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  1. About death themes... i learned to automatically focus out of the game (either start or alt+tab), with sound turned off while out of focus you can skip a theme entirely, works only on borderless and windowed though Also you can open the inventory with L to interrupt the MVP's theme at the end of a mission
  2. How about an electric car? The game can already make cars have no sound... it's a bug but still.
  3. It's from many years ago, but only now i remember it and want to recreate it for myself. This is a copy i made out of memory, should be enough for some...
  4. I can now log in, but am disconnected as soon as i select any character, no matter its server
  5. I tried to change my password but i still can't login. Is the issue up for anyone else? What should i do if someone else if using my account?
  6. The most similar real-life car to the rapier is probably a Toyota Supra but somehow FH4 doesn't have it. https://imgur.com/a/hf2U6Dr (could someone tell me how to format images into a post instead of pasting an imgur link? Pasting the image from the desktop doesn't do anything)
  7. I got some massive lag spikes in Financial, then got kicked out. From then, as soon as the transition from char. screen to district selection happened when i tried to join as crim i was kicked instantly, so i tried going as Enf and saw just 4 servers up. I tried to go on Social but entering dist. took ages and failed eventually... after that only Asylum was up.
  8. I'm undecided on which 2 guns i should take between all these... Troublemaker - ATAC 3 slot - ATAC Watchman - FAR - N-ISSR-B Dog-Ear - N-FA 9 Quickdraw - ACES Rifle Then, these are just curiousities of mine, whether i should try or avoid these SWARM - SBSR - Artemis - Norseman - RFP-9 Talon Thank you so much in advance
  9. Overall, which shotguns seem to have been nerfed/buffed? I'll try to post my impressions here but feel free to correct me Ogre was surely unintentionally buffed, i remember it killing with 4 shots, same thing for NFAS (...? i havent used the normal nfas in a while...) From what i read Strife is a lot more usable now. Looks like range and spread both got improved No word on NFAS range test because as i said above i almost never use the normal N-FAS. Looks like Thumper wasn't changed at all I'm confused at the CSG... In the very first of the dev's post, i remember reading about the spread tightening, but also a fire rate decrease for extra range for CSG... TBH i don't see a reason to pick CSG up over JG or other shotguns... No words on shredder, never tried it. Help me for those weapons i had no word for please
  10. I read about them just now and already saw the Shredder is broken... but what about other shotguns? I can't seem to find a detailed post... I read now the pinned post on Social, but am unsure if it's the balance already in effect or an additional one that isn't live right now
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