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  1. Agreed. I wasn't able to get in on the beta test which was a huge bummer so I'm going to wait till it goes live and be as patient as possible in the meantime. If the performance doesn't improve in any meaningful way, I'm gonna probably lose all hope and move on. Been playing since rtw so its sad to think I might have to say goodbye to apb.
  2. A beta test is when a sampling of the intended audience tries the product out before it reaches its production stage. If a company advertises an open beta test to its client base, and a majority of those people cant access the product, that IS A CRASH AND BURN. You are supposed to be able to predict and accommodate your audience sample size before running a beta test. I'm not looking to crucify anyone over it and I'm not saying no good came from the test, but lets all just all live in reality and stop pretending this was a brilliant success. Most of the player base had their time wasted and were left with a bad taste in their mouths. I wouldn't call that a success.
  3. I dont want to be negative but it seriously feels like time wasted right now. I never got in. 2+ hours of trying. Really disappointed.
  4. At this point, 11004 over and over. Feels like ive been manually locked out... im done.
  5. After so much waiting, this is like a slap in the face. I'm so irritated right now.
  6. starting to feel like life is too short to watch loading screens all day. im gonna come back later. maybe
  7. extending it seems mean considering I cant get in... My girlfriend is only going to sit here doing nothing for so long lol
  8. did anyone get into a district?
  9. yep. error code 8 now. was in for a second, choosing my character hung for about 2 minutes then booted me. hangs on entering world "contacting world server"
  10. error code 11004... My excitement is quickly turning into that familiar feeling of disappointment.
  11. Yeah I cant login either... error 11004.
  12. Im not using a sock puppet account. I will admit my response to that comment wasnt exactly civil either... if your post was in the interest of getting clicks, you were hugely successful. Again, i will say that i agree with alot of the suggestions you made concerning game mechanics, i just wholeheartedly dissagree with why you think those changes need to be made. Despite dissagreeing with each other on some points, i think we can still find common ground.
  13. For someone who talks about aspd and toxic behaviour, i would think you would be capable of civil discourse. I can honestly say, this is the least pleasant interaction ive ever had with someone in this forum. Honestly, good luck out there.
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