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  1. Car spawners need to be added in, won't even touch the mode without them.
  2. Instantly quit on my first RIOT mode once I discovered you can't spawn your car/drive at all, and won't even touch it again until it's added.
  3. It's griefing, end of. They are purposely doing it to annoy people, make things difficult, and disrupt missions send the uncensored picture to support.
  4. This is all I want, but I installed the PS4 version and it looked like it was being run on the lowest settings on the Advanced launcher, I got in a taxi for example and it was all a blur. Not to mention the lag, that was awful.
  5. Oh great. We better not have to wait 2 minutes just to use Nitro, everyone should get the current premium cooldown or it should remain as it is or this thread has just made the cooldown situation even worse, waiting 2 minutes just to use Nitro is completely ridiculous, and is the main reason I actually bought premium recently. Completely agree, how players who haven't spent a penny on the game have any say is beyond me.
  6. Game appears to be down again, can't login now. EDIT: It appears people are still playing the game on Twitch, so the problem is the login server.
  7. I bought premium at the start of the month and got 30 days.
  8. I can confirm I am now able to create a character, thanks
  9. It alerts me when a name is taken, but any free names are apparently inappropriate.
  10. I'm trying to start a new character and any name I use is coming up as inappropriate, has anyone else experienced this? I've tried reloading the game, waiting a few hours, rebooting, nothing seems to fix it.
  11. Decided to create this after playing the Resident Evil 2 remake recently
  12. It should be free, but limited for a certain amount of time, with GTA V for example, you can change it once every year.
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