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  1. I'd love to see it tested on OTW at some point - pipe dream however! Been a bit since I did the math but the damage reduction would (barely) even out, allowing you to hit further out and even improve 2shot distance On-Topic : I voted Heavy Barrel. TTK and Accuracy go hand in hand - bad accuracy will worsen your TTK. So if you give means to improve overall accuracy, you decrease damage to compensate. Works out on paper but in practice the mod is awful, increases STK on almost all guns, and still loses out to IR and CJ
  2. reminder it's very easily possible to add a scope to the current RSA without breaking the rest of skins on it
  3. Seems like the only difference between LO and G1 at this point is that LO makes exceptions for more likeable people I guess
  4. We still haven't received any UE3.5 news since Matt's tweet mentioning "UE3.5 news hopefully next week" I hope you understand the concern
  5. TL;DR Yes, LO please fix the car stats thank you First off - LOL. The meta does NOT favor the Vegas as much as you think it does. Far, far from it. That said, Yes, goddamnit. Vehicles need a stat rework, and bad. Everyone with half a brain has been saying it, and everyone who plays the game can see it - SP3 / Nitro Pioneer, SP3 / Nitro Pioneer, some SP3 / Nitro Espacios, a Vegas 4x4 sprinkled here and there... That is, if you want to *win*. If you're just HaViNg FuN you may also spot the odd Mikro around town. Paging my man @Thaumaturge to get his awesome "so you want to win" flowchart posted, since a picture's worth a thousand words The vehicle health buff that happened way back in 2013-2014 was what made the current Pioneer meta cement itself. It's extremely boring and made a good 90% of cars in this game redundant. I miss the 2011-2012 vehicle variety, whereas people actually drove the Jericho and Bishada. That said, I do like how the Fresno is a pretty competitive 2seater atm due to its tankiness, so they did get that right.
  6. The re-spawn after death tends to be way too far into gased areas, and this makes it extremely frustrating. Chain deaths because the game screwed me over aren't fun. I'm not sure I like the first respawn being absolutely free - I'd like to see you test the need to unlock the ability to respawn at all, maybe with RIOT cash, allowing players to then enjoy a free respawn and pay for subsequent ones Speaking of respawns, might want to do more than double the cost each time. Third respawn at 2k felt a bit too easy to achieve. Map feels too big even with all those areas closed off at the start. Consider having more zones gased at match start Level Design tweaks are fairly lackluster. Ignoring limitations that prevent you guys from adding craters, damage, broken down buildings... some of the structures and damage you tried adding to the city don't really make sense
  7. I don't like how the first respawn is pretty much on the house - I think you should earn the ability to respawn at all
  8. "Legging it across map (Boring. Boring. BOOOORING. Stray cars on the street. Too much to ask? Why even put OSMAW or LMGs, if you don't plan to put in usable vehicles?)" I've mentioned loosely before that using the whole Financial map is probably a bad idea if you want some consistent action. I think a good chunk of the district should already start off as off limits, in order to reduce the actual play area
  9. What? that's never been the case. At most you get a webpage after the purchase that lays out the item list.
  10. This was actually tested some 3-4 years ago, and the community (rightfully) told G1 en masse that it sucked, after which it got promptly reverted I think they messed up district rules and "leaked" RIOT's weapon drop into action districts by mistake
  11. Just saying but the ones conflicting with the skin system were Blue muzzleflashes, not tracers
  12. Overdamage allows its range to be indirectly extended, as well as bypassing Kevlar - something to consider!
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