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  1. Very interesting news. I guess a year of studying the codebase made this a lot more feasible. Take it piecemeal and bring much needed fixes instead of one giant shitshow of a transition Fingers crossed
  2. if it doesn't, the game dies, simple as. From what one can gather reading the forum posts however, LO will only really begin a big marketing push when the engine is released to the public (rightfully so)
  3. 100 mil was the company's total capital. A lot of which went to project MyWorld
  4. My inventory stacks of medium boxes is already quivering
  5. What was the reasoning behind nerfing the SWARM's hard damage?
  6. the math literally says it's been made much better even under the absolute worst case scenario.
  7. I'd argue it makes it a bit *too* good - which is probably why it's a gun-game thing only
  8. those who do nothing but absolutely play the most optimal way, even when their opposition is outnumbered or clearly outmatched I've seen people carplaying in a vegas 4x4 pushing the enemy team's spawns - and we were matched against bronzes and silvers. What the fuck? There's a surprising amount of people, aside from that friend of ours, who do this
  9. Yukon is likely carrying its bad reputation from before LO took over Bullshark goes from gimmicky to laser of death as you build up bursts, it's pretty funny
  10. I missed a good chunk of the Q&A - can't wait to get back up to speed
  11. Sure looking forward to that lighting pass...
  12. I'm not sure how they work under the hood - but if the minigames take place in decent areas (i.e. actually has cover) they could be fun Also I reckon there's lower stakes at play than the skin/title
  13. I'm bad at the game so FBW Otherwise .45 all day
  14. I still don't get why the Strife cannot 1shot fragile users anymore Also cba joining since we were ignored both during the RFP changes and now
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