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  1. Hey @Leenko I definitely agree with you about the current situation that is going on and I wish to see our LO CEO opinion about this matter this is hilarious that LO doesn't care about those issues until they will get banned by themself on their main accounts (if they even playing the game). APB Reloaded not even listed on EAC official website in case someone want's to appeal their bans, since a few people tried to contact them via mail, they received an reply that shows "you need to contact the game support", the LO support in that case, well, doesn't matter how many proves you'll show them and provide them whatever can be helpful to reverse the ban after the account has been banned, the only reply you'll receive is "the account is not eligible to have the ban reversed" and that's after they ask you questions such as "can you please tell us how much money was spent on the account in question?" to know how much money you have invested into the company. People get's falsely banned when they did nothing and by that our community getting destroyed, if LO bought the game they should understand why G1 sold the game to avoid those actions, such as LadyTiggs actions that she have done as example. Matter of fact, APB Reloaded has EOS version of the Easy Anti Cheat, I highly recommend to take a professional and deeper look into your community reports before you reply with automated/copy & paste messages, do your job best by quality in and less in speed, because by understanding the current situation, you unable to do both. Someone has to give us some official answers because this is going too far, most of us are nice and honest people, don't disrespect people and the community unless they been disrespectful to you. 2010 - 24.09.2023
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