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  1. you bealive to little orbit???comon man dont make joke...
  2. Worker from game company "Little Orbit" watching live on Twitch player and bann him for no reason.But that is not all.He not just bann twitcher Error Detection, because he hate Error.He bann all accounts that Error write on his Twitch channel in destricpiton that belong to him.?Why their worker abuses his authority and bans players for no reason?Mad worker caught live on Twitch.P.S. Just 1 character have more then 8000 hours of gameplay and spend more then 1000$ real american dollars.
  3. if they made better character custom in gta 6 i think i will play only that game and wait to they release 7
  4. just some company need creat game that have full custom character like apb and im finish here,when they not wana listen to us why we need to support them and to play apb
  5. Like each mobile have fake China copy that is the same with Battleye in Apb (fake China copy)hahahahahaha
  6. oh ty bro for asnwer now i know finaly why nothing new in apb from 2013y they 6 years working in garden and all the players are slaves because there is no one in the game question is why they not wana play?Maybe because all is the same 6 years
  7. 9,900g1 =100box=and you got 1 showstopper =that is some 80-90 $ for shit secondary=f u c k that box
  8. forum admins doing great work (need to bann this kiddo and to delete all this),all admins sleep,but when i write some good post they are first to delete
  9. You in start not listen players/customers what they wana.You edit guns "hahahaahah" realy?I dont know maybe you dont know to read,maybe you dont wana to read or maybe you have mission to fuc...apb.2013y last contact in game,no new wepon (free contact wepon),no new car,no new nice clothing only some s h i t (maybe some 10 years old boy creat clothing),no new armas guns,no new loyalty reward (new gun),many years nothing new,game beacome extreme bored(we still play because we think in few days something will happend).Yes new mystery box after long time,yes that box is more for you then for players, because that is easy way to grab some easy money from us. And to you start making new things to make the players happy,you edit(balanced alredy balance wepons)and f u c k e d hard game.You never edit any wepon in multyplayer games?I dont know maybe in your Kung Fu panda (game) have some wepons?Im in apb from 2012 and I never see this before (up on pictures) "i cant play first time in 6 years apb because no players wtf...?"Btw you make good job with editing wepons (each player using "BROKEN" jg/csg).Can you finaly start listen your players?First step reverse all wepon on 2013y.You just with your editing destroy wepon balance in game.Stop editing game just doing things worse,if i lie up pictures not lie,and finaly focus all work to make apb again entertaining for players (start making new things in game). Good work on end "ty for good anti cheat Battleye,now finaly much much less cheaters in game,ty for unblocking all players,ty for less laging, for that honestly thx. P.S.sorry for bad english i can write you all this and much much more on my main Bosnia lenguage (you have our beautiful Lixil to translate)if you need free assist from old apb veterans.We wana help you to make apb better game.( little orbit do not forget that you need to ask for advice the players, and that I have right to say all this because I am longer in apb than you).
  10. just add that card to paypal and buy g1 symple they have bug and never fixed,when i go buy g1 with card just move me on white page and stuck,i add my card to paypal and buy g1
  11. They cant edit armas guns,they can but then refund all money that we pay for guns.I buy from armas many guns because i try half hour and i liked then i buy.They cant after i like and buy edit that gun.Maybe i will not liked any more and they must refund money.Just stop cry and play Apb.
  12. When you buy some program on internet you wana trial version to try is that for you or not,like each antivirus have trial and if you liked full license,that is the same with battleye they send you trial "free demonstration" to you see is battleye for your game or not i see some less popular game then apb on list
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