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  1. Inless you're in nekrova, or Jericho at certain times of day, false. Bronze servers can hold a healthy number of players without tryhard pubstomping gold players. The golds are the only ones complaining silver is empty. If they were in silver, to begin with, it wouldn't be.
  2. They could just move it like 3CM up and it'd be fine. So long as it doesn't overlap with my crosshair.
  3. @VickyFox I don't think you're seeing the issue propperly. I understand, people should play more to get better. That's not the issue. The issue in it of itself, is that they're not allowed, or given enough time to get better. You have rank 9s who've just installed the game, barely got green or bronze, and they're being put agaisnt people with osmaws, ogres or armas weapons. There's no learning curve you can take that's fast enough to let you adapt to this fast enough. I've seen Golds in bronze fighting T players! I mean come on, really?! Newer players are getting chased away. They're joining, getting destroyed, and leaving the game forever because they couldn't get into it. THAT is why the population isn't growing. Because golds in bronze are teaming up on these people for fun, making the game NOT fun for them in return. I don't care what work-around they find. If it anoys Dethreatters long enough to get them to stop, or to get them to go easyer on newer players, I don't care. But something DOES need to be done, or the playerbase will just get smaler. 15+ of my friends, and clan-mates quit already. I've no more than one or two friends in the game left and THEY are talking about quitting too. The game is unfair. Gold players teaming on new players is unfair. And that needs to be fixed so the community can grow.
  4. I guess it's GG then. Because playerbase won't increase for as long as golds keep chasing noobs away from the game. Rip APB's population. Destined for years to come to have the same "ACTIVE" 300+ players.
  5. When I said you, I didn't mean you literally. I was speaking in general, rethorically. But yes, I understand. I have a little over 2000 hours. I can have a fair fight with a silver at my level, I can have a fun time with bronzes without stomping them or making them lose, but as soon as a gold comes into the equation, the entire fun's over.
  6. Your insight has been taken into account. This post's objective is mainly to point out how the game is unfair. When you're getting 200+ kills a day on easy pickings, leveling up contacts fast and getting the killstreak medal every five minutes, it's rather obvious that you wouldn't want that to change, nonetheless we need this to happen if we're going to make the game fairer for newer players. The only way we can get more people to -stay- in apb, is by actually letting them play, not punishing them for their time with a broken matchmaking that puts them against entire pre-made teams of gold people. Regardless of all that, I'm content with the 2k+ views this topic has, and with all the feedback from new players, normal players and even dethreatters. It gives me hope that someone of relevance has seen this and maybe will foward it as a sugestion to the dev team.
  7. I can safely say without a shadow of a worry that you will never find me tryharding on anyone bronze and under. The high tier weapons I use are either to stomp fake golds, in the case of the ogre mentioned in the conversation above or to defend a critical point against someone with a weapon stronger than mine. You would be allowed to follow or team up with me on every mission, and still you'd never find me purposefully defeating a new player. With that out of the way, one is defending the golds in bronze, the other is defending threat invisibility, and saying golds in bronze don't matter. I think you're confused as to who's trolling who at this point. Not to mention your very own signature has both your cop and your criminal listed as golds. Case and point, your defense of downthreatters has been explained. Mighty thanks for confirming my point, friend.
  8. New players don't always know how to select districts, not to mention more often than not green districts have one person at most. The problem in question is golds farming new players, not bronzes not knowing about district selector.
  9. Again, the threat color is fine as it is, open conflicts hid threat and didn't work, nobody played in them. Separate golds from silvers and bronzes, THAT is what we need and what this post is about. Making the game fair. Not keeping it unfair and covering people's eyes. Fourth time you sugested that and fourth time I've invalidated that 'sollution', and explained why it's a bad idea. The silver on their team joined late. And the silver on our team, the other one, turned gold after another round, aka invalidating your point. I don't care if these are low golds. They still don't belong in bronze. They are taking advantage of newer players to boost themselves, which isn't fair. According to LO, Dethreatters are already getting banned. If the problem persists, along with the bans I'd sugest threat-based matchmaking. The one we have isn't working at all. Put golds against other golds, and that's it.
  10. hackerung

    Mail Items.

    You can delete expired weapons one by one, aswell as extend their lease, in the options menu. But sure, multiple deletion option would be nice.
  11. I understand you're trying to defend yourself and your people for being golds in bronze, to prevent yourself from being banned. I understand, and I get it. But you can't say "Golds aren't out to kill silvers and bronzes" when you have people like THIS: I get the cliché you're going but but it's a bit ****ing heavy handed, when golds in bronze openly admit to want to "**** them longer" after mauling a squad of bronzes for an entire 10-15 minute mission. Your point is invalid. These people ARE in bronze to farm newer players, and that's all there is to it. "Not out to get you", sure, not me specificly. Just all newer or lower skilled players in general. This isn't a once in a while thing. It's every day. It's the same names, the same people, the same servers, non-stop. These people need to be stopped.
  12. hackerung

    Mail Items.

    You can manually delete expired weapons at an amo depot, by acessing your locker (L key for most). All mail with un-claimed items can expire within 3 days, while mail with items can expire in 30 days.
  13. Facts? You've no idea of what facts mean. I disagreed with you because I have coherent actual evidence that any player with knowledge of the game can agree with. Your playground statements, just because you're biased, for being a gold in bronze (who this post is about) does not invalidate my statements or mark yours as 'facts'. I disagreed with you because rank equals playtime, and threat equals skill. You can be rank 255, if you suck at the game you'll still be bronze or silver, whereas if you're a level 9 gold threatter, you're still more likely to get a greater score. Threat is an indicator of playerskill, this is a universal truth throughout APB. Any player good enough to hold a gold status on his own is a good player and nothing you can say can change that fact, regardless of how biased you are towards it. Furthermore, server population is low because new players keep leaving. If you and your gold buddies stayed in silver, new players wouldn't quit after their first match and stay long enough to grow a liking to the game. Not to mention insulting me for not agreeing with you further invalidates your credibility. Again Just because you don't like something, and don't agree with it, does not change the factual nature of it. I know all about the old days, like when weapons had no recoil whatsoever and what not. That does not change much. True you can take it as a challenge, why not, albeit an unbeatable challenge but a challenge all the same. The problem is, however, I have over 2k hours in the game and an arsenal of paid weapons, and still I can't best these people. The problem comes when newer players don't stand a chance at all with free weapons, and often on a 10 day lease. The problem comes when server population decreases because new players don't return, because nobody likes to get stomped on by a player who isn't supposed to be there in the first place. The problem, are golds in bronze, who should stay in silver. I agree that the lack of people in the propper silver district is anoying and makes contact leveling hard, but, again, as I've said like twenty times in this thread alone: If all golds moved to silver, silver population would not be a problem.
  14. I'm going to have to disagree with you. Bronze servers are usually well-populated depending on time of day. Obviously you're not going to find as many players on a late night as you would otherwise on a regular afternoon. A lot of people have lives to attend to and that's perfectly okay. Secondly, if every gold player in bronze mustered up the courage to be on silver districts rather than dethreat for easy kills, unpopulated silver districts would not be a problem, I can safely assure you of that. There's more golds than bronzes, in bronze districts at this point. Thirdly, "You would literally have no opposition" is false. So long as there are equal number of criminals and cops in the district you are as likely to get opposed missions as you would any district. Be it 5-5 or 40-40. This too I can safely assure you as I've experienced it firsthand myself more than once. And fourthly/lastly, you cannot gather more new players if they join the game to get stomped in the first set of missions. In other words. Joining a game and instantly getting annihilated by osmaw users or a premade of full legendary gold threat teams, is not going to make you want to stay in that game, is it? We need to make this game fair by fixing this issue. THAT is how we atract a newer audience, and how we grow this community. And by the way, threat is a good indicator of skill. There will always be people on a good day or who get lucky every now and then, but anyone who is good enough to get gold on a regular everyday or hourly basis as is the case of many, they do -NOT- belong in bronze districts. Threat is the most important thing we have as it tells us the skill level of a player. We have the right to know who we are dealing with as an oponent. Removing threat would mean havoc as any team of golds could join any district they wanted and team up on anyone, new or veteran alike. Your idea of removing threat is the worst idea I could've seen on this topic and i can't stress this enough. We NEED threat to signal us of each player's skill-level. The reason nobody went into open conflict is the lack of control over who you're fighting. That's why those districts were removed. We NEED a fair game if we want to gather more players. We NEED this to happen in order for APB to grow as a game. New players need to be allowed to play and not just get stomped on.
  15. There's a video of a dude dancing around in one of these. It's actually hillarious. Then again you can have nothing but underwear on in the game, if you slap Kevlar Implants 3 on, you'll be a snail. The same goes for fragile with full armor. APB isn't exactly realistic lol
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