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  1. Agreed. I wasn't able to get in on the beta test which was a huge bummer so I'm going to wait till it goes live and be as patient as possible in the meantime. If the performance doesn't improve in any meaningful way, I'm gonna probably lose all hope and move on. Been playing since rtw so its sad to think I might have to say goodbye to apb.
  2. Im not using a sock puppet account. I will admit my response to that comment wasnt exactly civil either... if your post was in the interest of getting clicks, you were hugely successful. Again, i will say that i agree with alot of the suggestions you made concerning game mechanics, i just wholeheartedly dissagree with why you think those changes need to be made. Despite dissagreeing with each other on some points, i think we can still find common ground.
  3. For someone who talks about aspd and toxic behaviour, i would think you would be capable of civil discourse. I can honestly say, this is the least pleasant interaction ive ever had with someone in this forum. Honestly, good luck out there.
  4. Ok well now youre acting like a defensive twat. Not saying you are a defensive twat, just saying youre displaying the symptoms.
  5. If you remove tking from the game, spamming will just get worse because there would be no risk of killing teammates. What you are describing is griefing. Report them. If they keep it up and get enough reports, they will get banned. Nothing else you can do.
  6. Good idea. Seems op only wants to hear from people who agree with his safe space logic. Your argument was clear to everyone who bothers to read between the lines. Good job Merged Can i also point out, i agree with almost everything you stated about the game mechanics, but then you take it too far by referencing aspd and mental health. Your whole post could have been changed to "things in apb that negatively effect a players experience". You go too far
  7. Not at all, im saying its nothing new. We've all been through it. At some point, you get good enough to not bother with bronze servers and it becomes a non issue. LO have stated they plan on trying to fix the matchmaking. All we can do is wait and be happy something will be done. If complaining about the same crap over and over again for a decade straight accomplished nothing, the same complaints wont speed up the process.
  8. These posts drive me nuts. Apb has always been this way. All those golds that destroy you in a bronze district were once in your shoes. Everyone deals with it and believe it or not, you will get better by playing egainst these people. I know how frustrating it can be but you either need to quit, deal with it, or wait for LO to fix match making. Untill then, enough with the broken record posts. No matter how fair the matchup, theres always going to be a loser. That is the nature of pvp.
  9. I dont feel like anyone is being negative. They dissagree with you and are critical of your ideas. This might feel like negativity from your perspective but you need to be prepared for some criticism any time you post your opinion in an open public forum. I respect that you have your opinion but feel that you are wrong. Im not being negative, I simply dissagre with you entirely.
  10. This is a game where you literally shoot people in the face. I honestly dont believe kids should be playing it. Youre entitled to your opinion but in a forum setting, people are also entitled to their own opinions as well. At a certain point, youre beating a dead horse. No one appears to agree with what youre posting. Becoming defensive is not going to get people to agree with you. Not to mention the fact that you are basically proposing a total overhaul of the game... I feel like maybe this isnt the gane for you.
  11. Omg. Whats going on in this world. Its a game. Trigger warnings needed for everything nowadays. Get thicker skin kiddies.
  12. A lack of morals and self controll is to blame. Games are hard and can be incredibly frustrating... ive been there and would be lying if i said i never behaved in this manner. The key is self awareness and the desire to be better. The game is not the problem. This of course is just my opinion, so dont be offended and feel free to disregard if it upsets you
  13. To blame a game for antisocial personality disorder just removes all personal responsibility from the equation. Its the anonymity the web provides that emboldens people to act this way. The more they get away with, the further they push it. Apb is frustrating but not to blame for how shitty people treat each other online. Want to also point out the leftist logic of "it upsets me, so get rid of it". You cant nerf the world for grown up children who cant handle reality.
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