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  1. Well done with the update little orbit first fuck up the guns wich where good the way they was now this good job keep ad it u might kill the game finally https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=05uC8mlD8yA&feature=youtu.be
  2. try it first use ir3 on it with its slower fire rate its normal like it was before then try with cj3 too fast for that gun lol
  3. all to all they changed too much in too less time they barely know the game and make this big changes everything is broken now try a valhalla gun with cooling jacket 3 my god gun is going way too fast to be normal xD Good job LO u done it (fail)
  4. Scheepy

    LO Serious about cleaning up APB:R?

    what server u play on? citadel or jericho?
  5. Scheepy

    Jericho Server Lagging

    not just when u play
  6. Scheepy

    Citadel not playable after your last "Maintenance"

    pretty sure its not my own conections everything runs fine and smooth only apb not
  7. hello, this are the problems i have obtained after ur "Maintenance". -my car dissapears randomly all the time(frustrating when ur trying to move a large object) -lag instances to 999 latency then random death screen. -insta kicked from server when obtaining opponents (after waiting for 5 min in full district) -shooting blank ammo appenrently can have all hits close range but no damage what so ever. -volcano clear double hit opponent still fine and no health damage what so ever. -players teleport all over the place. -spawn points are so close now that u kill somebody and they spawn in ur neck again never happent before untill few weeks ago. if you could explain what in the world is going on that'd be great because this is frustrating the shit out off me. also try getting that patch out as fast as possible as most in silver are hacking (as in blatant shit) when u bassically say everything is allowed untill battleeye comes out its anoying.... im a daily player so im pretty sure these things are not normal was not before a few weeks ago and gotten worse after ur maintenace. Greetings,
  8. Scheepy

    Welcome to the new forums

    Finally something new xD