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  1. Jesus. Friggen. Christ. Removed Name and Shame ~@mayii People not only can hack your game, but they can shoot without aiming just like Squirrelface said, and if I'm not mistaken by the title of the video, they could also do it during the 3.5 engine beta test as well. You constantly deny these things exist, yet here is the proof. This game can be hacked in any sort of way. I wouldn't be surprised that maybe back in the day that awful experience with hacker admins were actually not admins but hackers that could just go into the servers and steal accounts or ban people themselves without being admins at all. Now I can see that people complaining about SPCT is not just a conspiracy theory, you guys really just don't care/know or are in on it completely. In complete denial of the truth. And LO listening to you is even worse. This makes me realise things haven't changed and my "doomer" theories are all true. I had hoped not. This is the same as G1. The difference is that G1 straight up choked you, but LO just does it while telling you everything is going to be fine. I'm just done with this game. Hackers win.
  2. with all those downvotes to my post it is clear people around here are delusional, no wonder why everyone thinks there are no cheaters. The OP can try pushing this to LO, but they won't do anything because 1. they have too much to do first, 2. they may not care, 3. the game probably won't last long and neither will they since they will go down with it.
  3. I have seen this before and I believe it is actually great. But I'd recommend personally that you hold on to it in its current state until further notice since it looks like APB won't make it to 2021. See what happens, maybe it gets sold again to another company or flat out dies. Perhaps a miracle happens (doubt it) and resurrects. Just don't waste more of your time, maybe in the meantime save it for your portfolio or CV and thats it.
  4. Exactly. The game is going down the drain and the few that are left are like "NO! my game is NOT dying!" in full denial. I can explain why right down here with the next: Well that happens when you have all the players leave the game and the only ones that are left are the closet cheaters. Cheaters are toxic in nature, thats why they cheat, so they go in and spread the toxicity all over in chat. They will never leave because they are hooked on this game since day 1 and have probably spent hundreds of $$ on both cheats and ingame purchases. And when the time comes that they have no more easy kills, and fight club is just cheaters vs cheaters (which actually it pretty much was that a couple of months ago last time I checked), they will "take a break" (because they wont leave the game for good, they just take breaks) and then population goes to zero, which is pretty much the moment we are entering now slowly.
  5. Not exactly. This time might be going down for good. If you take a look at the charts we have reached a new record of all time low players since forever... The game never had so few players. Also, a peak record of 72 players online ONLY at the lowest. This is 300% less players than the lowest record that was seen yet. In less than a month the game lost more players than the few last months have.
  6. LOL no Ah, so its closing in. The critical mass of no players. It will reach a point soon where with less than X amount of players, being all of them from different time zones, there won't be enough players to fill one single district at any given time. Prepare to see LO start with "We regret to inform you" before we hit 2021
  7. I just lurk the forums sometimes and watch in silence how this game dies a slow death that no engine can save. I can tell you its like only 5 sane people left at this point, everyone left the game, thats why the rest downvote you, only braindeads are left in here. So here have my upvote! so you know that at least you are not alone here. It was a good ride, but the game now has to die. I just hope one day someone will take the customization system idea from it at the very least.
  8. Who cares if LO is squeezing or not, its just not relevant anymore. Just enjoy looking at how this crashes and burns. 800 players and dropping. Another 10% in the last month. I predict by the end of the year the game is dead.
  9. Betas are games in a playable state, that are opened up privately or publicly to iron out some bugs. Rust was a beta for a long time, Deeprock Galactic is still a beta, Astroneer is a beta, Sven Coop is a beta. To give some examples. APB live version is the most close to what a beta is. But the APB in new engine version is at least a broken alpha that should never have been in the hands of the public, but it is probable that they do this because they are bleeding players FAST and they have to lure them in somehow. Just look at the steam charts, there has been an almost 50% drop in players last month. And new players come from steam, the only ones playing outside of steam are only the veterans that never left and don't really count in the numbers. Also betas don't last a couple of hours or one day... the betas are live for long periods of time. Couple that with the fact that the devs have actually said that they knew nothing about the game and have to learn on the run about the stuff... So I'm inclined to say that the "beta" is actually a broken alpha at best, put together by a handful of people that know nothing about developing games of this magnitude if they even know what to do (hell, their company's history is just mobile games in 2D and whatnot so it makes sense), and even less such a broken game from the getgo, with such a toxic playerbase. It is very probable that this "beta" was just what gamersfirst had years ago in the backburner that got patched up a bit to be in a workable state somehow so people could stress test and at the same time keep the hype alive about the "new engine", which is actually now obsolete as well... Everyone I know has left the game, and some I knew just keep playing because they can hack the game easily and its fun for them to cheat in a game, adding to the toxicity of this community. So I left too. And you should as well in my opinion, bail, jump ship before it sinks, because its sinking fast. I kept looking at forums for a while to see how things were going and if it was all true, but after all I have seen so far with the beta fiasco I don't think this is going to go well, despite if the devs are actually putting some real effort on it or not. So I've decided to not even check the forums. If you join me on this it must be your decision and I shall not take any responsability or any accusations of attempting to make people leave the game, this is just my opinion.
  10. Yeah probably 10% could be right. So you guys do have the numbers, so why don't you ban them? Wasn't it that LO can afford to ban them? So why don't they. Also, 10% of the playerbase that does not stay in social district is a LOT. How much % stay in social? 30 to 40%? Lets do some numbers... Let's pretend there's a flat number of players playing, like 40 players each district. Lets say Jericho. Usually there are 3 districts with players, including the social. So 1/3 of the playerbase doesn't count. (35% roughly). 3 districts would be 120 players online. Minus 35% is 78 players. Now... 10% of 120 (because we are talking about the entire playerbase's 10% of course) is 12. So we have 12 hackers, but 12 out of 78 is actually almost 16%. Now extrapolate that to bigger numbers and you will get more hackers and less players playing (more in social). Then take into account that hackers get gold status easily so they rank up very fast and are put against a smaller playerbase (silver and gold players). How much % of the playerbase are silver and gold players? Well now that 16% could be 50% because they are being put against a smaller playerbase, not the entirety of it, thats why the numbers don't add up by just looking at them like you are looking at them. Thats why you get a hacker on each mission, because you are put against the same small pool of players over and over and over, and in that small pool the hackers grow because they ALL end up there while player numbers stay the same.
  11. When I said that LO can't ban the cheaters because they are the top players spending top dollar keeping the game afloat, I was told that it was crazy to think that, that LO could keep the game alive without them. I'm glad at least there is still some sane people around here that have thought the same as me. Also to all those that think otherwise, I'd like to see the numbers, the numbers of how much $$$ does every player spend and who are their characters ingame. I'm sure we will see all the top gold players that are accused daily of cheating as well as some suspicious streamers. If LO even bans half of those the game dies for sure. As I said before, the guys that waste 500 dollars a month on this game can easily waste an extra 30 or so for a closet cheating subscription and assure victory and status ingame for the great dopamine injections.
  12. OP does have a point. There is a cheater epidemic since ever. It now shows itself more than ever before because the cheaters never left the game while the rest of the players did, specially after Battleye was installed, many players weren't happy with this and left. Also, many cheaters did come back again cheating because of the massive unban, which was a double edged sword. I doubt that there were that many false banned players vs. banned cheaters, so I think that from all those that came back to play because they were unbanned were mostly the hackers, which is a loss. So now with less players but more cheaters, the epidemic problem is really an epidemic, while back in the day of lets say 2011 the same amount of cheaters was not that noticeable since there were a lot of real players in between, and people got even matches also thanks to matchmaking. And thats another problem people confuse here a lot. Matchmaking is a problem today because there are no players to match! And also another confusion people make here is that there is no freaking huge skill gap. The only skill gap is learning to use your weapon, aim good, like any other game, but mostly know the map, so you can predict the enemy movement which often looks like wallhack. But high rank closet cheaters in this game have full access to the game's old engine and have created extremelly customizable private cheats, that I have often been offered to use by some clans (clans that as of today have never been banned), that allow you to cheat and look like if you are just superpro at the game by doing a combination of smooth aimbot with camera acceleration and aimbot bloom. Many of them even go around with the cheat on hold/deactivated and when they are up against a match they cannot win they suddenly activate the cheat and start owning everyone, suddenly all shots land, the guy's prediction of your movements becomes extremelly accurate and their awareness of sorroundings as well as their reaction time suddenly is instantaneous. Closet cheaters in this game have become such a norm that they became the community, and created a toxic ambience. They themselves were the high rank gold players, often streamed, and created the hate towards any player that was less than gold, and also created the automatic disregard of anything said from anyone that was less than gold which were of course all players except themselves. Also whenever someone said "hacks" in any post they would just start trolling and flaming, making fun of the guy. This went on for years and it stuck, now everyone does this. The most active members of the community in the social media (forum, reddit, steam, streamers) were and still probably are to some extent, the same closet cheaters that get the dopamine rush by winning in the game and watching those killcount numbers grow. And this is one big problem, because the most important members of the community, to Little Orbit, are the players that put money in the game. But if these guys that spend 500$ a month on the game also spend 50$ extra to pay for a private cheat subscription that makes them pro at it, they do it. And the playerbase is so tiny (200ish players in jericho for example) that actually banning them would hurt the income and kill the game. And if the numbers of the statistics that were posted on these forums some time ago are right, we'd have to ban a lot of players since according to it there is 50% of enforcers hacking, and 40% of criminals. And actually last time I played I did not find these numbers exaggerated, sadly, because I was constantly seeing in every match at least one cheater in the best case scenario, although normally it was more than one and almost always on the enforcer side, also many cheater clans back in business, and many names I've known through the years to be absolute cheaters and/or that were banned for it. And also seeing the guys that offered me to cheat still playing made my blood boil, so I left the game and check the forums once every so often to see how it is evolving. So basically, LO can't ban them or the game will die. But if they don't ban them the game will die, even with the engine upgrade. Thats what I think. I believe this game can't be saved, but time will tell if I'm right or wrong. One thing is for sure is that this guy got it right, even if he is kind of trolling:
  13. It is possible that false bans happened, since someone here said that Matt got himself banned while testing it. But I don't know if thats true, I'd like to see the post where he says this, and people also asked for it and there was no response so it could be fake. Anyways remember that the goat did expose several streamers and SPCT members back in the day as hackers, and all of them were R255 or close, so neither being max rank nor a streamer excludes the person from being a closet cheater.
  14. wrote that other reply almost asleep and forgot the rest lol, I wanted to reply saying: don't worry, me and my friends played without any sort of cheat or macro or overlay always (just like any other game any normal person plays, without any modifications whatsoever) and we never had any of the problems these people whine about. Its very likely they are attempting to get on the devs' good side by playing innocent. This tactic went on for years with closet cheaters and gamersfirst, lets hope LittleOrbit does not hear them and stand their ground with the banning decisions.
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