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  1. lmao ok guess me playing the game is less important than arguing with randos in social or listening to brazilians screaming good to know where priorities lay, no wonder engine upgrade has been a 5 year endeavor
  2. thats cool, they giving out stuff to people who watch streams instead of playing game xd
  3. is funny u see trailer gameplay and shit and then actual gameplay is just a lobby shooter with random matchmaking and set missions with randomized locations no real car chases, no real witnessable crimes other than looting and thats can be either tedious or just curb stomping rip
  4. ya mang i totally global leet status lmfaoooo aaahahahahAAHAHAHAHAhahahaHAHAa no
  5. weather would be a nice addition i feel like apb could do with more quality of life changes more so than major gameplay ones. quality of life can go much farther than gameplay
  6. yeah solo tactic number 1 is use your teammates as bait. dunno why it was downvoted because i do this a lot
  7. was that a silent update? holy shit lmao these guys were really hoping riot would be a thing
  8. it was DELAYED because a few people were crying about the guys who sit on names or something or its just an excuse because it cant be done as easily as they thought lmao
  9. only thing i liked about rtw version over current version is the graphics if we could have the rtw graphics and sounds (maybe sounds lmao idk), the game would probably feel a lot different than it does now and breath a little bit of life into it until engine upgrade. But that probably can't happen due to how fucked G1 was when it came to changing aspects of the game. but the gameplay? thats a bruh moment. Most players dont look at forums or give a shit and suddenly changing everything regarding gameplay would confuse the fuck out of people.
  10. might as well move to texas like everyone else the rest of the US doesnt have as much problems with wild fires as california does
  11. That is extremely debatable. I was just in a mission where the enemy got lucky, killed my teammate and I and nabbed the item and by the time we caught up to them it was 30 seconds left and their item hold pointer was higher than ours. The amount of time it takes to find a car if you're lucky on respawn and changing your weapons wastes enough time for them to get away and continue to run. Then you need to spend majority of the time going after them. 4x4 or not, it isn't hard to run away and its quiet time consuming to catch up. There simply is no point in running after the people who run with items.
  12. Sure sure, its 'tAcTiCs' But it needs a legitimate balance instead of 'gIt GuD' or changing your load out. With LO changing how ammo boxes work it just increases the time it takes to adapt to people nabbing the item and running. My only idea for fixing this issue would be to either increase the time you have for these objective holds or force the item to respawn if it leaves a specific radius of where the item is spawned. The latter could help decrease teams placing the item in an 'ez spot' along with preventing running with the item. Hell, why not just remove the timer and require them to hold the item until it's gotten the required points. It would still be a lot better than how it is now. I get people will fuzzy bunny about any form of change, but unless the end mission time is increased, there is no real reason to chase after people who run away with items when you have held the item for say 4 minutes of the 6 and suddenly the enemy kills you and is running away with the item in a vehicle. You have 2 minutes to change your weapon or find a vehicle to hunt down the enemy that is now 600 meters away and you have a 1:30 minutes left depending on if you find a vehicle in time or change your weapons. Some mission end stages have a decent amount of time, however a lot of them don't and there currently is no real way to fight against those who will nab the item in the last minute or two and run away.
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