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  1. Webbed Bra has been removed from my character, and I cannot put it on. I bought this a year ago in Marketplace.
  2. I don't watch any streams from APB, so I don't have much time to choose Streamer.
  3. I think that engine update is the most important thing right now.
  4. Does changing the character name clear the friend list? I don't want to lose friends.
  5. More frames per second than your opponent gives you an even better chance of winning, why isn't that a cheat?
  6. Harmoni

    Halloween Event

    Try to change instances, e.g. from gold to silver. I play on a pc, and I get the impression that some pumpkins don't make sound.
  7. If this is a error, when did it happen? Interesting. fixing this may cause new errors.
  8. Harmoni

    Merge the map.

    I can't imagine that.
  9. Until the engine is updated, there is a problem solving problems with Cards newer than, GTX 1080.
  10. I think the credit card is faster.
  11. Developers could include such a change as part of the engine upgrade, or sooner. I have the impression that this is not a error, this animation has been for as long as I can remember.
  12. The weapon skin system should be transparent, like in CS: GO, where everyone knows that skin does not give any advantage.
  13. in that case, everything would be optional
  14. Little Orbit could officially implement Reshade in the future.
  15. Kicking someone out by voting, but it would have to be under certain conditions, to prevent abuse.
  16. An unofficial Polish language website about the APB Reloaded Blog https://apb-pl.blogspot.com Facebook https://www.facebook.com/apbReloadedPL Discord https://discord.gg/UN9tZgD YouTube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUqf_Vd15ViMxQIBr_TdP5A
  17. If there was no update, it means that there were unforeseen complications.
  18. Maybe you have installed a test version of Windows 10 that does not work with Antycheat?
  19. This game is only 32 bit.
  20. In 2010, some reviewers thought that the game is not bad, but not everyone will like it. When the unification of the game engine is completed, I am very curious about what Little Orbit will do. In my opinion, they do not want to attract new players only those who have achieved everything and lack of new content bored them. This action can be compared to GTA Online because the new content caused the return of players.
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