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  1. considering only a small number of players on apb, you'll notice the blatant hackers if you play regularly.
  2. this is a legitimate concern, where all the salt coming from?
  3. lol matt scott must be crazy if he thinks apb has a future with players like this
  4. Hey Matt Scott, when is gifting going to be a thing again? Ive been waiting forever
  5. It all makes sense now, BattleEye is clearly not trying to ban hackers.
  6. Can we get an Increase in Customization Limit for Characters?
  7. I don't remember asking your opinion. You sound like you're trying to cower your patootie, just get banned already.
  8. If it gets removed, ill keep posting it. I don't mind getting banned. this game is a waste of time with these blatant cheaters that never get banned.
  9. Title says it all. Must Ban List or i quit now! @Little Orbit: Unless you target these players for permanent removal from the game. I can 100% guarantee this game will remain dead. No Content Update can save this without first removing the players blatantly attacking the integrity of the game. PS: before you start yelling "We Don't Care!" in the office, just remember that the current playerbase won't buy anymore G1C until major changes start happening.
  10. The forum is censoring certain "offensive terms"
  11. so where can i find the video to get a good long laugh?
  12. lol the rules on this sux patootie. based on the banned weapons this guy wants an ntec vs shotgun battle? Edit: get out the true ogres, this is going to be savage!
  13. Fight Club is fun but its pretty savage in there. I'm glad its going to be removed for something new. maybe later they can do a rotation on game modes like on fortnite.
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