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  1. Sure looking forward to that lighting pass...
  2. I'm not sure how they work under the hood - but if the minigames take place in decent areas (i.e. actually has cover) they could be fun Also I reckon there's lower stakes at play than the skin/title
  3. I'm bad at the game so FBW Otherwise .45 all day
  4. I still don't get why the Strife cannot 1shot fragile users anymore Also cba joining since we were ignored both during the RFP changes and now
  5. I disagree with most of these but I really enjoy seeing them laid out so cleanly
  6. considering ninjaripper works by injecting itself like a cheat - this is just asking for trouble
  7. The handling factor which people forget to include goes out of the window when you're talking about the Vegas 4x4
  8. I haven't seen many RTW vets bring this old style of balance up - the game wasn't exactly well off during RTW in terms of balance either As usual there's people clamoring for the balance dated to when they started playing - like 2012 balance with .6 TTK carbine, or 2014 balance where shotguns still had perfect circle spread and could be abused easily A few of the guns you mentioned would be a perfect place to start drawing the line - OCA is pretty balanced (if not a tiiiny bit UP) , SHAW and ALIG each fill unique niches in the LMG category (in which the only outlier is likely to be the AMG-556) etc...
  9. I wonder if faster decay of prestige/heat would help thwart the issue. A lot of complaints stem from P5/N5 proccing at the absolute worst moment, and if memory serves it isn't difficult to increase and mantain P/N with sporadic kills and assists
  10. I think this idea is flawed. Weapons don't have to become jack-of-all-trades useable in all situations for them to be balanced or worth using - some of the meta weapons established themselves as such due to some outstanding characteristics APB by design should give you an advantage or disadvantage based on the weapon you are using in a given scenario - it's why you're always enticed to switch weapon when the situation demands it I like thinking of APB weapon balance as a straight line, with each weapon laid on it side by side. Some go above the line due to them being all around good - some are a few notches below due to their suckines. Slightly nerf those weapons that are over-performing and buff / slightly buff those deemed to under perform, adjusting them further upwards/downwards as necessary tl;dr "I don't think either option will help balance the game!" EDIT : Pretty sure the purpose of ray scaling was making their damage output more consistent and less based on luck / hitreg's feeling at that moment
  11. I remember that skins broke blue muzzle flashes for sure. Tracers being busted happened later IIRC
  12. Ah crap. Had the Hammer twice on there - fix'd
  13. Calling the Hammer's "percussion" grenades is somewhat dishonest - they will not detonate on impact below a certain distance traveled and generally do not behave as you would expect percs to. It's a bit easier to use than the Kickback due to the more lenient safety & iirc lower windup, but the Kickback is overall just better (also due to the extra mod slot) Hammer Deep Impact is interesting due to its "sticky" concs acting as landmines of sorts too, so OP can give it a spin if they'd like
  14. Perhaps for the better Careful around this community, or it will bite!
  15. Nice meeting you Sakebee! Are you new to community management as a whole? Any cool stories to share with us?
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