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  1. Not enough players Need 10 for Frosty Dynamic Event Financial-1 for Slay bells event. The event needs 12 to start whenever i get on it is practically no population or not enough players to start. I only need 1 more daily for 'slayer' title.
  2. LovelyJasmine

    [PC] PATCH NOTES 1.19.7 (1055) discussion 

    Lame~ Oki Thank you~
  3. I'm mad they added in Devil wings in ARMAS Marketplace for limited time when it took me over 2 events (time of 2 years) to unlock Devil Wings... >_>. I agree i hunted all the pumpkins one by one no glitch. 1.) Yes 2.) Already going to be done... I asked them GM if it was. 3.) I guess? Your special~ TBH the GMs didn't really enforce the rules by kicking or banning from event; literally a joke so everyone who kept winning abused it.
  4. LovelyJasmine

    [PC] PATCH NOTES 1.19.7 (1055) discussion 

    https://prnt.sc/lnu5n0 SAD LightShot Screenshots cannot be "Insert other media"
  5. LovelyJasmine

    Racing at Double B

    Lovely Races at DOUBLE B in financial bronze district [NA]Jericho to chill and hangout everyday in the evening. (PST) Even when i'm not there have a Lovely time Chill Races~ I dun know how to make posts~
  6. LovelyJasmine

    Autumn Assault!

    Lovely. Lovely Games<3 More ways to earn joker tickets tyvm.
  7. Unlocks obtained for events = ACCOUNT BOUND PLS. Instead of doing each character
  8. LovelyJasmine

    Epidemic - walk through

    You cannot pledge the Toxin Agent, but you can assign daily activity from there. The daily Activity levels up your Epidemic role. Toxic Agent: https://prnt.sc/ldo2r7 Epidemic Role: https://prnt.sc/ldo49n Kill 10 Enemies near Friendly small Toxin barrels. You have to be super close to the barrels in order to get the daily done. Daily Activity: https://prnt.sc/ldo2yq
  9. LovelyJasmine

    Friend List ISSUE

    I add my friend for instance Friend1. On my list it appears Friend1 has been added and is online. The next time time i play APB, Friend1 does not show online and is it not in my friends list. On Friend1's point of view i am online and on their friends list. Also, there is a bug with them being offline and being added twice duplicate to my friends list. My friends list is getting full and I do not if it is because the new recent update to friend list. Please fix this. Thank you, Lovely
  10. I have gotten the 50 and 150 Joker tickets which were the bronze and silver goals. This was in fight club 'The Asylum'. I did not get my 200 Joker tickets from the last Gold goal.
  11. LovelyJasmine

    Fix Broken APB

    APB Reloaded is broken even worse after the balance patch. I feel it should be reverted until finalization on OTW test has been done. (after the patch was rushed) IR3 +9m to +7.5m instant change was not notified that it was live. I got confused of the change. Supposedly it was suppose to be only live on test servers + the shotgun range nerf. IR3 preslotted mods have ruined my preslotted weapons.
  12. Remove Premium as whole, no need to buy premium. Premium activated for everyone and remove premium from ARMAS.
  13. Revert patch please :c http://prntscr.com/kjf1zp Whenever I try to join district on my group or friends i get this message. broken APB Nevermind, I think it has just been fixed in the most recent patch.
  14. LovelyJasmine

    radical idea

    Agreed. Rushed update to balance, broke APB Reloaded- RIP IR3</3 useless mod now.