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  1. Mirele

    Greeter System

    That's more or less how things are. We have no person situated behind us ready with a whip in case we disagree with choices made by the company. We help out, but we are still individuals and I have never felt like my personal opinion was in any way unvalued or dismissed. I've shared my personal opinions and feelings many times in official settings - you just have to go about it in a professional manner, clearly indicating what you are doing. Not quite sure what you mean by the first thing.
  2. I don't believe that there's an overview of us but we are still around! Albeit we are less in numbers than we were previously. We certainly take actions on reports that are relevant to game masters. Plenty of people assume that we can deal with private account matters, but those cases are much better handled by the support team. It's also worth noting that we will never notify you with the result of your report, so it might appear as if we don't react.
  3. I lost track of our duel scores. Might have to do it again some time.
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