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  1. Ryanc229

    Character Name Change

    It should be free, but limited for a certain amount of time, with GTA V for example, you can change it once every year.
  2. Ryanc229

    New vehicle

    We already know it'll be the Mirage that G1 had announced at the same time as the Growl, I hope it's not a sports/muscle car though.
  3. You should automatically be kicked to the district selection menu if you go gold in a bronze district, and bronze districts should have a max rank of 195.
  4. The taxi billboard you can purchase from the Joker Store, best car part.
  5. Ryanc229

    What's going on with Citadel?

    Sweet, I've updated my post to include this.
  6. Ryanc229

    What's going on with Citadel?

    I think the login server is up, as I can get to the screen where I can see my characters, but they all have 0 playtime, 0JT, and $0 with the "Next" button unable to be pressed, I was assuming DDOS but who knows.
  7. Ryanc229

    What's going on with Citadel?

    Got a connection problem just after saving a car (thankfully), kept trying to get back on but it got stuck on loading. It eventually came back up but I was teleporting everywhere and there were only 3 other people on the server, now it has just gone down again. EDIT: EDIT2: It appears Citadel is online again.
  8. All the vehicles except the vegas need a speed increase.
  9. Ryanc229

    Tier List - Vehicles

    Broadwing, Espacio and Morais are the best imo, I hate how you see nothing but Vegases and Pioneers, we need the option to 'upgrade' lower end vehicles to a different tier at varying prices, it'll add more variety, you can have the vehicle you like at a tier you need.
  10. Ryanc229

    New stuff in ARMA !!!

    When it comes to adding new content, I'd like to see what this Mirage is they announced at the same time as the Growl.
  11. Ryanc229

    Thank you

    Have they wiped all forum account bans? If so, I wonder if they'll be doing the same to game bans.