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  1. Beaurr

    Polygon [ENFORCER]

    Polygon Who we are and what we are looking for. Polygon is an Enforcer based clan composed out of three former officers of TAGGED and are currently looking to recruit people to join our ranks. What we are looking for in players is the desire to improve oneself, average game knowledge, Gold threat, a thick skin and the desire to work as a team. What is Polygon? Polygon is a team-oriented clan instead of an individuality-oriented clan. We value teamwork more than individual skill, but in order to obtain a high level of teamwork, team members must have at least a skill level of slightly above the average player. How Polygon is. The atmosphere in Polygon is always a casual one, with competitive vibes, but we can also be serious when needed. If you are interested in joining, contact our current officers via in-game, on the forums, or on Discord. Contact: In-game: Beaurr or Yurano Our Discord link is: http://discord.gg/etNMCXu Recruitment thread may be edited.
  2. Someone actually took the time to tell you something? What's this, a different universe? But on a more serious note, the best way to become better, with a fixed matchmaking or not, is to keep playing, but with different guns. Different loadouts offer different playstyles, which you need to learn. A sniper loadout is usually revolved around getting high ground, keeping distance as much as possible and trying to get the enemy in open areas. A close-quarter loadout is revolved around you flanking and getting close to the enemy. But overall, it's all about practice. And...asking good players what to do. If there are some willing to teach.
  3. Why are Less than Lethal so..."powerful", if may I ask. Using less than lethal is rather difficult, unless you go scummy combos like Perc and that secondary ltl that does a huge amount of stamina damage(if you actually hit) Additionally, ltl can't even be modded. If they were capable of being modded, things would have looked differently...
  4. Just some opinions, treat them as you like, I guess. General Rules: 1. All rivalries are to be left at the door. You are all friends here, so have fun. I’m not sure what type of tournament you are trying to make here. Is it a competitive tournament or a friends-only type of tournament? Every competitive tournament that has prizes in it is bound to have teams rivalling each other, or players for that matter. You are competing against the other team to win, no? It’s not a bad thing, mind you, and in my opinion, I would rather re-word the sentence to something similar to: “All teams must act professional. Teams found attempting to sabotage other teams will suffer x consequences and so on.” Rivalries is good, especially if you record the tournament, people will love to see popular team x fight against popular team z. 2. All players must form into teams of three, with a designated team lead for results gathering, issue tracking and feedback. and 3. At least one player per team (the team lead) is obliged to keep track of match results, match scheduling and match call-up. When a match is scheduled, discuss with the other team lead to determine server and optimal time to perform the match. Why not have someone who isn't going to play be a team manager? Like, just an example, team WASP has 3 players and their manager. The players will be only concerned about the games while the manager will take care of game results, issues, speaking with the other team's manager and so on? Rules of Engagement: The initial rules are fine, but I read into the thread and found out that you said that consumable ammo boxes of any sort is not allowed. I want to ask how will you balance the usage of vehicle spawners and the joker ammo resupplier across the map? They re-fill your ammo, what will you do to prevent people using those to spam grenades? I agree that nade spam is annoying and you are trying to make it as less tilting as it can be, but I'm just curious how will you limit the other stuff. Banned Weapons: Any weapon that falls into the High Velocity Rifle category. Don't know why you banned all of the weapons in this category. The only one that people have problems is the N-HVR and its re-skins. I'm assuming its because of the two shot kill and damage on vehicles? There are guns you can two shot people with, aka shotguns. Not sure what difference it makes the distance you kill the person. Every gun has it's own damage regarding vehicles. A shotgun can do just as much damage as the N-HVR if you are close to the vehicle and it also depends what vehicle you use and what mods you got on it as well. The next issue clearly must be QS with the sniper rifle. It can be easily solved as making a rule to not use the standard QS loadout(hunting rifle 3, cooling jacket 3, 3-point sling). My opinion would be to not allow people to use these mods in combination or CJ3 and 3PS together. I think that SHOULD solve the issue with the QS. Any OCA-626 variant other than the stock OCA-626. I'm having a hard time understanding the wording here. Are we not allowed to use any OCA but the stock version without mods? If the mods are the issue on the weapon, then simply put a rule not to use said mods on said gun. I mean, I wouldn't mind using an OCA with a Tagger, Mag Pull and Reflex Sight 3 or any other fun combo. Flare Launcher You do not allow the flare launcher, but you can use Spotter and Tagger. Flare launcher is just a Spotter, with the only difference being that the person with it has no means to defend themselves when they need to reload their primary weapon. I would consider it a high-risk high reward type of weapon. Mountie 'Yukon' Talking about this because someone actually said that they don't understand why this gun is banned. You either are using this gun, never went against it or you are being sarcastic. The gun itself is just plain broken and I'm glad its banned. Any weapon that falls into the Less than Lethal category (primary and secondary). Why? I mean, HOW DARE YOU!? Just kidding, but on a serious note, why? I mean, Less than Lethal is rather hard to use, if someone is skilled with it, why not let him/her use them? I'm confused on this one. But overall, this looks nice. Will it be streamed on Twitch? Recorded and put on YouTube?
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