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  1. just use nfas only way to actually fight an nfas is use it urself or just avoid it like a fucking plague while they attempt to run u down with their car shield
  2. we need a health and welfare committee like discord and let it be ran by a bunch of furries. that will solve all of our problems, and totally wont bring backlash for censoring people for being mean
  3. y sexual chocolate? y not emotional ok? i will be good to this game and totally wont give myself god mode and pretend i and just 'that good'
  4. the only images ive seen were released by g1. y is g1 getting points for sharing shit that is probably fake at this point when LO hasnt shared shit?
  5. i just want engine upgrade to be on an open test with its own district. idc about riot
  6. u lie. fight club is constant warping, slows down for like 3 minutes, then continues.
  7. RTW went bankrupt. They didn't really have a choice. I don't even know why people fuzzy bunny as if RTW was even remotely similar to G1.
  8. they're not hand picked who know APB better than most lmao otherwise there would be a lot more of them.
  9. spct only has X amount of people. it would make more sense to release an open test version with a district and just let the bug reports flow in. having a small amount of people fucking about will do nothing but increase the amount of time it takes to find the bugs.
  10. this thread is just bait for some stupid argument to happen especially with mentions of certain things no one has ever made fun or or whatever lmao
  11. tbh ye the fact they have 'GM's' that arent really GM's is funny af i would them either set up a GM program who have powers or just create the SPCM and stop calling them GM's.
  12. u mean the engine upgrade that has been in progress since May of last year, right? because LO told us G1 didnt do shit for 4 years, lmao
  13. can anyone explain what the fuck phasing is? like is this some sort of new mode or what. literally everyone talks about this magical phasing and I don't even know what it is
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