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  1. You can transfer your account (characters and purchases) to PC.
  2. I too have felt the actual "cheating" issue is largely overinflated. Sure, there are people cheating, and for the most part, we should have adequate anti-cheat. It seems like we do. At least for the NA server. As for everything else, it would be great to see some weapon balancing as a continuous update every couple weeks or so, with some valuable feedback from player where changes can be tracked more specifically than a forum thread. The funny thing is, I can really only remember a few blatant cheating instances in 3900 hours of gameplay. When was the last time we had a map balancing update? I thought I remember there being a few where some ladders changed etc. around 2015 or so...
  3. Most if not all 2FA require a 2nd device. That's quite literally the point of having a second 'factor' of authentication. And you don't need Google Authenticator specifically, you can use another kind. My work requires Duo for our auth, which I can pair to GitHub and other logins that I need separate from my Active Directory creds. I don't know about you, but since I've been using my 2fa, I've yet to have an issue with trade locks.
  4. There is a functioning 2FA system, I'm easily able to use it. You set it up on your G1 account, outside of the game.
  5. This, Nanichi giving a warning and being lenient with players who may break a rule rather than outright banning is what makes the issue moot. Disagree with the rule? Take it up with the people to created the rule. The person enforcing the rule is doing what they think is best to resolve the problem. If the people who made the rule uphold it, then either abide by it or suffer the consequences. Arguing about it after the decision has been made won't change the rule.
  6. If it's on someone who hasn't logged in/read the forum - I wish you luck. I can kinda see how you would've made it, so maybe some time recreating it is worth it?
  7. I used to use Windows 7, until around 2017/2018. A persistently online game with continual updates should realistically only need to worry about the support of the operating system that is currently actively being supported. "The game was released on Windows 7, and Steam says minimum requirements is Windows 7" is a moot point. Go get a PC with the minimum requirements. I guarantee it won't run. Those requirements are from 2011... on a game that has been updated every year to fix bugs, and include new hardware support. Either figure out a way to get the game to work, or upgrade your operating system. If you really want a nice version of supported Windows, go get a copy of XP from the U.S. Navy, they pay millions to Microsoft for the OS support they receive. Complain to Microsoft who keeps forcing unreasonable changes and issues down our throats with their O.S.'s Install a Linux OS instead. There's even a thread on here getting APB to work on the Steam Deck... which runs Linux. Don't throw big words together and expect them to mean anything. No one is censoring you, you're not having your ability to spread speech hindered. EAC works better than BattlEye after having seen the game switch between the two twice now. EAC and anti-cheat is a requirement for a competitive environment like APB. Little Orbit isn't a government, they're a corporation, with a business to run. Profit motives and all. Your 'favorite' OS maybe the last great OS, but it certainly isn't a necessary cost when needing to allocate resources for the game. Unless your laptop has worse specs than my 2011 Dell Inspiron N5110, (i5-2000 series, 8 or 16GB of ram, I forget, Intel HD3000, and a 1TB SATA SSD) I don't believe you.
  8. Actually not a bug, if you read the lore of the game - that area was deemed to criminals to be 'safe' for illegal activity, thus witnessing disabled there.
  9. I second this, something boxy and from the 80's. Also, I love my 94 Miata, so something more resembling that with a FR engine layout over the Calabria's FF layout. Or an FC RX7
  10. If I'm remembering correctly, GM's aren't allowed to play as GMs in matches and what not, their GM account is separate from their actual gaming account.
  11. Financial is already visible from WF, look to the south of the map, and you'll have your view of Financial. It's pretty far...
  12. Steam ID's are publicly available, so long as you know the profile URL, you can easily access the steam ID. So even if you don't have access to the old Steam Account, you can get the Steam ID64. steamid.io/lookup has a tool to pull all the relevant data from an account, just used it on mine to see if the id64 was available, it is... Though if you lost access to a steam account, Valve is pretty well known for their support in aiding customers regain access to their accounts - and probably would be both faster/easier than G1 support.
  13. The consumables that were useful or neat, should've always just been orange mods. Feels like they were added initially to just get more people to pay into armas.
  14. I wished I was on at the time to play it - but unfortunately missed my chance to do so. Would be cool to see this integrated into the event cycles should we see that happen.
  15. Fixing missions, whether that be modifying/adding/removing some of them, doesn't affect the matchmaking. The 'making' of the match is where the system currently has its largest weakpoint, predominantly because when you're in a district of 100, there's only at MOST 10 people that the system can pit you against. This results in really small player pools where you're essentially at the luck of the draw when it comes to getting a comparable opponent. Improving that pool, and enabling users to have a larger selection from for matches, would give them a better match. After we fix the issue of matchmaking, then it would seem more necessary to fix the missions where they have poor placement of objectives, or objective types.
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