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  1. Trying to delete my account but its not working, whats wrong with it?! it says clearly "Click here to Permanently Delete your account" but its not working!
  2. APB barely have 100 players lmao how long could it take.
  3. bcuz he's Matt Scott, the man, the legend. he cant just do it the normal way.
  4. well if it makes u feel any better, i didn't get any compensation either. i can't even login to apb without being disconnected by the server, so dont really care.
  5. only on APB u find this lv of stupid. @MattScott please just ban this guy now. please!
  6. yea teleport cheaters on top of a building so they have a better view... this makes perfect sense(sarcasm) on Grandfantasia the GMs put dead gold sellers on display to "name and shame" this is the most effective way of dealing with cheaters/annoying little shits. makes u wonder if APB want to get rid of these cheaters or theyre protecting them.
  7. lol aint nobody cares about your server or even apb much. this is passive income for Matt Scott. reporting is a waste of time, players cheat 24/7, spam players and everything bad u can think of and nothing will ever be done about it. this is APB, just accept it.
  8. Oh noes, APB is finally going to be destroyed when the volunteer GM is chosen.
  9. 10 Day Premium Compensation isnt enough anymore!
  10. APB is dead, ur trash posting platform is finally gone for good!
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