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  1. LittleOrbit is banning Dethreathers, so I've heard, and you've just admited to being one. Don't defend the people in the wrong just because you're one of them. Dethreatters purposefully exploit the game mechanics to turn new players away from the game, they should by all means be removed from bronze districts. They shouldn't be allowed to bully bronzes and Ts just because they don't like losing a game every now and then. I downvote posts I don't agree with or that make no sense to me. I did read all of it. It is you who isn't associating my replies to the entirety of your posts. This post isn't about a threat system or matchmaking system redesign. it's about better players exploiting the game to bully new players. It's as simple as that. You're complicating an uncomplicated issue. As I've said I have no problem with people who earn gold every once in a while, we all have good streaks or good days, there's noting you can do about that. My issue is with repeat offenders who do this solely to beat newcomers or less-skilled people.
  2. hackerung


    That's what a clip is. Ammunition clipped together to form a belt. As opposed to a magazine.
  3. Because it was the most relevant to me at the time. Gold isn't about how you do in a certain mission. It's an overal progression. If you're close to gold, next mission, if you're legible for an up-threat, you get gold. You can gain threat by having zero kills, and focusing solely on objectives. if you're one of the highest 3 scores in a mission, you're legible for a threat-up. Vice versa works for de-threat. It doesn't matter if you get zero kills, or secondary only. it doesn't take as much into account as people say it does. If you get a good score, you gain threat points. It's that simple. Giving gold less points would only make it easyer for them to de-threat in the first place thus worsening the issue. The problem isn't people getting gold. it's gold people who have earned gold by doing well, purpusefully exploiting the dethreatting mechanic to crap on silvers and bronzes. that's what this topic is all about in the first place. I understood exactly what you meant, and I stand by my opinion. If a new player can't see the difference between themselves and a gold, they will be further confused. Threat colors also help seeing which players belong where. You know a gold doesn't belong in bronze if they're a gold. Again, which is exactly what this topic is about. No. Removing the threat system would only further unballance the game. Player-skill is marked by threat. Golds are normally better at the game than bronzes unless they are purposefully doing bad or dethreatting, and setting the two apart would further ballance the game. If you remove the threat system nothing would stop teams of pro players from ganging new players and thus kill whatever's left from the population by preventing new players from enjoying and staying in the game. It does because it would further ballance the matches in bronze districts, and possibly put players of lesser skill against people of the same skill level. Put noobs vs noobs, mediums vs mediums and golds vs other golds. Threat is a signal of game experience and skill, and putting people of the same threat strickly against eachother would mean there's a ballance in gameplay. Removing golds from bronze district would prevent good players from fighting newer players. The problem here that nobody seems to be understanding is that new players are less likely to enjoy the game if they're losing 20-to-0. Put them against people of similar or same skill. Remove golds from bronze districts as those servers are for low-medium skilled players. not higher-skilled players. That's what this is about. I don't mind getting my butt handed to me if I play poorly as long as it's a fair match in the first place, against people of same and lower skill than me. I don't care if a bronze spraying the 556 willy nilly mops the floor with my face every time he runs at me. I care if i see three or four golds (pictures on page 1) team up against me and other bronze friends, because that's nowhere near fair to begin with.
  4. I've opened a topic specificly regarding golds in bronze, in the sugestion section, that speaks about this issue.
  5. I'm going to have to disagree with you. What's at stake here isn't threat color or the feeling it evokes in you. It's the impact it has on newer or less skilled players. You could name it anything you want, other than gold threat, it's still too steep of a learning curve especially for people who are new to the game. Your system wouldn't fix anything. It would only make people more confused, and again, especially new players, because they don't know what they're doing wrong, if a player with seemingly the same status keeps mowing them over and over. The threat ranking is fine. The Dethreatters purposefully getting into bronze, is not. That would just plain punish spraying or shotgun people for being lucky with the weapon spread. And that could be exploited by purposefully missing or shooting the ground to lower the accuracy value. Disabling the mission feature for golds would suffice. If not, removing them back into the district selector altogether. Again, the problem I'm speaking of is golds and premade gold teams farming new players. Collect the basic? This isn't regarding how threat works, the basics of threat incrasing and skill-progression, this is about gold players exploiting the threat system to punish new players for being new. You are missing the point.
  6. I've sugested that one above. That's one of the best features they can add to fix the issue. Best case scenario, they get tired and stay in silver. Worst case scenario they get scared enough of their own threat that they tone it down when facing newer players.
  7. I've stated above I've no problem with people on a good day, or first timers, maybe people that get gold every once in a while. We all have good games, it's innevitable, even with our skil level constantly increasing as we learn to play the game more and more. The issue is with people who exploit the system. People who you can -clearly- tell they don't belong in bronze to begin with. People who are hard-gold, who want nothing but easy kills. Again. Getting gold once in a while is fine. Constantly getting gold and exploiting the system to crap on bronzes, isn't. Yood, don't. That's exactly one of the excuses I said above, that DTs usually use. As I said, if all the golds left bronze then Silver wouldn't be empty. We're not talking about one or two golds here. We're talking about premade teams, about the same players, constantly. If a bronze server is full, there's a high chance 20% of that population is gold or getting gold because of DTing. It seems like a rather high number, but its an accurate high number.
  8. I'm honestly hoping something's done about it quickly. I heard they're banning Dethreatters already, but the fact I'm seeing the same Dethreatters in bronze day after day sugests it's either not, or that it's being too slow. Golds in bronze are what's keeping this game from growing. Remove that 'obstacle' and there won't be anything stopping new players from staying, and growing the population. Let's make this game fair and enjoyable.
  9. Purposeful Dethreatting is still an actual problem. The reporting feature would work but not to the fullest because there's literally pre-made teams of dethreatters doing it at the same time. Without going into names, there's actual people teaming as golds, getting silver at the same time, then back to gold in bronze all to get a few kills on people who are less skilled than them. A gold is hard enough to deal with, but when you face an actual pre-made team, like in the screenshots above, it's borderline unplayable. With the current system, temporarely banning these golds in bronze would get them to stop. A week or two. If not, then it could just scare them enough that they don't try as hard on bronze anymore. If not, and if it's a repeat offense, then yes, permanently ban them. Better to lose a gold player, than to lose several bronzes who could one day get to gold themselves.
  10. We wouldn't need a new matchmaking system that bad if they dealt with the Gold Threats first. Forgot about that one, classic.
  11. -Silvers are Empty -I just got Gold -I havent played in long time -Im not gold its first time -Im just helping a friend Every single time it's one of these. If I see one I reserve the right to say I called it. They want easy kills. The problem is those 'Easy Kills' are mostly on people who just got the game. That's what's preventing the population from growing.
  12. That would be a decent sollution too, I would love to see that.
  13. I wasn't gonna make a topic on this originally but this is getting legit out of hand. Please remove golds from Bronze, it's literally ruining the game. My friends refuse to come back, bronze servers are emptying more and more, matchmaking is getting more and more broken, all because these people can't stay in Silver districts. The usual excuse is "Silver is empty". Well if these players were in Silver to begin with, it wouldn't be. For those who don't know, it's simple. Golds go to silver, purposefully lose, suicide, teamkill, whatever, then come to Bronze to farm newer or less skilled players. I'm not the first to complain about this but as far as I know this is the first topic directly talking about this issue. The following were taken in the space of 15 minutes: Names covered to avoid rule-breaking. People in question already reported for Dethreatting. Please resolve this, it's getting near unplayable at this point, because there are more and more golds in bronze. Even more than bronzes themselves. Some sugestions would be: -Locking them from getting in bronze for a period of time -Disabling or increasing the Dethreatting dificulty -Putting Gold Players only against other Gold Players (Aka threat-based matchmaking, a working one) -Disabling mission feature for Gold players in bronze until they are silver again And last and less desirable although in many cases needed -Actually banning them. I know the ammount of hate I'm gonna get from golds on this post is gonna be real, but in order for the game to grow, and new players not to leave after the first couple missions, this is more than needed. This isn't a once in a while thing. it's every single day. The same names, the same players, the same threat level, every day without stopping. Please fix this.
  14. hackerung


    The reason I said variants with mods would be if they wanted to add it to joker boxes + armas, the different versions of it, much like we have 4 or 5 different Norsemen guns, or the 3/4 different types of Raptor, all with different pre-built-in mods. Plus it would make the weapons good in different scenarios. The ammo idea is better than mine, but maybe a few more bullets to kill, because the gun fires ridiculously fast, quite faster than the shaw, but the caliber is lower, plus for balance reasons. And yeah, recoil would be crazy too
  15. hackerung


    Haven't seen a sugestion about this one yet, so I thought about making it myself. How about an M134 Minigun in APB? With the right ammount of tweaking it could very much be a ballanced weapon: Damage: Medium-Low damage, not too different from a SHAW Rate of Fire: Perhaps slightly higher than the Agrotech ACES (SMG version) Movement Speed: Slow. Like very slow. Like can't sprint or jump with it. Much like the OSMAW Ammo: Maybe 300-400 bullets per clip Maybe also some additional features: Wind-up/spin-up time before firing, or having the barrels rotate when the player is aiming the weapon No reloading, after the 300-400 bullets have all been used, need to resupply Slow resupply time, since it's a clip, you can't just grab magazines out of the box, maybe 20 bullets/second or so Similar to Ram-Man animations, maybe with the player's back arched backwards, it -does- weigh 40Kg Could even include different versions of it, with mods: 3 Barrels (Red): 50% faster spin-up time / 40% slower fire-rate Single barrel (Red): 100% faster spin-up time / 80% slower fire-rate / 25% increased damage Ammo Mag (blue): 200 backup ammo / 100(+/-) ammo per magazine AP Rounds (Purple): 50% slower fire rate / 100% higher damage to vehicles I think it would be a very cool weapon to use. Maybe for ambush situations or when you're escaping with the objective /on a vehicle (Face it, we've all done it at some point). Joker box or armas, I think people would be interested still Plus we already had one in the old convept video! Nevermind you how long it took me to find.
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