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  1. yeah using tiggs as a source... xd tiggs thought fairfight worked. Support is obviously undermanned and arent divided between sections, so they gotta take their time to get each report seen which always takes a bit. do what kooky cooky said and make video and send to support. then just wait. tbh i dont think the angry nerd you witnessed will be bothering you all the time anyhow. unless he in college. then he might
  2. I went ACES instead howdoumakeimagesappear Only the gold ragequit after getting killed once.
  3. but what if u get 2 or 3 silvers pitted against u when ur by urself EXPLAIN THAT ONE HUH MR KNOW IT ALL. SHARE THE SECRETS.
  4. how to fix this.. bring back tiggs. let her be even more toxic and unprofessional while she rants about how bad game people are like she is some kind of msnbc reporter talking about discord and gamers being alt right nazis. that will make this right. tiggs was best thing to happen to this community. she pretty much killed this entire community lmfao
  5. welp, guess its time to invade EU and spout toxic nonsense about how NA players are better than them.
  6. Just gotta practice comsec and you are good to go tbh lol
  7. this thread had me buy the fang btw lol this is awful and cruel
  8. yeaaaah i do not think so. u need to go to support this is why i dont trust these 2factor shits unless its like a code given to you via text message or email.
  9. problem is, I'm put against these people with no team mate. The game doesn't even register a team mate for, and the scoreboard shows I never had a team mate. It specifically gave me a mission with two opponents against myself.
  10. i mean at least u have team mates. matchmaking keeps putting me alone against 2 silvers, 2 golds, or fuckn 3 bronzes as if its allowed. i thought that fixed the stupid 'one person start mission' issue.
  11. Weapon balancing will be a fuzzy bunny in the future. They can't just change weapon mods however they want without pissing off people, and if they nerf shit to the ground it would be more pissing people off. so good luck
  12. Concs do not damage people very well. Their radius of hurting shit is really small as compared to other grenades. Concs are mostly used on vehicles because you walk next to it, and drop a conc on or near it. (underneath makes the thing magically do nothing sometimes) YOLOs, Grenades, and percs actually hurt people and have a decent sized radius for damage, so its a lot easier to use those for antipersonnel battles, especially when car spawn was nerfed it makes sense the meta changes, as not everyone uses car spawners anymore. TL;DR: Car spawner was nerfed, decreasing the need for concs and changing meta.
  13. most of those people are in the same clan tho majority of the people i group with are emotional even though their alternate characters say theyre not in a clan or in a different one.
  14. satchels or ammo boxes... its not like you can carry everything you want. otherwise i would have at least 1 satchel 2 ammo boxes etc
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