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About Me

Found 6 results

  1. Ntec-5 is more fast than SMG´s and Shotguns to kill + the jumpshot 0.7s to kill are awesome fast to kill, need Nerf. Decrease FireRate like a COBR-A or STAR 556 and nerf acuraccy on jumps like a STAR 556. And increase FireRate for COBR-A or damange. COBR-A is very weak vs Ntec or Carbine
  2. Please change something about the ntec. It's way too overpowered bc of its fast ttk and jumpshotting accuracy. Decrease Range of the Ntec (dropoff to 50m), or put the weapon healthdamage on a level of the star (175) But maybe its better to buff all the other Assaultrifles a little to not destroy the only good free AR in the game, even tho i know this will be a lots of work.
  3. APB Reloaded is broken even worse after the balance patch. I feel it should be reverted until finalization on OTW test has been done. (after the patch was rushed) IR3 +9m to +7.5m instant change was not notified that it was live. I got confused of the change. Supposedly it was suppose to be only live on test servers + the shotgun range nerf. IR3 preslotted mods have ruined my preslotted weapons.
  4. Add weapon sway that's random and increase the zoom - like a lot. You can also revert the damage modifications done since they would render the weapons useless due to the low reliability in combat. Why I think this is a better way of nerfing those weapons: 1. Making the weapons deal less damage or a lot less while moving doesn't change the fact that they've got the longest range in the game, players are still going to camp spots from 100 meters away just because of that < and this will automatically make people complain on the forums that this weapon hasn't been nerfed enough yet. 2. When it comes to Snipers, there'll be a way higher skill ceiling and kills with them will overall feel that much better. If anything removing a magazine of ammo from the reserves would've also been a good nerf. Constant resupply will mean that the points wouldn't be under watch forever.
  5. Stop downgrading the ogre and shotguns in general and other weapons too. You want to fix the ogre revert the stupid pellet system and reduce the magazine of the ogre to 14 like it was before that’s perfect to me and i hate when people say that it is dominating cqc. Sweety any weapon can dominate cqc mountie pointman you name it it just depends on who’s there first you want a solution to all this buff the firework launcher because the firework launcher is super helpful when used right and it gives an early warning on any enemy this would help since everyone is complaining about being caught on surprise or ambushed by opposition. Not just that but i feel like the firework launcher is barely used well at least on consoles I don’t know about pc but do not change the fire rate or ttk or stk on my ogre enough is enough we lost enough players due the nhvr nerf and due to the yukon patch the nunavut and northwest should have been buffed up to that broken fire rate of the Yukon so people can quit whining about p2w and all nhvr snipers should’ve just had a preset hunting sight 3 to help prevent no scoping since that’s what everyone whined about but at least consider what i just mentioned about my ogre and everyone else's ogre. Also you were the same company at the start saying how you weren’t going to make major changes to these weapons and approach this issue in a sensitive manner and make small minor changes but apparently you people lied.
  6. Hey there all, I just started to playing this gem again. I would love to know which weapons are the best in current meta. (Used to play Corsair & Bloody Mary) Thank you!
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