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  1. idk why they cant put a sticky on the general forums. The idea you need to search for this is tedious as fuck.
  2. Or is there some random unannounced maintenance session? and ya its 2 am and im playing apb. bite me
  3. consumerism. i can make all the assumptions i want when the company doesnt wanna reveal information.
  4. whats ur gpu and apb i think uses one core thats y its shit its a 32 bit program lol
  5. '4 man squads' ok so this is a battle royale game mode. boring
  6. tbh idc when they start balancing weapons so long as they dont do someone's shit tier idea i once saw that said 'we should balance weapons and change them often like league of legends' lmao
  7. tbh if their riot mode is just a glorified battle royale, i dont see the game continuing when that goes bottom up lmao
  8. Who needs this redhill when we have Trexxon Mobile Group????????
  9. No. They'we just tewwing you wies. So don't bewieve them. The onwy vehicwes in apb are vegas and pioneer.
  10. Google most likely. This is primarily why I don't use 2FA unless its something simple like a text message.
  11. APB isn't really that dynamic when it comes to combat idk why people think changing ur view would do anything but make yourself look stupid to the opposition lol
  12. its always the russians. they know everything! I mean if the engine upgrade, I don't think it would be too hard to add more content. For example someone could fix that trenchcoat and release after however many years its been in the files, and so forth.
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