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About Me

Found 3 results

  1. Add weapon sway that's random and increase the zoom - like a lot. You can also revert the damage modifications done since they would render the weapons useless due to the low reliability in combat. Why I think this is a better way of nerfing those weapons: 1. Making the weapons deal less damage or a lot less while moving doesn't change the fact that they've got the longest range in the game, players are still going to camp spots from 100 meters away just because of that < and this will automatically make people complain on the forums that this weapon hasn't been nerfed enough yet. 2. When it comes to Snipers, there'll be a way higher skill ceiling and kills with them will overall feel that much better. If anything removing a magazine of ammo from the reserves would've also been a good nerf. Constant resupply will mean that the points wouldn't be under watch forever.
  2. Can you no scope with the sitting duck and reaper or are they both nerfed also?
  3. In my opinion, I find it better than the HVR. Sure, it fills up slightly different roles, but the main role is sniper so I usually prefer a DMR instead of an HVR. It's nice and fun to play, very versatile. You can slap HB on it and it becomes a LTL so you can support your cop buddies. I find it nicer to shoot with because since it has more ROF, it's more forgiving than the HVR, and it also feels "faster to kill with" even thought it isn't (I think?). It however can have the same kill potential as the HVR, since the reverse-dropoff perk can enable it to two-shot people. The weapon's hard damage is also very good and therefore it makes the weapon really "jack-of-all-trades-ish" since it can kill, stun, and destroy! I also really like the sound and the look of it. I was wondering if with the engine update, the draw distance could increase, making this weapon a extreme long range sniper? The setups I usually run on this weapon are HS3 with Tagger and sometimes HB3. What are your opinions on the DMR-SD?
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