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  1. Perhaps for the better Careful around this community, or it will bite!
  2. Nice meeting you Sakebee! Are you new to community management as a whole? Any cool stories to share with us?
  3. Thank goodness. It's a small thing but it's very mch annoying. Was there anything this new font brought to the table (e.g. better support for fullwidth) or?
  4. I scored 17/34. I am ashamed of myself at some of the shit I've got wrong I wish some of the open answers were multiple choice still.
  5. Teamwork + Explosives is the camp spot breaking formula. Standard frag grenades have really nasty damage (750 max) and a very generous radius. Consider switching away from concs if you need a ...wider? edge, or have one of your teammates equip the OPGL and make it rain. Assuming your throwing arm is good, they're either going to take an awful lot of damage, which puts them in a bad situation if you're preparing to push, or they will have to fall back and relocate, giving you ample opportunity to shoot them in the back or to push up to the spot Some more exposed camping spots can be "broken" with the Volcano (damage and radius ramps up as it travels) and the DMR (2 shot kill past 88m) Naturally, none of the above matters without teamwork. Pushing on your own is only so effective if they're prepared for it and have two people ready to gun you down. Ideally, as you damage them and push them back to a bad location, you want someone to either be ready to run in as you chuck grenades, or perhaps a friend with a more accurate weapon ready to pick them off if they start running away This is especially true for places like the high school where you get clear LoS to the spot in question. Have the pointman ready to climb the stairs as your Marksman/Sniper harasses them & another person tries to chuck grenades to flush them out. Another example where good teamwork is required would be the nook above Double B. Ideally you should be able to push them towards either the ladder or the balcony with explosives from one side, blasting the other side with more explosives to trap them & weaken them enough for a push. Make sure to have a buddy watching the ladders if you're coming in from the street door, however
  6. we're missing low-mobility LMGs. The SWARM, NSSW and Rabid are meant to be a mid-high mobility option afaik
  7. History lesson on the matter: We were given two high ttk test district in a patch - around Aug 15 2015 One was G1's own High TTK design, which sat inbetween RTW TTK and the current TTK The other was a half-assed implementation of RTW weapon stats, lifted from the ~1.4.0 build So bad to the point where I fear it's not insane to think it was almost sabotaged. RTW had patched in weapon recoil and meaty sounds in 1.4.2 , which had at best a few days of uptime before the final server shutdown - EDIT : and I'm pretty sure it wasn't even ever made available outside of NA G1 however used a early 1.4 build, which meant no recoil system implemented (you had crosshair bloom the likes of Fortnite, but your point of aim would NEVER move), weapons with varying *max range* (so the ACT could not deal damage past 50m), and to top it all off they didn't bother adjusting car health vs explosive damage --> meant you had percs 1shotting most vehicles RTW APB was legitimately half baked in some parts. Plus some other design decisions (like character mods being literal upgrades) don't really help with the competitive side of things. But that said, I'd love to have the opportunity to see RTW 1.4.2 run for a week!
  8. It's an Nvidia GT1030 in terms of performance. Not excellent but absolutely not something you should be scoffing at. We're talking GPU power here so low it may bottleneck the CPU, the GTX is in a different league!
  9. with some sacrifices they could easily get playable ( ~60 ) framerates. I remember someone in this forum reporting back with a 2200g and at 1080p with a bunch of settings pushed to medium they'd still get ~40
  10. bruh at best they sculpt some extra folds on top, or add some other attachments. They generally deform the body where appropriate or draw a new material on top
  11. who would've thought something that got cancelled won't be happening
  12. Wouldn't even need a unique mod for it to improve - the mod combination is that bad. For the love of god get rid of CJ3 and EM3!
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