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  1. Just quit the game man I lost a whole lot more then 200 euro and more then 4K hours and their explanation "nothing we can do about it" Company is a joke only come here to check when it dies :,D Good luck
  2. they basically banned me for no reason also reason why most stoped playing like my gf (afraid to be banned) nobody wants their 3K hours account banned like mine was so told all my friends to never open thee game or u can get banned for "suspiscios software on your pc" yh sorry that is ridiculous there are softwares that get triggerd by BE like a VPN or a automatic password typing software so thanks for perma banned on no reason Keep it up game is dead
  3. At least someone has the nerve to say it Meanwhile i got handpicked banned on my account that was too much money invested so they are not gonna see me again just waiting for beta to be a big financial fail and closing the game officially
  4. That era already started. Last night was barely people playing and a Friday nights used to be the max More and more complaints about false bans every day.
  5. Hi, Trust me it can get a whole lot worse then that Im using a new laptop that was needed for peforming my job and got banned {permament) had no idea why currently i have figured out why i have installed a program called "ISSAM ESSO" wich is used for auto storing and typing your passwords (needed for my job as security Reason) this is handeld via server ad my workplace. this program opens automatically ad start up, So heres what happent i dont have this on my old laptop as i cannot peform my job there (Its outdated and not trusted by the company) but as i was tired off using a toaster laptop for games i used my new laptop after playing for 30 min i changed district got kicked and banned. I was curious what happent here so i made a new account same thing happent i managed to disable and exit ISAM ESSO program and made a new account and it is not banning me now. So due to my work related program i have now been banned. I spent 1300 euro in this game all gone for nothing. I opened a ticket with Support so far no response
  6. I'm not asking for priority I'm hoping it gets resolved quickly there is no wrong doing with having hope As my job is IT Support for a company I'm very aware on how the ticket system works
  7. To put it out in perspective i am not rich (2000 Euro laptop is for Autodesk programs needed) and hacking after spending 1200 euro is crazy if you ask me. So hopefully this gets resolved Quickly
  8. After not playing for a month i came back as we just bought a new laptop (literly fresh out the box) i installed APB and after playing 3 missions and switching district i was kicked and i have been banned for 3 days! I was outraged and gave up on it after the 3 days (today) i assumed my ban would be lifted but no it is permamently banned could not even get past log in screen! I have spent 1200€ on this game and more then 3500 hours there is no reason to hack!! Ticket has been logged with support 118919 I wish for a speedy recovery as this is not normal Never had any issue for 5 years and now banned...... Please help. Thanks in advance! This was just to share with you all.
  9. Well done with the update little orbit first fuck up the guns wich where good the way they was now this good job keep ad it u might kill the game finally https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=05uC8mlD8yA&feature=youtu.be
  10. try it first use ir3 on it with its slower fire rate its normal like it was before then try with cj3 too fast for that gun lol
  11. all to all they changed too much in too less time they barely know the game and make this big changes everything is broken now try a valhalla gun with cooling jacket 3 my god gun is going way too fast to be normal xD Good job LO u done it (fail)
  12. what server u play on? citadel or jericho?
  13. pretty sure its not my own conections everything runs fine and smooth only apb not
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