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  1. Alas that was the only possible way to keep FE alive as it couldn't keep itself alive. That was sadly just the nature of the 2 games. @OP Too bad you screwed the times up, but thank you for keeping it up for as long as you did.
  2. The reward has no tangible value so you are not trading actual money therefor it is not actual gambling. This is why gumball machines and the small coin operated machines that have toys are not AO rated as well. That's why the UK report that yongyea is referencing to had to reach for people trading ingame items for money outside the game as the closest link to this. Is that clear enough for you Lovejoy? Nope I don't see it as an issue myself. Some drooler wants to go bankrupt to get a nano well that's too bad...hopefully he doesn't hit up any hard drugs cause then they are going to be actually fucked. Sure I'll give you that current design is orbiting these designs far too much(in other games...apb's lootboxes are more gimmick than central design), but that's essentially in the mobile market(cheaper costs and potential profit) and AAA greed that's doing it anyways. Belgium just made them illegal they didn't seek a middle ground or try to deal with them. Taking advantage of any addiction isn't new nor is it illegal. Whether a person can or will is not the concern, but whether it is a decision of their own making. If you took my response as one holding great concern you are reading too into it. Wait did you think arcades were designed to give you a full and meaningful play session that was efficient for your money? HAHAHAHAHA How stupid are you? Arcades were designed to empty your pockets. The only difference is you are seeing what free and unlimited access to things will do to a tiny portion of the population. I will say though Lovejoy that your ohh so real concern now is just so moving. You could be off helping addicts who actually do real harm in their lives, but instead your big slacktivist move is to attempt to push the rating of a game 1 tier higher as you think that will suddenly prevent a problem exclusive to that group. What a brave and noble soul you are. Waging this war for 4 whole months so as some drooler won't go bankrupt renting something. Your pearl clutching is pathetic.
  3. "Player can gamble, including betting or wagering real cash or currency" This likely refers to literal direct gambling like online casinos. APB would fall under simulated gambling as would most lootboxes due to the items having no tangible real world value. Hell in yongyea's video the report he is citing has to argue that people trading things for money outside the company is as close as it gets to real world gambling. The stories are pretty weak. You have 1 story of a game rated young having a roulette style minigame, another where 3% of young teenagers had used an illegally operating betting website and then kids teasing each other over having less fancy skins(and parents overreacting to their bad sob stories). Also your first video is just yongyea going over a recommendation to the government regarding video games in general and they have 1 section talking about 'financial harms' that isn't conclusive about anything. The second video is surface level exploring of monetization and psychological states. The 3rd is just referencing the second video so it's not just anecdotes. All the people harmed in every single one of these are adults and not a single child, but the fear they were 'exposed'. The stories are pretty few and far between. The thing is they all follow the same smart principle where it is a person who is unable to control their spending and will spend spend spend. This isn't new to people or unique to video games as it's just a person who is addicted to spending on something which you can find in literally anything. Shockingly someone crying that they spent all their money on stuff they will never actually own or have any tangible possession of without being scammed just isn't that compelling unless they are inputting crazy stories.
  4. AO is for graphic porn and shit at that level not 'instances of gambling'. MA fits this rating just fine. gtfo you are stupid. Also it's great that they are pulling the old 'think of the children' angle, but in what anti-lootbox story is it involving actual children? Saw the kotaku or wtv one that was shopped around when the bf2 drama was occurring, but that was a guy trying to buy social currency and influence not a gambling addict(he was late teens borderline adult). Every other story I've seen in passing is an adult. Glad the soccer moms and manipulative people are on this train. I don't like microtransactions or how hard stuff is designed around monetization(apb is hardly that bad of an offender) but the people pushing the OP's angle are complete cancer. It's not kids being manipulated it's stupid adults, and in many of the stories younger adults who the parents are babying. EDIT: The only instance of microtransactions that bother me is when AAA games or games you have to pay upfront contain it or heavily push for it. They already have their income stream. If they can't also afford to keep the game on their own servers for the same cost then just go back to the days of people hosting servers. F2P doesn't bother me in the slightest unless it is overly egregious, but the market will sort those out.
  5. Well legitimately surprised it lasted this long under G1 or LO. It was a fun game and hopefully I hear about it if it is relaunched, but this is how things go.
  6. So you joined post f2p. Well done the game had already been out for a year. You know the 'purchase and play' thing you suggested that was FE before. You purchase the game and sub. Here's how it turned out: https://www.engadget.com/2010/05/03/fallen-earth-dev-icarus-restructures-cuts-staff/ Fe after running for 6 months was reduced to 1/3 it's launch size. This included the axing of essentially their head(upper devs). After being bought out by G1 it was either half or 1/3 of that amount. Gore came in so they could pay some people on their way out. Aroa it's great you have high hopes and ideas, but they are trash. A reset will literally do nothing except remove people's attachment. Adding a price tag for cheaters is great and all, but there is no reason to pay it(nevermind the large upfront price tag to catch them outside very stupid ones). I agree with what mystman said, and we would likely completely disagree on numerous points or reasons. I like FE but even at it's peak it was unhealthy. Do I wish FE came back? Definitely. The thing is it's hard to see happen and at this point it would only be with a new player base. The old devs burned their golden tickets sadly. Wow the less than 100 population was halved because of poor server performance earlier in the year....wild. What an unhead of precedent...technical issues pissing people off. Not like that has literally happened multiple times in FE's history. Spoiler: It has. Do you not understand the purpose of a f2p game? A f2p game brings you in with the enticement playing a free game then get's you to sub or buy something every once in a while after playing. So the initial barrier to entry is not there. This is in comparison to asking for money at the door and people not even giving it the sniff test. That is the entire point of it. FE tried the non-f2p and failed at it, although it's questionable how much better f2p was(although it was probably okish just not a particularly good or active monetization model...hard to say but remember it was considered a low income game even back near the start of it's f2p). https://archive.org/details/NEXT2013Larsson 20:00 for where FE stands vs APB 6 years ago Also do you know how you prevent people from going to an earlier version? You delete it or remove it from the server off of it. So your idea with the marketplace is to make it all untradeable? What is this the trap marketplace? You can waste your money placing the item, but you can never sell it! FE wasn't broken by duping or more than 2 sectors sorry.
  7. APB 2.0 is still likely a thing just rather than being renamed and relaunched it will just maintain the APB Reloaded name. They sold the IP rights so it just amounts to them being unable to spawns sequels or spinoffs directly off of APB. So APB:R is still alive you just won't find any spinoffs or sequels(officially). So them trying to keep the game alive and building upon it rather than shuttering lost your support...interesting.
  8. Nah if I was a stalker you would of caught me digging through your garbage.
  9. Well at least you don't deny it so you have improved some what. Gratz on hitting puberty.
  10. To be fair when G1 originally took over FE servers went to dogshit as well. They ended up improving it eventually, but it fell again when the game was essentially put on life support. So it likely has numerous issues at setting up as well. Although it's fair criticism that it was last minute notice and a notable amount of time.
  11. That wouldn't solve anything. Gear balance is where the issue sits. The combat system in 2011 after going f2p was terrible(yay half the skill lines are total trash), and you would collapse in the combat system pre-f2p. Going back to it would be terrible...ignoring the fact they likely don't even have that version anymore lol. Game needs a proper playerbase to justify anti-cheat.
  12. No that was just me spreading the love. You're welcome.
  13. How about you go back to spamming racism and going on unhinged tirades boy. You were 1 of the more cancerous players in this game so step off that high horse. I do like how you want to act as if you have done something that was beneficial. Nah the issue is you of all people acting as if you are part of the 'more sensible FE community'. You could of said you disliked what happened without trying to stroke yourself off at the same time.
  14. Very cool LO this event was amazing. Please do more lore events like this in the future. Ahh yes murcuri the 'more sensible community' member: ❂MurcuriLast Friday at 9:05 PM No, ***, you stupid neckbearded sister-****er The more sensible will prevail lmao.
  15. That's not too surprising I mainly mentioned it due to the fact they had caught some high profile cheaters and had notable banwaves for paid cheats. I didn't say it was the best of the best just a 'fairly solid' anti-cheat. As in it's your general anti-cheat which is for 'known' bots rather than the ones which stop general muddling.
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