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Found 10 results

  1. Greetings citizens of San Paro! We like to present to you our community driven Discord server. Founded in 2016 and with now over 3600 members, we are one of the largest community servers for APB Reloaded. What we offer A place for you and your mates to hang out and chat in several text and voice channels moderated by our moderation team. The server offers special roles for Creators in several categories (i.e. Clothing, Vehicles, Symbols, Themes) and streamers. Other than that we also have a bot set up to show the current population of all world servers, commands to lookup all items in the game and a system to set yourself as "Looking for Group"! We also offer a Dev/Admin – Tracker, aswell as multiple support channels. Rules Don't try starting drama with others or harassing others. No Racism or Hate speech. Avoid spaming. (i.e. Sending pictures or pointless text in rapid succession) Keep on topic with the channel you are talking in. Avoid advertising personal/private discords or referral links. Interested? Join now! discord.apbdb.com alternative link https://discord.gg/eHBBXgx This Discord is not affiliated with Little Orbit, LLC. Whilst there is Little Orbit staff in the discord, we kindly ask you not to message or @mention any of them with support or ingame related questions as they are not support staff and unlikely to help you. You may @mention any L.O. Staff but make sure to keep this to a minimum.
  2. Greetings, since there is a few discords out there with APB-R mainly focused then i would like to post mine aswell. This discord tho is much more than just APB, it is a public social discord for every invidual to enjoy and to be a part of. It is named '' Equality '' because there is on basis no restrictions to rank / roles that can be earned. It has everything from anime, gaming, art, music and so on. If you wish to, there is a role called APB-Reloaded, which unlocks the APB section within, in order to get this just contact me in there i am the owner '' Xaint ''. Click here to join -> Equality Discord Server If you have any ideas, suggestions or similarities then feel free to DM me here or on discord. Best Regards, NoobOnDrugs .
  3. An unofficial Polish language website about the APB Reloaded Blog https://apb-pl.blogspot.com Facebook https://www.facebook.com/apbReloadedPL Discord https://discord.gg/UN9tZgD YouTube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUqf_Vd15ViMxQIBr_TdP5A
  4. Hello, in the name of the Spanish speaking community I’d like to ask a couple questions about the the direction and management the Spanish community will have with Little Orbit, it has drastically fallen to almost none, as of today I barely see any new players coming in, and those who do leave quickly due the lack of support in Spanish. As we know a couple of months back support for most languages was removed and with it a big portion of the community left. I have recently created a discord server so all the Spanish folks who come in and see this post or find us in game can join, and hopefully, find new people to play with (I dearly ask the forum people to not join this discord unless they are Spanish or can speak Spanish). The questions are as follow : 1- Do you plan on inserting more languages into the game such as Spanish, so those without the ability to understand English have it easier to get into the game? 2- Will you hire people with the ability to answer tickets in Spanish and/or community managers that people can get help from? 3- Do you plan on making advertisements in Spanish? 4- Will you make some kind of system that rewards old players for having played for so long while keeping the game alive? 5- Will you make a more comprehensive and player friendly tutorial? Discord link: https://discord.gg/PKHP4Kb
  5. Hey there gamers, I've recently created the Emergency Car Club, a place where everyone who likes the designing, viewing or anything to do with emergency cars to hang out, share tips and designs, and of course we host car meets. Hop on to our discord server https://discord.gg/sFyq54rfJq where we hang out, chat and meet up See you there - Biolog
  6. Beaurr

    Polygon [ENFORCER]

    Polygon Who we are and what we are looking for. Polygon is an Enforcer based clan composed out of three former officers of TAGGED and are currently looking to recruit people to join our ranks. What we are looking for in players is the desire to improve oneself, average game knowledge, Gold threat, a thick skin and the desire to work as a team. What is Polygon? Polygon is a team-oriented clan instead of an individuality-oriented clan. We value teamwork more than individual skill, but in order to obtain a high level of teamwork, team members must have at least a skill level of slightly above the average player. How Polygon is. The atmosphere in Polygon is always a casual one, with competitive vibes, but we can also be serious when needed. If you are interested in joining, contact our current officers via in-game, on the forums, or on Discord. Contact: In-game: Beaurr or Yurano Our Discord link is: http://discord.gg/etNMCXu Recruitment thread may be edited.
  7. (P.S.) The first few paragraphs are really about me so you can skip those. Hello, I am the Chief of the San Paro Police Department, or the SPPD for short, and before you tell me in the comments that there are already a whopping number of other SPPD clans already, hear me out... I don't care. Those clans are typically ran by gold veterans with nothing else to do but run a clan, or by beginner players with less than a year of experience, which sets my clan apart. For starters, I am not a beginner, I have played since 2015, and while that is about four or six years shorter than some members, it's not beginning. Second, I might be gold (although I didnt want to be), but I still have a lot of stuff left to do in the game before it gets boring. Third, I have experience in real life and in not only APB, but a lot of other games when it comes to managing a team, law enforcement or not. What experience do you have you may ask. Let me tell you: As if it wasn't clear enough by my profile picture, I am, actually, in the United States Army. What do I do? Well, I definitely don't like killing people, but I like computers, so I clearly decided to be an Information Technology Specialist (the Army's Microsoft support). I also used to be an explorer for my local Sheriff's Office (Its like police boy scouts). I am also a US Army ESports Program Representative. And finally, I have experience as a staff member and leader in multiple other games. Anyway, enough about me, onto the clan! WELCOME TO THE SPPD (The Clan Logo) https://prnt.sc/maatpp I am the Chief, DivineLiberty (Me, and my car) https://prnt.sc/maav2t I am technically the leader of the "San Paro MAAC Division", but forget technicalities! I started the clan all because of the police car design, I though "damn, this would look good with a lot of enforcers driving it around" That's how SPPD came to be. I have allies already, really just because I have good standings with the leaders of them, although I used to jump from clan to clan a lot. My allies are: "SPPD Police Patrol", and "SPCSO", but I could use a few more Speaking of a few more, I need members, and while I will take anyone I can get my hands on, I really, and I mean REALLY, need some experienced players to join the agency. Why? Because of the Event me and SPPD Police Patrol are hosting next Saturday and Sunday, the Police Chase/Car Show Event: I need experienced members, really to serve in our Community Enforcement Unit, they will be moderators of the police chase and car show events, but will not participate in the events themselves. "Well that sucks Divine, I wanted to chase some noob crim around in a Vegas and crush them!" I know little enforcer, I know. But hey, you get a sweeeeet vest, a sweeeeeter uniform, and an even SWEEEEEEEETERER vehicle to drive around in. (The Uniform) https://prnt.sc/maadkm (The Van) https://prnt.sc/maaycx Other than that, as a standard officer, you get a free patrol car https://prnt.sc/maayt5 A sweet uniform https://prnt.sc/maazdt And you get to interact with other clans, and other players. So hit me up on Discord by adding my tag: DivineLiberty#3322 or send me a message in game in Jericho with the Username DivineLiberty! Thanks for your time! -DivineLiberty
  8. Hello everyone, since we don't have a post on the new forums yet. I decided to quickly remind everyone that we have a Discord server set up for all of you guys. The server is completly community moderated but we have a few staff members in it https://discordapp.com/invite/eHBBXgx Hope to see you there!
  9. Hello everyone! A few friends and i have been discussing how to make trading easier for everyone, and we believe we've come up with the solution! Now it's not a perfect solution, as i know the community discord does have a trading section in it, but this is more focused on trading specifically (More conversation about trading, the economy and so on) instead of an all-around discord, that way we can talk about the prices and whatever else we may feel is on our mind! Come hang out, post your trades and see what kinda offers you can get! We have many features planned for the discord, such as a spreadsheet of common prices that will be updated but that is far into the future, as we want to get everything setup and everyone onboard with a trading specific discord first. If you have any suggestions on how to make the server better, feel free to contact one of our moderators and we will fully consider every idea! (If a trading discord isn't your thing, we totally understand - but if you'd like to come chat anyways with a bunch of traders, that'd be alright too!) JOIN TODAY!: https://discord.gg/Tag675c EDIT: APB:R Trading Discord symbols are now available! Message Authorize on discord to get one, or if you see either Authorize (NA) or Entitled (EU) msg me in-game!
  10. primarily australian and new zealand discord but all are welcome https://discord.gg/XBHWbr3
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