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  1. imagine playing VR on a VR computer, and VR on a VR computer using VR?
  2. my fps is fine its healthy i can even boost it to 143 if i overclock my monitor to 166 xd
  3. not gona lie. this shit is stupid and annoying. i dont like being forced to play fight club when i rather do missions with friends and also why the fuck is riot not shown here? people would probably play riot if they saw how many people were in the fucking district instead of pretending it doesnt exist entirely. no wonder no one plays it lmao
  4. majority of those people who say 'your level doesnt mean skill' are the people who are silver and play in bronze until they hit gold, stay in there as long as possible, leave game. Come back, go into silver district and either a. Play until they get silver again b. Dethreat until they're silver again c. think they're hot shit for being gold, cry about losing a lot and use b. Then go back to bronze district to kill.
  5. im srs wondering if the rendering issue will be fixed or is that a future thing? and im talking about how symbols translate from the symbol creator and onto the vehicle, clothing, etc. rn its like a lower resolution for the sake of potatoes, but will they finally fix that issue now that the engine and code is up to date ish and not a jumble cluster fuck?
  6. good idea waste hundreds if not thousands of dollars changing anti-cheat programs every month or so!
  7. a mode that requires 16 people to start on a low pop server is good idea pls continue!
  8. if you have '140 fps' you wouldnt notice micro stutters unless the fps is actively going below 60. i hav an i7 and an 1080. my fps is around 120 and i dont really have any issues unless the server is shitting itself plus im interested in how u get '140 fps' when the game locks at 120
  9. dont u dare disgrace my silverado on the joker store!
  10. how is it controversial? all u do is sit on a car
  11. I'm pretty surprised at the amount of people who want to know who has been banned. It's almost like they forgot the whole circle jerk of crazies on that website that made money by showing everyone who was banned.
  12. first time being home for 4 of july in the last like 4 years so i wanna get that fancy jacket yo
  13. bruh the name hurts my eyes 10/10 best name for anything the extra E just makes this feel like its a bunch of people tryna be 'with it' and adding extra letters in shit that dont need it
  14. apb was rereleased with the joker boxes idk y u think this is new but these things have been around for a while now and theyre not really intrusive lmao
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