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  1. i think you need wear something what all do so you dont know is a boy or a girl in that clothing ahahahahah so that mean we need read it about weekly not only when we made a account? like umm today im going play apb but let me first see if is something change in 'Termination'
  2. you can shoot cops crimes, see the blood but you cant wear thong on symbol hahahaha This game start be funny!
  3. I was on live stream, that guy who watched his stream he get mad and first locked his account to edit his profile delite symbols blah blah blah.... and after that he locked his profile again and baned all his profile and + profile that is writen in his chanel, so my ask you Little orbit why i will join game spend money and play and twitch on my chanel if some kid ( i dont care how old is he or she but was act like kid) will come on my chanel and do the same? we are to long in this game and some kid come to fu*k your gaming night with baning players becouse he is mad and act like hey i have power i will ban you now haahah seriously???? we all know this game is dying so we dont care anymore,so we just play the next game that will everyone else do because you making big mistake giving option BAN to wrong kids.
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