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  1. This game needs to have a roleplay element to threat, if people who dethtreat were actually harmless it wouldnt be an issue Game needs to have Roleplay threat that takes into account how actually dangerous are and gives you objetives based on that It would be a great departure from the blue vs red formula Maybe
  2. They released event rewards packages of different prices when events end or am I wrong and they are loosing on such easy opportunities for extra money? Unlock /fart cost 100 g1c
  3. golds are super stressed chiller killer players who don't love themselves I pray for apb golds 2 love themselves Right now apb golds most of them are depressed or angry 2 cover that depression and DESPAIR natural of human existance. If you make a mistake they treat you like they treat themselves: ARE YOU STUPID WDAF YOU DOIN RETUURT LIKE WTFAAA WAS THAT WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU USELESS it even hurts 2 type it
  4. I couldn't kill 720 person with LOVE gun in such a short period of time! I want the skiiin Merged. Hi friend ♥
  5. look bro what I mean bro is that bro, ltl guns are balanced around pre gamerfirst balance, and they are left untouched, I am not even saying an idea. Is an outdated bad mechanic that needs a rework but again bro, I dont care anymore bro.
  6. Lol how much of your ego are you risking saying that I can feel your nervouness behind each act of cowardly outdated coolness. Oh you really hit me there ouch my ideas suck T_T xd oh wait you are nothing it means nothing
  7. You think u cool cuz u post that meme card thing? you are nothing to me cero respect I dont care about your salty dislike votes, if you are brainded or want to play cool kid I dont care tbh you people are the reason this game is ded Like you could ask me what I meant? ( making them stun faster for example ) But I dont give a f if I a mod wants 2 close this topic close it I dont want 2 discuss with these garbage full of themselves community of loosers
  8. The current stun time in apb is too long compared to other games, even rpgs and mobas. Just so you get an idea a super long five seconds long stun would be outside the standard, in the whole league of legends game there are no single 5 second stuns. Stabba guns are balanced around elder gunplay rules, and they have been kept this way. Shorter stun times would allow stabba guns to be more powerful and versatile. Other games having stuns ie overwacth they last 2 seconds to 4 on average. The arguement is that you have to build the stun slowly but while solo stabbing can be a pain but when you play crim against an stabba group it takes forever to recover from the other sources of stamina damage. Right now is weak due to how powerful the effect is but more than over powered or underpowered is just messy
  9. This game came before league of legends and borderlands but had a lot of prototype mechanics that later were implemented in those games. League of legends longest stun is 3.5 long and thats only if u land an Ashe arrow accross the map, after that the longest ability stun is 2.5 seconds long And it feels like a long time where they can just kill u ez. Stun time in Apb is hella long !
  10. In a game that is all about choice the player has none when it comes to consumables, no matter which one you connect with the most you are stuck with the ones you got if you got any. If there is no way of buying them with cash as you would grenades and other equipment then why aren't they an active on a cooldown players choose from instead of consumables. Don't you feel that having an ability you pick from ( injector, shield, spray, boxes,) on a cooldown is more 2019? I mean why aren't they one thing (consumables you can buy) or the other (an ability on cd), why are they in such an in between random indiferent state instead?
  11. What are your thoughts on deactivating threat segregation during low population hours such as early mornings, when the system detects more people online it activates it again.
  12. I hope they replace civilians with zombies under the context of a halloween event !!!
  13. Why can fornite and pugb be T ? >< They have headshots and you kill each other until just one person remain, apb does not even localized hitboxes, is more abstract gameplay wise. I dont want apb to literally have a T rating, but if this game stopped trying to sell itself as a gta clone and instead focused on the gameplay and social things that make it unique it could last a long healthy live and enjoy a bunch of new players like me but I get it you dont want more players like me
  14. I hope I am wrong but it looks there could be not apb by 14 frebruary 2020
  15. Is there a way to get them before valentines , I dont feel like by valentines I could still be playing this game, unless it isnt ded yet! but is there a way of getting those guns before valentines like ever some kind of special sale every time the moon aligns a certain way, anything?
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