reply to that post: https://forums-old.gamersfirst.com/topic/370902-syds-address/#entry3905627 Feel free to educate me more if you so choose.
  11. I agree with your general points but to just elaborate on my opinions. 1. Agreed 100% and even more so when it's expected to involve aiming. This was especially true back when G1 initially took over and it took them months to make FE not a laggy unplayable mess. People in general got very agitated or just didn't play as much. 2. Yeah this was always an issue. Chips should be viably gained through quests and items should prob be from a similar level at the common level so crafters can still offer the advanced level. 3. I think a more open system is better for this type of game really, but they have to be willing to tweak balance things so you don't have entire lines that are complete trash. Although the biggest thing is they need to make respeccing easier. You should prob get a full respec at multiple points of your character and once you hit cap level and make sure you can craft the items for minor respecs. This is so people can experiment and not just realize because they messed around their character is now boned and it's time to grind chips to respec, reroll or leave. 4. Yeah more stuff should be placed around the map or you should have more 'alternate' mats that reward exploring and investigating things. Although I think S1 should be reduced in size(huge empty plots of land and a not a whole ton going on) but they should try to fill up portions of the map(maybe even especially in s1 so as players can find more things...maybe having rotating events that give cosmetic stuff, mats or recipes). They also should go back to their old node system where you had mats in particular areas rather than 'random 3-6 nodes for this half of the sector'. Harvesters/farms shouldn't be a thing or they should have GREATLY reduced output due to the fact they are for target farming mats. Those were shit decisions that hurt pvp as well and didn't make sense in the face of pvers. Should of stuck to forcing pvpers to do pve rather than the other way around and shouldn't of ignored crafting so much. 5. Yeah they should change the pve dodge formula. It did need to get nerfed way back, but it's far too simple now with too little influence from players. It should be affected by movement, range or other factors. They should also give npcs for more skills across the board and/or add more specific pve effects for skills so as players have to think a bit more rather than 99% of mobs being bullet sponges. Maybe add in more pbaoe or aoe effects for mobs. 6. The big thing is they didn't do a crafting overhaul after patch 1.9. Most of the consumes are still made as if stats affect skills when they don't so they have little purpose and then also added consumes that were far superior to others(juniper brandy for example). They should go through and adjust consumes for the current era so as they provide a flat stat, regen and a skill bonus or other effect(or add penalties or just 1 depending on how they are going for particular lines). At the same time they should adjust equipment recipes for common, improved and advanced so common is a basic equip and the higher tiers expand or buff it in some way. 7. Yeah this was a poor change even when they did it. The great 2.4 patch where they pissed on f2p players and legacy players because they couldn't fix a bug. A new polish is needed(or at least better lower settings) for a visual effect upgrade but it's biggest issues are it's general systems due to how shoddy the dev teams did things. Ehh Aroa is the derp 'pvper' who only focuses on their sector of the game but don't really know next to anything.
  12. Ahh gonna tell me about how the game was when I was most active while you were still busy drooling on the floor? There was no real 'KOS' on omni players. Omni players back when exile and wolves were allied and still active were considered general enemies that players of single faction clans would fight together against(even when it broke faction rules) due to omni number advantages. This was a rule mainly around when capstones were still a thing but was dropped prob around 1.9 as it had little meaning. This was merely a way to focus on particular clans and differentiate them...as well as a 'reason' to fight. The biggest being to neutralize their advantage. Nah the only time that existed really was back after patch 2.5 was when esproc came back after gore had come back. He proceeded to drool and shit his pants. That was the only time you had dictated 'kos' to traveller chat and people getting anal about having fought with other factions. Thanks for talking about that 1 month of time though. That was a sick 2013 month though. It was a fantastic train crash where they proceeded to ruin their reputation and piss off general travellers in a mere month. I enjoyed laughing at them as they tried to squawk out koses that no one cared to follow, and burned their clan down due to people associating with 'enemy' factions over the ego of a couple incompetents. The 'alliance' against omni was before this video and that idiotic kos shit was long after hollywood had stopped being properly active. A reroll to an older patch is likely far more difficult due to how these devs operated it is unlikely they actually kept the setup for old patches. Even then all the old patches had their own issues. Even if you went to everyones 'perfect' patch you would have a mountain of fixing and tweaking that would need to do.
  13. Ehh what advantages? The only 'advantages' is 3rd party cheating. This isn't a gacha game or asian f2p game where you either swipe or no-life to compete(even no-lifing falling behind super hard). This is a game where it takes a week of moderate playing to cap a character in everything outside crafting. Even crafting though isn't a concern as you can likely find someone who maxed it and buy your 3/4 consumes you need and to max your final gear. Ehh people typically don't like combining factions in general, but the bigger issue here is that factions have little to any meaning(especially since shoulder factions are a 'lel wtv you want' and they have nothing really useful). Also pvp zone would have have pvers raging. Crafted stuff has always been better than quest stuff...to an obscene degree. Yes but the general idea of factions within the game(even for pvp) has always been that alliances can change and aren't hard set. Factions are more of a suggestion than a hard system. This isn't balancing 6 wow factions that are hardlocked and requires balance to make it all equal. This is a game where you can have 3/4 factions gang up on the other 2for short term gains and then fracture into a 2v1v1 and still later switch up depending on clan interactions. The issue with factions isn't even really the number it's that it has no real supporting system behind it so they are shallow and are more akin to when you choose a zodiac sign or some other inane shit for character history. Ehh a fresh start would have some more potential to bring in new people due to the appearance of more people, but that would be all. The only things people would lose are cosmetic items removed from the game and stacks of mats due to either duping or just as likely the game being stuck at level cap 55 for the last 6 years. Although what people wouldn't want to do again is some of the crafting grind really. FE in general would need marketing...hell browser games in 2018 get better marketing than fe ever got. No one is acting like band-aid fixing a game is good, what they don't want is a new server start WITHOUT the required changes(and losing nostalgic things). They don't want LO to upgrade the graphics slightly and go 'all done now reset'. @Viscera Factions were rarely evenly populated, but in terms of pvp if groups became far too dominant alliances between other clans would be formed to deal with said clan for short terms. Or in those cases(typically omni clans) it was 'ally against omni and fight when they aren't around'.
  14. Nope because if you remember icarus forums pvp drama would bury threads and increase the workload for mods. So the pvp section was a place to have the banter and drama and not burn every active thread on the forum. It was good for the general forum environment.
  15. Yeah the FFXIV way is vastly superior. Then again it's as much the players working with the devs. From how it seems it just looks like TSW players being whiney(even assuming it wasn't a downgrade they were getting). Then again it seems to be far too early to even get into this discussion. The graphics are prob just 1 of the things they are doing to see how feasible it would be in another engine and to what extent they can do things. FE for what it is wouldn't be an easy transfer even just map setup...nevermind the plethora of other things they would have to(or well should) address.
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