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  1. i so wanted to say a proper Goodbye to the friends and players i met over the years. You all have got me through some rough patches in life. gave me something to do when TV sucks So I'll say it here You guys are the best i hope to meet you all again in FE2 Goodbye from Rubbermade and all my alts For now
  2. I would start over on a FE2 but if they port characters over naked and no chips or items what is there for me to want to invest another 8 years into i worked hard getting my 2 maxed crafters and all my items so will not start over i will stop playing it altogether if thats the case
  3. When Will the Last anniversary event actually kick off and will we see the free commanders that we were told is active before the servers go down?
  4. Thanks Matt if you can its the special vehicles and wardrobe stuff that we would like saved i can do without all my stockpiled mats cars clothes dyes ect that we took years to get is most players concerns and chips
  5. i don't have hope for a new release it will be just a messed up and mismanaged rerun that everyone that spent years here will have to start over i spent 8 years and hundreds of dollars just to loose all progress don't think its worth starting over
  6. progress town has bunkers and buildings without generators that don't leave game when cogs take over and cant place new bunkers
  7. Rubbermade

    ERROR 10013

    server issues on all games
  8. i hear there are cookies and beer on the dark side
  9. Rubbermade

    I can't log in

    FE has the same issue and i tried all 7 of my accounts
  10. i got the same message on all 7 of my accounts . must be a server issue
  11. just wanted to spend some time on my B-day in game with friends hoping the weather here improves so i can get in a ride lol instead i get talked into helping a friend build a closet
  12. its getting better the longer its up i think
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