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  1. Hope an administrator will take this massage serious about to cancel this game
  2. Hello Dear Gaming Community Please SUPPORT we all going to Benefit from it lets make the game great AGAIN!!!!! As you guys know the old ranking System has been removed since 9 years ago , do you guys want it back or should Little Orbit Keep this new ranking System, anyways this new ranking system has no challenge Please Gaming community give your oppinion About it !!!!!!! Keep the new ranking System without any challenge? or Bring back the old ones ? with more challenges Gold,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 LITTLE ORBIT ADD BACK THE OLD RANKING SYSTEM THE GAME HAS NO CHALLENGE AND NO FUN PEOPLE ARE LEAVING THE GAME. And if nothing changes the rest will also leave in my opinion if there is no changing coming we as apb gamers don't need to play this game again. LITTLE ORBIT do somthing the players are about to leave this game completely.......
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