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  1. I really want them to add threaded districts back, but nobody's gonna pay their electricity bill if they do XD It's stupid that they removed them in the first place, but hey who am I to say? At least if they bring them back - don't let golds get into silver, silvers into bronze and so on. It's better if you'd let silvers join gold, bronzes join silver - yada yada.
  2. What do you have against me? Because from the looks of it, you're just disfavouring my suggestion and putting it in the worst light possible. Of course that a heavy and altering weapon sway based on your movement and however much you'd be aiming for will increase the weapon's use difficulty, so will a greatly increased zoom - people don't use High Mag Scope for a reason. Those that do probably prefer it that way, but even so any weapon is way harder to play with that mod equipped. And of course that 'on paper' there are ammo vending places, but that doesn't mean everybody will sacrifice a car spawn for it, a better position or their blowtorch/shield. I want to see more good montages made for this game which is why I pointed out the fact that getting kills with Snipers will feel 'that much better'. The odds for an 'HVR-only' montage would be way higher. I wouldn't expect you to reply to this in any other way, you'll keep saying that I'm in the wrong much like you did about my prior replies. All I care about is that I shared my suggestion with everyone that was willing to read it. Also, explosives do need a range nerf. OPGL can throw up to 90 meters or so idk but it's too far. OSMAW can shoot over 140 and volcano can literally 1 shot anything at over 80 meters.
  3. asper

    Awful prices of weapons.

    I agree, the grind you have to do for only 1 weapon is insane. Reduced prices or increased JT rewards I support. You should look at other free to play games, the grind is just as insane there.
  4. Nerf OSMAW then is what you're saying. got it
  5. The high damage per shot wouldn't be as much of an issue if it was harder to hit it, especially if the sway is much greater on the heavier snipers. I don't see that much of a difference between DMR and DMR AV honestly. They both 3 shot under 90 meters and 2 shot above that range. Edit: As we speak, the Scout counterpart of the HVR is the only truly usable one. You've got mobility, swapping speed, ~70% of the heavy HVR's total damage and a lot more ammo.
  6. Add weapon sway that's random and increase the zoom - like a lot. You can also revert the damage modifications done since they would render the weapons useless due to the low reliability in combat. Why I think this is a better way of nerfing those weapons: 1. Making the weapons deal less damage or a lot less while moving doesn't change the fact that they've got the longest range in the game, players are still going to camp spots from 100 meters away just because of that < and this will automatically make people complain on the forums that this weapon hasn't been nerfed enough yet. 2. When it comes to Snipers, there'll be a way higher skill ceiling and kills with them will overall feel that much better. If anything removing a magazine of ammo from the reserves would've also been a good nerf. Constant resupply will mean that the points wouldn't be under watch forever.
  7. Ok. First things first, 3 Point Sling has one major setback. It requires a mod slot to be equipped. I'd rather use a different third mod on my JG or N-TEC just because I don't see 3 PS being that good in most situations. It also only helps massively with heavier weapons such as Alig or HVR, but still - it takes up a slot. Second things second, Grenades are fine > Players that use it as their primary engage of attack aren't. Also, Explosive weapons are the ones that should get nerfed here. I mean.. at least the OPGL and Osmaw. EOL in comparison is just a joke to OPGL. If you're really good with hitting your OPGL shots I can confirm that everyone you'll go up against will automatically hate you. It's so easy to just hold a point from somewhere, not to mention that the grenades can kill you instantly if you're in around 5 meters of the explosion.. also the AOE of the grenades OPGL has.. sheeeeeeeesh. It's very big. Hard damage / Vehicle Damage is also enormous not to mention the fact that they 1 shot nearly anyone. OPGL is OP in offensive and defensive plays since, with the correct trajectory, you can 1 shot anyone without needing an angle or teammate. In other words, OPGL is a good weapon with an insane skill ceiling, but it's maybe - most definitely too good in most scenarios.
  8. Jesus no. Balance out the game instead and make it playable, so people have a choice when it comes to combat tactics.
  9. Could you put Romania in there aswell? I can't add G1C and makes me sad :c
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