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  1. its funny how people are still complaining about threat lv when its not the real problem. a bronze player is able to win against silver/gold players, but they won't because of the high amount of cheat and hacks on apb.
  2. haha isn't POUNDOFFLESH a noob hacker causing trouble on bronze district?
  3. Oiy! you're missing one of the genders! LOL
  4. actually game developers make the game they want, its up to you if you want to play it or not. i'm not saying riot is good tho xD tbh i was expecting my toon jumping from a flying dumpster truck... that would have been so kool.
  5. why dont you change APB to a farming game. that sounds like a lot of fun.
  6. I'd put you in your place if only your Illuminati moderators, bane of APB, wouldn't delete my post and punish me for helping again.
  7. you mean crims wont be able to use stabba anymore?!! nuuuu!!!
  8. 9904 posts Joined Dec 2014 almost 10,000 trash posts, trolling for 5 years and people still wondering why apb is dead?
  9. for some reason apb riot reminds me of bless online.
  10. I'm pretty sure nobody is going to rush back to APB unless its going strong for at least 3-6 months. if they add new crim costumes... id be tempted to get all of them >.<
  11. Trying to delete my account but its not working, whats wrong with it?! it says clearly "Click here to Permanently Delete your account" but its not working!
  12. APB barely have 100 players lmao how long could it take.
  13. bcuz he's Matt Scott, the man, the legend. he cant just do it the normal way.
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