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  1. Nitronik

    GPU overheating in log screen.

    is FPS capped in the login screen? it might be part of the reason why, if it isnt
  2. A lot of this stuff is still relevant
  3. and that's supposed to prove the NFAS is borked? You know an OCA would've killed you faster at 15m, right? QUICK MAFFS : 4 shots at 10m. 0.87 ttk. Correction, even an NTEC, STAR or Joker SR15 would've killed you faster I'm not even gonna bother commenting on needing nearly a full magazine 15m out
  4. Nitronik

    Is this true about weapon roles?

    Believe you need either rank 65 or 80 iirc to equip certain mods at all. Rank 195 is required for the end-game unlocks (blowtorch, mobility sling) After that it's all fair game. ARMAS presets have special variants of mods with a rank requirement of 0 iirc OP, ignore that guy
  5. Sums up the past few years nicely
  6. Since this subforum is where most threads die, I'm gonna bump it with some more good stuff and wave y'all goodbye. See you next thread!
  7. good thing max range in apb is 100m
  8. Thank you - for this specific project I actually found references of the scope being attached to the venting ribs themselves, as for number 1 that's something I'll absolutely keep in mind for the future
  9. Has to be either/or . I'm tired otherwise I'd take you up on that.
  10. ironically it was harder, since I had to fit a lot of detail into even more limited UV space, all while trying to make such spike-y edges look round-- I made the scope all on my own but I reckon the pistol was indeed made by them. Whoops!
  11. Can you imagine that happening? I haven't painted the skin RGB mask for the scope yet... wouldn't take long to wing it, but I have no access to what would let me manipulate the end-results you'd see ingame
  12. I always thought the gun was honestly kinda lame, so I found out a lot of the texture is unused and added a scope on top of it. Yay!
  13. UE3 isn't bad, but it has its limitations when you are working from one of the earliest 2008 betas
  14. Nitronik

    State of the Game: APB 2018

    I've been trying to figure this out. I'm not sure there's any actual differences in rewards on consoles, though joker box / premium gear does seem more prominent
  15. RSA and ACT need a bit more overdamage so that CA3 doesn't mess with them so much A slight accuracy buff / crouching boost (since you want sniper/long range weapons to have low mobility) wouldn't be a bad idea either