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  1. Lovely i Q Sorri i frustrated... #1 How can i log in and submit a support ticket without logging in? - email to support support@gamersfirst@.com #2 How can I disable 2FA with this invalid code issue? 1. Login to gamerfirst.com, APB SPAM to enter after you put your code... get an error ip address from spamming. Press back on browser, try again but click few times not as much show it glitched the page to let me login. 2. Once you are logged in, Go download to the 2FA disable and click on it. Input the 2FA code into the small text window then use the same method. Disabling the 2FA is more trickier...
  2. I know but this time it does not work. I just tried waiting half the reset timer again. It still says code is invalid. Usually at the second time i input the code it works, but this time it did not. I have tried more than 10 attempts.
  3. I heard there was bug or exploit where player 1 has the character bound weapon (not sure if bought or were buying at same time) and they would it gift to their friend as a character bound weapon and it becomes an account bound weapon somehow. I'm not sure how that was exploited.
  4. Too many people abused the gifting system in bugs and exploits to get what they wanted costing the company time and money to deal with these acts. It takes only a group of people to ruin it for the rest of us. I know numerous of people who wanted to gift after it was taken down. S A D~ I think the only way is if it's linked to steam you can buy them a steam gift for steam wallet and they can use that to buy stuff from ARMAs Marketplace. I am not sure about the other cards and transactions that work with ARMAs marketplace for trade for currency of G1C.
  5. How did you disable it? I cannot log in to disable it
  6. I cannot log in to my account after typing my password. I use the two-factor authentication for APB Reloaded on my account. I get the same issue when login to the GamerFirst website. When i type in the code from google authentication it gives me the error of an invalid code. I have tried it more than multiple times and i still have the same result. Before, it gave me invalid code; i typed it again and it worked. Usually the 2nd time works when i put in the code. Thankfully i had my forum account still logged in. When i am trying to login into the GamerFirst website: If it is possible removal of the authenticator would be fine. P l s halp LovelyJasmine
  7. Not enough players Need 10 for Frosty Dynamic Event Financial-1 for Slay bells event. The event needs 12 to start whenever i get on it is practically no population or not enough players to start. I only need 1 more daily for 'slayer' title.
  8. I'm mad they added in Devil wings in ARMAS Marketplace for limited time when it took me over 2 events (time of 2 years) to unlock Devil Wings... >_>. I agree i hunted all the pumpkins one by one no glitch. 1.) Yes 2.) Already going to be done... I asked them GM if it was. 3.) I guess? Your special~ TBH the GMs didn't really enforce the rules by kicking or banning from event; literally a joke so everyone who kept winning abused it.
  9. https://prnt.sc/lnu5n0 SAD LightShot Screenshots cannot be "Insert other media"
  10. Lovely Races at DOUBLE B in financial bronze district [NA]Jericho to chill and hangout everyday in the evening. (PST) Even when i'm not there have a Lovely time Chill Races~ I dun know how to make posts~ Edited: The reason for bronze district because it is my hometown^^ (I play there 99.9% of the time). I just wanted make an announcement for bronze district. I know there is a gold district but i do not know a lot of people from try hard (silver district so-) It doesn't to have to races but can be just chill car meets around 5-7PM Pacific Standard Time. I'm not stopping you from hosting one in gold or silver district i just intentionally wanted for bronze.
  11. Lovely. Lovely Games<3 More ways to earn joker tickets tyvm.
  12. Unlocks obtained for events = ACCOUNT BOUND PLS. Instead of doing each character
  13. You cannot pledge the Toxin Agent, but you can assign daily activity from there. The daily Activity levels up your Epidemic role. Toxic Agent: https://prnt.sc/ldo2r7 Epidemic Role: https://prnt.sc/ldo49n Kill 10 Enemies near Friendly small Toxin barrels. You have to be super close to the barrels in order to get the daily done. Daily Activity: https://prnt.sc/ldo2yq
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