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  1. Moderators have said replying to threads with one word or two is not allowed and they'll be removed. So no, that wont work.
  2. It's pretty telling how majority of the people claim 'lol if u cant reply with FACTS AND LOGIC on why someone opinion is bad then lol cry more hehe i stick to my echo chamber' No one is required to share their thoughts on anything, and no one is required to offer their 'CONSTRUCTIVE FEEDBACK' especially when majority of the 'mass red downvote threads' were from people saying nonsense things like "GOLD PLAYER EVIL WAAAA" and "AIMBOT CHEATER EVERYWHERE" The 'downvote' button is literally just for people to see a thread and go 'what the fuck kind of thread is this' and then move on. Now it seems like they want to promote more people to post onto a thread just to tell someone 'your opinion is really stupid and you should probably look again' and it will just cause more insulting sprees or more people crying about how 'WUWUWU U ATTACK ME INSTEAD OF TELL ME FACT AND LOGIC' this is a video game forum, not a ben shapiro/liberal owning forum. If someone's opinion is seen as stupid, people will tell them its stupid whether or not they care to elaborate as to why or not. The downvote was just a simple "yeah no thanks bye" reaction so they didn't have to post to share their opinion. And its pretty obvious what is going to happen in the future. Considering the LO staff are literally going into a circle and repeating G1's stupidity. So good luck lmao.
  3. No one stopped anyone from creating dumb threads with their opinions thrown in through the whole rant. People take issue mostly because if you remove the downvote, you might as well remove the upvote too. Makes no sense to have one and not the other. Instead it just looks like LO trying to be G1 and remove any sight of negativitiy from the forums. This isn't the first time this forum has had the negative button removed, and I'm sure it wont be the last.
  4. Ah yes, I too like making likes and dislikes pointless. Promotes wholesome chamber where people's opinions must be conveyed through angry comments rather than a simple reaction
  5. theyre probably not really 'gold' threat because once they log out they have to waste their time to dethreat and then get to bronze later.
  6. I don't think weapon balance should be placed on back. However, the way they're doing balanced based on 'X weapon has not been seen a lot' is the wrong way to balance things. That's like balancing champions in league of legends based on people using them. Instead of looking at the less used weapons, they need to look at the most used weapons and balance around that. Otherwise they're just going to end up buffing certain weapons (like the carbine) and then have a bunch of angry people when the git guds are running around laser beaming carbine shots like its 2015 and people crying about cheats and macros.
  7. zombie is shitposter not troll I bame dethreating as toxic as fuck. Everything else does not match dethreating, they even team kill if they're being carried
  8. ah okay cool i guess Still thogh the carbin buff is not needed at all. The carbine isn't used mostly because of the learning curve. Instead they should have just finally turned the COBR into the automatic carbine instead of the half patootie rifle it is now
  9. i tried. I dunno how to upload images to imgur so rip my original one. Funny how the beauty mark/mole was morphed on the right side of the lips tho and they remove any facial tattoos pretty col tho
  10. >Bolt timer on semi auto marksman rifle what the hell? edit: and you buff carbine? lol thanks for the buff I guess. now people going to get pissed off at the good players again
  11. tbh i dislike how the beta is so short. at least run it for a day or two.
  12. maybe because people left or gave up discussing the same thing over and over again lmao game has not changed at all in the last forever years and a lot of people just gave up checking in here and there to see if that magickal engine upgrade is out yet
  13. then is there a reason why they do not have an actual announcement regarding this issue? otherwise it looks like they just dont care for fixing issues in the current version.
  14. "they are working on it" idk man i've had this issue since i've had the 2080. seems like they arent working on it lol
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