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  1. just wanted to spend some time on my B-day in game with friends hoping the weather here improves so i can get in a ride lol instead i get talked into helping a friend build a closet
  2. its getting better the longer its up i think
  3. no update from LO so server might not be ready
  4. fast travel is broke so we might not be ready yet
  5. lets hope it means server is rebooting
  6. Thanks i had to go get Tomato Soup and a grilled ham and cheese sandwich for lunch lol now i have to take a bigger insulin shot
  7. Thanks for the update may your testing score a 100%
  8. not even sure the link i have still works its been years since it was open for build testing
  9. if you need pts testers a few of us older players have the test server login info installed from gt testing
  10. as a player of 8 years and 7 accounts that would cause me to quit the game forever . and i log into each often thanks Matt
  11. Thank you for the details it helps ease the waiting knowing the issues involved
  12. pretty sure he is distracted with little emergency's cropping up
  13. premium on hold till game is stable to make best use of it
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