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  1. they got a new community manager or wahtever and i guess theyr new idk i dont even know if they ever fucking merged the ntec changes or whatever happened with that lmao they are really stupid when it comes to the forums, theyll post updates and shit with little notice. fuck it took them 3 months to start posting when theyre doing maintenance on this forum after a bunch of people were like 'can u post this on a forum people actually look at'
  3. easier to play with australians who have a stable connection than the south americans with unstable connection? idk
  4. UrSuS iS oVeRpOwErEd ThAtS wHy ItS sO eXpEnSiVe!!!
  5. someone probably told them riot was a stupid idea and theyre poking fun by putting 'graffiti' over the billboards makes sense considering riot was a huge failure
  6. dont use them they are bannable and just because someone guns u down with a carbine dosnt mean they use macro k
  7. imagine uninstalling because of aim. if it make u feel better u clearly damaged the car otherwise they wouldnt have turned the car into the parking spot. because they completely ignored you when u hid in ur car
  8. Aren't their government not allowed to use gambling boxes though? whatever, the day I can buy a legendary outright will be a interesting day
  9. how do dutch legendaries even work? are you allowed to buy them outright or what?
  10. It isn't nvidia's fault. Its the fact the game is still shit tier optimized and the developers refuse to fix it. They're hoping no one upgrades to RTX cards before they can finish the magical engine upgrade most likely. The only time anyone even bothered to help fix this issue was that one moderator who asked for crash logs. Since then nothing. 1/10 best bug response team. This has been an issue for 4 months now.
  11. they removed threat segregation? lol i missed a lot
  12. lmao ok guess me playing the game is less important than arguing with randos in social or listening to brazilians screaming good to know where priorities lay, no wonder engine upgrade has been a 5 year endeavor
  13. thats cool, they giving out stuff to people who watch streams instead of playing game xd
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