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  1. anything that isn't a stupid super car or based off of some super popular mid engine sports car. We already have the Bishada, ripped off corvette, vegas, and jericho. We need a more line up of mid line cars, like 4 door sedans and pick up trucks, maybe more vans that aren't the pioneer or espacio. Basically, cars that aren't going to be on the same spectrum of the end game cars. If you have to release cars that rival the end game cars specializations, you need to rebalance the cars, not try to compete with them with new models.
  2. idk why people wanna complain about 'loot boxes' on APB. when its been a part of the game well before these things became a major problem lmfao
  3. get a new RTX card. instead you'll just start crashing when selecting a spawn point.
  4. being optimistic? probably not. I think the way the RTX card renders UI elements is different to older generation cards, so apb be having a stroke
  5. buy both. if you are having that much of an issue to choose between the two.
  6. depends on situation. stats mean nothing when it comes to actually using it. people can say ntec is better or ursus is better all they want, but in reality it is better to use both weapons and decide for yourself. Its not hard to out play ntec users with an ursus as it isnt hard to out play ursus users with an ntec.
  7. I got this issue and i got the fucking gtx 1080. its been happening a lot more since the recent driver update. GG
  8. shhh dont ruin their belief that public interviews arent scripted at all
  9. Alani


    yes. add it your list. it will definitely not make the community more toxic, nor will will it let the company staff see how awful people can be towards people who have been banned and how degenerate people are in this game. lmfao
  10. Alani


    better yet. broadcast all bans on the game district chat and track it on twitter, then let some random create a website and make money off of people getting banned again because that bettered the community alright!
  11. The date of this issue was last year. If you don't have this issue, its obvious it was mostly fixed. Other people may have an issue, just depends on what windows actually updates. Messing with the Windows registry can cause a tradelock because APBgame most likely uses or used information within your registry to determine if it is a new PC and not just your IP Address.
  12. Most of the people who use a dot dont even modify their config files. They just use an overlay application that puts a dot in the center. Lol
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