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  1. hey look a thread complaining about population even though the previous threads suggested remove the threat segregation to help offset it were shot down by angry people because they cant segregate themselves into special districts to keep the silvers farming bronze and the golds sitting at the lobby screen amazing
  2. the amount of people ok with them removing features of the game is pretty depressing just tells u they dont care about being unique or anything and just want the game to last long enough for them to enjoy before it dies. P5/N5 literally prevented people who were good to stay in one spot while their location was shown on the map. It was also seen as a way to keep people out of cheesy spots because everyone knew where they were and could prevent themselves from getting ambushed by someone hiding in the same spot constantly. instead everyone wants to pretend it was a bad feature when no one ever fucking complained 3 years ago. Why? Probably because the population wasnt full of whiny patootie people who cry when they get cut down for being so good at the game they got a bounty on them. Now when someone gets P5/N5 that person can sit in their little spot free of care knowing no one can kill them or know where they are. Increasing their boldness. Great idea! Little Orbit is doing many great things! /s no one compared it to anything. I simply said removing unique features make apb less unique and used gta as the go to example for 'shooty game with cars and gunfights' stop trying to make everything seem 'different' with buzzwords people use for excusing why X is similar to X lmfao. By that logic, every game can be similar because of PvE and PvP 'elements'
  3. at that point just call it GTA online but not GTA online because APB did it first! lol
  4. I understood removing it for randoms to ruin missions, but it also served as a balance to prevent people from simply being 'too good' by showing their location. But yes removing a feature is good idea. Way to add features to the game through removal instead of creating new ones. :^)
  5. Maybe you should remove one of the APB copies weirdo.
  6. lol i love this discussion too bad apb needs to cater to europeans. otherwise you would be able to make whatever symbols you want
  7. woah this patch fixes my issue with crashing with 20 serie cards! im very happy! thanks for solving the issue for us peasants who dare upgrade our hardware! /s
  8. >jumping with brief case pretty sure u can jump when carrying brief case i dont remember when you couldnt???? what the fuck is this thread??????
  9. idc what apb look like so long it keep original style. what g1 did was fucking awful and made apb look like trash lmao
  10. imagine thinking a third server merge will fix it
  11. you cant link people in titles. pls dont. looks like spam but ur hexerin so i guess that dont matter to u
  12. welcome to apb in 2020. enjoy ur stay there is no plan to keep remaining population around.
  13. i love how people think phasing will solve the match making issues. its pretty fucking obvious everything else little orbit has done has done fuck all for the game
  14. The 5 people who bitched about not playing unless there was segregation did not effect the numbers at all. lol theyre just vocal about complaining about this and that on the forums
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