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  1. Not sure if is intended or not but the kills in '12 deaths of Christmas' do not count for your total kills on your character I find this disappointing. Overall the event is very nice just like the new Slay Bells. Bit hard to understand at first but it is fun. And also yes I have experienced this as well. I think this is a glitch. This is not the only bug I have experienced so far. I find it a bit of a pain to walk to the contact and accept the daily without it being auto selected when joining the district.
  2. Game Version: Reproduce: 1. Launch Game 2. Refurbish Showstopper 3. You can see it has the wrong Tag.
  3. I am still having issues "Contacting World Server..."
  4. On the side note: The problem with paypal is that there is a lot of tax on top of the price. While on other payment options there isn't any tax added to the price. How does that come?
  5. They just contain sadness and disappointedness
  6. Oh wow that is something big. Keeping them punished I find it fair nicee Time till first patch Here
  7. Wow this is compact on mobile and nice theme. I like it already
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