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Found 16 results

  1. I am more than likely not the first person to complain about this. but I am definitely not going to be the last either. To think that things within apb could get any worse... So I really want to recap what has happened since the Fair, Fixed, and Fun patched released: 1. The big patch has been delayed 1 week: while this is the most minor thing, it was a very bad but needed step to take. however in this process LO did nothing but kill the little hype that people had going 2. Riot finally came out: those who still had faith were so ready to dive right in and we were immediately faced by issues with Easy Anti Cheat blocking people from playing and servers not loading people in. 3. oh my god Jericho: since the patch, Jericho players have been experiencing latency that is higher than what you would get for Citadel as an NA player. as well as Citadel players getting 3 times as much ping on Jericho. 4. No not Citadel too: While Citadel's latency is okay, the servers went out for a few days during a "network Outage" 5. Oopsie Doopsie: There is also the issue of Riot constantly crashing people at random, causing a full reinstall and an annoying series of Errors from EAC. 6. Muh Moneh: Many people who were thirsty for the new jmb primary were ready with their wallets open and ready to spend. unfortunately, for many people their money went into the void. I have found a group of people like myself who had spent money on getting a few things (mostly joker boxes, and in my case a DMR), and it gladly took our money, but didn't get the goods. hope they respond to the ticket before Riot dies, oh wait... Im trying to make this brief and put my opinion out there on this. but this is the peak time for Jericho and Riot is already dead, many people are leaving because of the servers. and LO? they have neglected to address the issues of Jericho, and the purchase issues. while they are fast to fix Citadel's issues. feels like the transparency is starting to fade more into a solid wall. So I am going to repeat the question in the topic, what has happened to apb? it feels like we been yeeted into a pit of fire and are trying our best not to burn. as of right now, and has been all day, the pop of Nekrova has been a tad higher than Jericho and Citadel staggers at 600 to 700 players. that totals to 900 players at most. and the population is furthering downward. and people are already starting to make threads on how riot is dead on Jericho. it is a mess, and I am legitimately fearful of the future of this game. Please do give your thoughts, I want to see how other people are taking the situation. hopefully a lot less panicked than me rn.
  2. Enemy nicknames are not displayed. This is the same problem that bothered everyone in previous events (epidemy, Slay Bells) @MattScott, Nicknames should always be displayed. Nicknames are displayed randomly: And sometimes, nicknames are displayed as they should (always): Do not say that you hear about this problem for the first time.
  3. To preface, I am by far not an expert at this game but I do have a few hundred hours played and I like to play this game a little here and there. One of the first things I noticed with RIOT is just how quiet it is ingame. I understand having loud sirens and sound effects playing in the background can detract from competitive advantages such as hearing footsteps and gunshots, but when I play I feel like I'm alone in the district. Perhaps warning sounds should play before releasing of gas from each RIOT device? One of the other major things I noticed is how bad the spawns can be at times. During the end game when only a block or two are left un-gassed, the game wants to spawn me very far away from the safe zone, 400-500m in some situations. This coupled with the minute long cool down on hazmat suits is pretty much the end of the game for you as a player if it happens. Perhaps spawn players just a bit closer to the safe zone so you have a chance to live, even if you come out extremely damaged and close to death. Outside of these two major things, some other minor issues like badly pronounced taking damage from gas and the absence of vehicles also jumped out at me. A lot of the time when I'm in the gas I can't even tell I'm being damaged. A more pronounced warning or sound would be appreciated. Cars being disabled isn't that huge of an issue to me as with RIOT there's a lot more cover than a usual district but I still feel like a sitting duck when I'm running between streets. Although there's much negative criticism around RIOT, I see some potential for it. I think most of the negativity sprouts from people being fed up with waiting for the engine upgrade we've all been promised too many times. Personally I'm all for more content for the game but many others don't seem to see the same as I do. It is possible to develop new content while at the same time progressing on the engine update, so don't take this release as proof that LO is ignoring our beloved engine upgrade. It's only been a little over a year and the progress Little Orbit has made is substantial If you take a step back and look at what they've done. Sure we've hit some bumps here and there such as updates being delayed and bugs but I do sincerely think they're trying their best.
  4. Hello. To be honest, I haven't been updated on this topic for a while, so I'm not 100% sure if these plans have been changed. But back in June 2018, @MattScott announced that Fight Club would eventually be replaced by a new mode called "Riot", and possibly removed. June 29, Matt said: "Spoiler: I am going to get rid of Fight Club and Open Conflict[...] FC will stay in until we fully release the new mode, and we see a significant drop off in FC players." On June 30, he explained a bit more and said that there will be a new mode called "Riot" will be added to the game and eventually maybe replace OC and Fight Club "Internally the new mode is being called "Riot". It will go to OTW long before we add it to production, and we can run it as a replacement to Open Conflict. ". Here he also explained that he was a bit unclear in the post from June 29th. And almost a year later, we got the new mode, Riot. So... what are the plans for Fight Club? For me, Fight Club is one of the reasons I still play APB, and I see no point in removing it entirely. Though I can totally say that Fight Club is far from perfect, and has never been perfect. It needs a lot of changes and fixes, such as those disgusting spawns in Baylan, and boring mission objectives in Asylum. What do the community think about this? And how can they make FC better?
  5. Hello all, Is there day that people join riot and start games? I want the skin and LF ppl who also have the same idea. Those who want the riot skins can we please join together and populate RIOT mode for one day per week. Or if there is RIOT mode sessions going on during the week please let me know. Love, LovelyJasmine
  6. Attempting playing RIOT in weekend is tiresome (in weekdays it's impossible). People wait for one hour for anyone to come and currently gamemode is visited by max. 5-6 at the time. This weekend even running game is impossible and we talk about Citadel. I think players to start cap should be lowered to 4 players just like FC. Fuck any issues correlated to it, you just seriously overestimated how popular it gonna be LO. And no. New levels don't help.
  7. When trying to join riot district it gets stuck at "Connecting to District Server". This is happening in Citadel for me. Also steam login seems to be offline.
  8. like for real. i know what happened to fortnite after the battle royale shit took off and i dont want that to happen with this game. and i wont be surprised if someone goes around saying "I HOPE U GET CUSTOMIZABLE SHIT FROM THIS GAME MODE" because locking customization items or weapons behind a season pass or through progression through a limited time event is a 'great idea' /s Seasonal clothing and shit is fine, but when you start locking regular shit behind a fucking paywall/special mode it just tells you to find a new game rather than attempt to waste your time trying to unlock shit. Us normal people who have to work all fucking day and are in charge of man children and then have to spend 18 hours a day fixing their shit because they can't handle a simple task of 'FOLLOW THE SOP' dont get the time to grind for these stupid events. i have no idea what is wrong with the stupid culture now of 'U HAVE TO SPEND YOUR ENTIRE 2 FREE DAYS DOING THIS EVENT TO UNLOCK XX.' im not a fucking kid who gets done with school at 1400 every day. I work for a living and when uncle fuck boy wants to send me to some desert nation where I get shit on for 6 months to 9 I don't have any sort of free time. Yeah, don't fucking cater to my needs, but for fucks sake at least don't pull a shitbag move and say 'YOU CAN UNLOCK X IF YOU DO THE EVENT AND COMPLETE THE FOLLOWING TASKS' So many stupid games have these stupid season passes and I simply don't even bother with them because of this stupid time limit requirement bullshoot. TL;DR Before you start doing this stupid game/season/battle pass bullshoot come up with alternatives to unlocking shit because some of us poor fucks don't have the free time to unlock stupid shit or bother with weird game modes that bring my attention for 2 hours and I'm done with it forever.
  9. Ugh... finally done with 10 wins achievement which was last on my list. I guess I share my general idea how to play this damn thing as a lot of people (even veteran) go into it without clue how it works: 1. Try to find any primary weapon (just in case if you get jumped) OR buy primary weapon for 2000$ (you will get it with each respawn so it's good investition) OR better secondary for 1000$ (I always didn't bought secondary cause FBW was more than enough in most cases) 2. Gather cash. (500$ for all teammates per cash stack) 3. Eventually RIOT codes should show up 4. Get one of them and start to arm RIOT devices. (1000$ for all teammates per RIOT device) 5. Get out of zone and approach other non-contaminated (you got minute before gas is deployed so it's not bad idea to grab cash surrounding you or check out if there is better weapon around - also you might find yourself being forced to traverse gas - if that's case... don't forget to grab some hazmat suit) 6. Look for district which don't have RIOT device - that's finale zone, where finale stage will be. There two strategies if you find finale zone either: - You camp at the finale zone and pick off other teams approaching it (hard to do without position which gives you advantage, pay-offs when only couple of teams remain) - You go to other non-contaminated districts and arm remaining RIOT devices for cash boost, hopefully opposition will wipe itself out (easier to do overall, might lead to problems in finale stage if other team camped at position with advantage) 7. Wait up until Redhill VAN appears. 8. Bribe the driver the most out of all teams AND survive to win. There are some advices which might lead you to win this stage: - Being first at van doesn't mean that you are most likely to win. It might be completly opposite. You might find yourself spending all possible money on bribe as enemy team wipes you out. Even in finale, use money you got at disposal smart. Going for last minutes full-team attack might be good strategy to win, especially since most of teams gonna be either severely weakened or destroyed. - You not only lose cash for respawn, you also lose half of your held money if you die. Be wary of that, you might provide cash for opposite teams to bribe driver. - If you sure you gonna win but you are last of your team and have no cash for next respawn left, try to wait it out in hidden place. Be wary, enemies might get idea of your tactic to win. - Sometimes it's not bad idea to go into contaminated zone to get to some well entrenched location. Be sure trip is short enough to not hurt you or have hazmat suits at you for that as you get damaged after 15 seconds which aids your enemies. - 3 minutes before end, all items despawn from map. This is when primary weapon unlock pays off the most. If you don't have such or you can't afford one, make sure whatever happens with you that your weapon stays with you. You don't want enemy to gain upper hand over you just before end. - While OPGL and OSMAWs are trash in pre-finale stage, they are very useful in finale. It's not bad idea to grab one if you know that finale zone will be in hard to reach place. Good luck. And thanks to all teams who I took and they took me under wings. It was pleasure to play with all of you. Despite how this mode was broken.
  10. A few bugs *1 more i don't have a screenshot of will post later* 1. Unreachable item spawn (that base in the middle you can't reach it, add a barrel or something) There's another one where a weapon spawns ontop of the curch roof *ntf get screenshot later* 2. Fog in mission district (only in mission district, Happens if you leave a riot mode while in gas) 3. NTEC-7c 'New Glory' "Twearks" +20% firerate - Effective range to below 50 meters * Make it level Pointman role I.E turn it into an smg "this SMG/AR hybrid". What would you change about the "new legendary" ? , found any bugs with riot, What would you change about riot? -start with no guns -remove the ability to buy your primary/secondary.
  11. Ok first of all my game just crashed so i'm here (not to complain) But to tell you my opinion. RIOT could be a great game mode but.. - The spawning system is bad and annoying (and many times it spawns you 10000M in the gas with no way of making it out alive) - The hazmat suits are good but has a big cooldown due to which we can only use it one time and doesnt matter if you have 10+...you still die. Ok and -Everything else is good. -The cash collecting system, the colours , the guns and the new boundaries and places are good. -You can make it better if you fix some issues with the spawning system and the hazmat suit cooldown. -I had fun and im still launching apb and gonna play it. -when you die and can't respawn. you can just spectate whoever's left or just press Y to join a new session and it actually works. thats pretty cool lol The loading screen is nice too. : ) Im kinda sad that after playing so so long i havent found the new N-Tec new glory in this game mode tho but its alright. But cmon yall shouldve put that in too -_- next time dont forget. oh and sorry for my English ;-;
  12. Lets get something straight first. this is not to "bash" the APB team. i have supported APB from day dot. but there's is some distaste creeping into the hardcore community,. 1. Will APB investors, ( players still purchasing premium, putting money into the game ) be "entitled" / "compensated" for the down time, ??? [ and please do not just "blanket grant" every global player with a generic premium code,, because those that actually purchase it are just mugged off for purchasing it ] Surely you must be able to see who is/has currently purchased premium prior to and over the down time , either role back the premium clock, or award codes to account emails / armas reward lockers 2. the recent* (or not recent) announcement of Riot Season passes is.. well.. disrespectful . Understandably money is always an issue. but really.. at least use a filtered player/account search for the following., 1. active accounts being played in the past 4 years + old , on a weekly basis. = yes (4 years = dedication. the game is what 8 to 9 years old. some of us have, although real life takes priority, have been on since day dot.) 2. of those accounts have purchased premium of "X" more days in the recent year . = yes ( with in the year shows the players are still investing ) 3. Any prior bans on record (that have not been over turned) = no ( hard core fair players do not use hacks , and if wrongly accused, have been reviewed, those with prior bans should not be rewarded, tricky, although we all know Little Orbit knows who is who. ) = Award with 3 or 6 month Riot Season pass for being a continued investor/player ( this then not only allows those that are continued players and content creators supporting the game, but also helps populate and "hype" the game mode ) more importantly shows a big THANK those that have invested into the game. regardless of the Little Orbit purchase as the players can not be punished for "gamersfirst" past and demise. Reads back like a rant, it is not. just some ideas and an opinion. All the Best everyone D
  13. Nice job on everything so far but I think a normal BR version of APB would of been better...less puzzles to solves in programming imo and a better and clean result. More rewards other than skins like joker tickets or consumable that you could buy from that contact would be a good option to make more people join the district. Ask an artist of your team (Little Orbit) and tell them to make a nice preset car with mods in it so we can buy it as low rank players or something... Just SOMETHIIIIINNNG. Skins are ok but really it feels empty when this is the only thing showing up. New decals, new car parts, new tattoos, new cars, etc... something new... and you def get 2+ full RIOT district because it WOULD be an alternative way of leveling and gaining rewards without leveling too fast or too slow (implying you make players gain standing when participating a match). A new currency for RIOT specificly would also be great! Wouldn't that be perfect for a MMO!? Thank you for reading Little Orbit throwing cash out the window ^
  14. Hey, hello and welcome to my personal feedback about RIOT Beta. Colors meaning: GREEN > POSITIVE RED > NEGATIVE (RIOT and Beta texts not included) YELLOW > INTERESTING Since the announcement and all leaks about a new APB permanent mode i was so much interested and excited, because finally i was able to have fun again with my main character, i am not the type of person who like Fight Club, this is why all the times i logged in was just for joining Social or other districts, having fun, jumping around, chatting with my clan mates and friends. I've learned a lot since Stress Tests and now i have the opportunity to share my thoughts. The mode itself is fun, unique, different from any other BR's out there, there are issues, there are unbalanced things, and more. Let's give Little Orbit a bit of trust, patience, each game have different aspects and their difficulties, this company alredy done an incredible work. With the right time i am more than sure that they are going to release a complete version of it which i can't wait for and this last will be absolutely amazing. Things i wish to see 1. Can play solo or group up as 2 and 4 players; 2. Auto kick from the RIOT instance after 3/4 minutes of being AFK (became annoying to watching AFK team mates); 3. Self activation for lasts 2/3 RIOT Devices if not made by the player (players camping avoiding the truck to spawn); 4. Possibility to unlock granades (without resupply them if in match); 5. Possibility to drive your own vehicles when in lobby, before the RIOT match starts; 6. Possibility to find abandoned vehicles around with random damage and use them to run away from the green gas (for example) + all characters into that vehicle will in anyway take damage if in contaminated zones; 7. Possibility to join friends when they are in a RIOT lobby not yet started; 8. Possibility to see how many kills / assists you made (before the end of the match); 9. Possibility to see safe and green zones also on the radar; 10. Can find blowtorches around to repair an abandoned vehicle and try to keep going with it (limited and random avaiability of that to be used, temporarly, after that your character will drop it, like for giftbox guns when you are out of ammo and you drop them, disappear); 11. More variety and type of destroyed objects around; 12. Better and different UI style; 13. Special events happening on the district during the match. Things i don't want 1. Can unlock your own primary and secondary (since i've started playing RIOT, never taken my own ones, just to have a bit more fun playing around in different styles and tactics). Bugs, Glitches, Crashes and things to be adjusted 1. Sometimes you don't see RIOT Tutorial Video when loading into the district but the default one APB uses or it ends early and you see a building loading with assets > https://imgur.com/a/JjDZQlX 2. You often spawn to much far away from the safe zone and you can't stay alive because when the hazmat suit goes off you can't use it for 60 seconds; 3. You can't join your friends during a RIOT lobby not yet started, you will get disconnected like the instance goes offline; 4. Sometimes the game crashes completely when starting to load into RIOT and you need to wait because it needs to verify all game files > https://imgur.com/a/xbTcIK3 5. Hazmat suit not usable for 60 seconds, to much (explained above in the 2nd point); 6. Sometimes you respawn behind a player not in your team or vice versa ( you see a player that spawn in your same location); 7. Icons for orange and yellow character modifications not always being displayed correctly (often invisible) > 8. Sometimes happens that after i respawn and i move away from the point where i was before, see my own name marker with group arrows included (that also happen during normal missions, but more rarely) > https://imgur.com/a/Rfa7vSv 9. Able to activate a RIOT Device when not close to it > https://imgur.com/a/S2V1NzE 10. Some weapons spawn locations are glitched / broken > https://imgur.com/a/6tcMfU0 11. Floating, extreme low quality, missing and badly placed objects > https://imgur.com/a/dvcAneA 12. Floating and badly placed vehicles > https://imgur.com/a/qVMIlwN 13. Terrain geometry issues (that happens also on all others districts) > https://imgur.com/a/eMO2MES (fixed, thanks to Roxl) 14. Lack of number and variety of weapons to be found in the map; 15. Enemy nicknames not always being displayed on your screen; 16. Make the match to start within 60 seconds instead of 3 minutes; 17. Noted those huge and small satellite's together concrete separators, are them MidTown objects? > https://imgur.com/a/NWLnZlR 18. Macchina Calabria Cabrio? > https://imgur.com/a/cFth4yK After that pretty long list i've decided to not end my topic but wanted to talk about the last point, why is there only 1 burned Calabria Cabrio around? Since this morning i've been running around an empty RIOT instance, crossed all streets, everything for 3 times, and there is literally only 1 Calabria Cabrio. Options for this are: 1. Who placed down all vehicles and objects made an error putting a burned Calabria Cabrio; 2. Little Orbit wanted to see who was that crazy to check all burned vechiels, 1 by 1 and wait for their reactions; 3. Little Orbit is trying to let us speculate and talking about it? (maybe a kit for the calabria or the entire cabrio model included all new sounds and stuff like that on the ARMAS). I don't know but if that means something i really hope the Cabrio model/kit will be present in San Paro (maybe in a near future, who knows). Going forward and reaching the end, i need to say that i really like RIOT, i know it's still in Beta and this is why Little Orbit need more feedback than ever from us, because in that way, can be only better. Of course im going to share my own feedback when a complete version will come out. I was also able to know many more fun and new players, it's fun playing it, a different style to feel APB. While an Official Feedback Thread is not yet opened i felt to do my own one, be sure to comment below what you think about RIOT Beta, your impressions, opinions and thoughts. I do appreciate so much Little orbit because they are really trying to make this game great and fun again. I will see you in the streets of San Paro, enjoy! Good luck Little Orbit Stay Strong, Stay Together! by Alisha
  15. Not sure if this has been suggested yet but it would be great if there was some way to queue for Riot while not in the Riot district. I dunno if this would be possible to program or not. But if there is a way to do so, I feel it would help the mode. That or some sort of in game board you could tack your name into so others can see who's online that would be willing to hop over to Riot.
  16. Considering all the issues on both riot and EAC, do you think it was good idea to release them on current engine?
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