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  1. Agreed. I understand the name has a nice ring to it, and may represent LO's actual mission - but the history associated with the brand is just doing LO no favours. I wonder if they are sticking with it due to reasons unkown to us, however
  2. scaleform is already in.... and it's already deprecated. Whoops!
  3. But you do want to try and defuse a bomb - there's a difference between losing a couple experts to a botched defusal attempt vs losing hundreds of people to an uncontrolled explosion.
  4. This really went off topic hard There's a lot of opinions going around regarding weapon balance - would be nice to know if LO has any short term plans however.
  5. my limited UE3 experience suggests they have to recompile pretty much every ., unless I am mistaken? Shouldn't be any different in the future if that's the case
  6. the S1-FA is pretty much a 7stk NTEC , even the TTK is similar, and that's the problem It sucks at range which is the only niche where the NTEC can dominate since it has godawful hipfire
  7. I am actually proposing to give you back the CSG There are a few weapons that are a bit too good and a few that are a bit too bad If they start taking small baby steps in balancing we're gonna be one small baby step closer to a more varied meta. There is no need to completely rework weapon categories - this only results in a balancing clustertruck
  8. Due to APB's competitive nature, it is important for the game to be well balanced, with no item or weapon being clearly superior to another. This is currently not the case for a good chunk of weapons - Some are woefully underpowered, while others dominate their range bracket. Following the recent shotgun changes, Little Orbit has seemingly abandoned all weapon balancing efforts, possibly in hopes of not angering the community further. While I sympathize with the mindset that led to this approach, this is not a healthy way to go on about it - and has in fact caused more harm than good. While the pellet scaling changes were great, the stats given to some shotguns have led to them being underwhelming (e.g. JG, CSG) or extremely annoying to fight against (NFAS, DOW) Some very good changes (OCA TTK nerf on OTW) were also never pushed to the live servers, contributing to some weapons being further cemented as the best option LO has not communicated at all on the topic of weapon balance ever since. There are a lot of small changes that could contribute towards a much more varied meta, but if all of them are being put on the backburner indefinitely (as far as we know), at least let us know!
  9. the man speaks the truth There is nothing wrong with the new shotgun mechanics There is plenty wrong with the new (JG and CSG) shotgun statistics
  10. I don't see any reason why the LCR shouldn't be brought back, kinda surprised it didn't show up with all those ARMAS updates as well
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