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Found 13 results

  1. I have always wanted some shorts for my male character. When I see females walking around with shorts and us not having the option to buy one as well, it makes me kinda *triggered* and sad lmao. But seriously though, this should be added in the game!
  2. I really like christmas and so I want to share my suggestion about a christmas tree. Whats about placing a christmas tree in social district? At december 1st the christmas tree could look like this: Everyday there get new things added to the christmas tree until it look like: December the 25th gifts get added: And you will also get a option to interact with the tree/gifts to take a little reward. If you about to recive your reward it could just play a cute christmas sound and the animations of valentine box unboxing: Rewards could be a achievement, title, joker tickets. Or just a christmas releated clothing part. < Example of the location This small "event" could be added every year and has nothing to do with the main event. It just follow us through christmas. Ofc there are so much more possibilities as example interaction with that tree everyday as daily login reward. Or everyone get a local christmas tree he can build up their self. But my main idea was to keep that whole suggestion small and not too complex but still intressting. I really would like to hear everyones opinion about that!
  3. Someone told me IT was working on the bugs, but it's been down since 10 pm EST and it's really annoying that its not up and you can't socialize on APB on the XBOX ONE with your friends. Does anyone know how long this is going to take??????? Like Jesus Christ, guys.
  4. Now I'm not saying by any means that these ideas I'm putting out there are fool proof nor perfect or what should happen in fact. It's open for discussion. For the most part, a one stop and shop in the corner of social is the only spot of "social" interaction and players huddle around there and then either hang around for a while longer or move dist. I personally think that social is very underutilized and could benefit from a few things and sort of "fill out" social and make it more lively. I know it would be at the cost of convenience but I've got a few suggestions of my own and I'm always curious as to what everyone else thinks on this. - Separate the "one stop and shop" corner. - Spreading out the shops and make each shop unique to what it sells and style the interior accordingly? - Make faction only items available only from a shop/contact in the faction clubs. (That's kind of a thing already but it's not locked to them or anything. Again, "one stop and shopping". - Usable seating in clubs, social areas and park benches. (I know that sounds kinda RPish and cringey BUT it would help with social grouping and making the game lively. If it isn't your cup of tea than so be it. You don't have to use it. - Mini games? Arcade area? Something that can show the peaceful atmosphere and inspire friendly competition between crims and enfs in true spirit of Social. - Update the car customization area/dealership. Make people's display cars open to the public, maybe lay a few out in front of the doors going into the dealership. (Contest winners held by LO/CMs for customization?) I don't exactly know, those are just a few suggestions that I've thought about. I'm a sucker for the lore and the free spirit of APB, I'd just hate to see so much potential go to waste with social.
  5. DCas135

    PVE Mode

    Hello Everyone A PVE mode should be added to APB Reloaded because I myself get burnt out of ether customizing things or killing other players. Then the drawback of wanting to play another game comes into play. Playing 8-bit minigames at an arcade in Social would help. Then you could win in-game money and joker tickets. Some ideas are checkers, chess, or 8-bit 1v1 flat fighter games, shooter games and some gambling games. All that would help the game feel like your immersed in the experience of the game, what ever that maybe. Plus it would give some relaxation after killing people all day in APB Reloaded or just burnt out of other stuff. Waterfront has been empty too for us gold players and the one ones that have players in it is bronze. Some bots would help improve population as well in Waterfront and Financial. Keyaert a TGM suggested I should make a suggestion here.
  6. Araun

    Clan system overhaul

    Intro Hello! This time I will talk about clan system, hope you will enjoy/find something interesting in my rumbling. As it now clan system is too simple and goes around " Create a name, invite someone and thats it ", sounds bland right? Soo my idea is clans should have " tiers " and perks. But lets start with " prelude ", as you probably know by now, i have a bit of a " vendetta " against " duplicated " rooms in social and I want to give it more " life " and meaning. Soo lets rework room on left side of social, on the first floor right under " Presitgue " clothing zone. It will hold a name of Organization HQ, where you can do every administration aspect of your " clan, guild, organization. Whatever you prefer to call it. ", access guild vendor( will talk about it later ) and see " corner of fame " for high ranked organizations( will talk about it later as well ) You create initial clan by same means as now and it will be tier 0. Basically what we have right now, you create a name and invite people, tier 0 clan will not give anything to you and your members, its basically something like permanent group chat for friends. In order to advance it to actual " clan " you need to go in Organization HQ in social and register your clan into organization, unlocking all the systems and progression. Registration fee should cost cash, probably even hefty amount of it ( My idea would be something around 1-5 mill ), since it then will achieve two goals, first being lower amount of cash for players " helps with inflation and by now most of the people have ton of cash " and second limit the amount of " troll " clans. And well extra reason, clans will hold a value now. So as you register your clan in HQ and it will become tier 1 and progression system will be unlocked, basically clan will have " exp " bar and lets call it something like " Respect/Fame " in other words your clan goes on path to become something as big as NPC factions like Praetorians, Prentiss Tigers, Blood Roses, G-Kings. Progression in tiers You will earn " respect " when you members play game normally, meaning after each mission clan will get small portion of exp. Meaning that in order to progress your clan you need active members and not having your clan just as " place holder " for secondary characters. In order to avoid high skill clans to " farm " clan exp with easy wins on low skilled enemies, we can also implement a system where if its clan team of gold they will receive clan exp on 100% on gold district, 50% on silver district and 0 on bronze district. So basically if you detreat and get access to bronze you will be getting less and less if not zero clan exp. Also tiers after tier 1 will have benefits of their own. As I really don`t want any " combat " related ones, since it will create actual unbalance between being in top and low tier clans, we should avoid stuff like that. In my opinion benefits such as increased exp-cash if played as a clan, discounts, unique items in clan vendor( will talk about it later ), titles and other stuff that doesn't affect balance. Example: Tier 1 - Title, unique armband( With flat side, so clan logo could be placed perfectly ), clan theme( Will discuss this later ). Tier 2 - Increasing standing reward for each clan member in group by 1% Tier 3 - Increasing cash reward for each clan member in group by 1% Tier 4 - Access to clan vault Tier 5 - Access to clan vendor Tier 6 - Discount 5% in vendors Tier 7 - Increasing standing reward for each clan member in group by 2% Tier 8 - Increasing cash reward for each clan member in group by 2% Tier 9 - Access to clan vendor tier 2 items Tier 10 - Discount 10% in vendors And so on. Well I guess, you get an idea what I mean. ( Actual benefits should be discussed with balancing team i think. I just gave an example on what I meant ) Roles and Hierarchy A simple leader, officer and member is rather limited, since mostly clan have a lot more then that. They should be expanded and customized by leader/second in command/officers. Example: Leader Sub-Leader Captain Lieutenant Member Rookie Where leader decides what each role can do and what cannot. Basically when you open role management tab in clan window, you as a leader can check and uncheck limits of each role rights. Such as access to clan vault, who can invite, who can manage roles below them, who can kick and etc. For full customization may even let leader to create and name roles. Clan Vendor and Vault Lets start with a clan vault. As I briefly mentioned in " Bank of San Paro " vault would be able to hold any " tradable " item, where leaders can set what role can deposit/take items from it, same as how many items per day. If clan has symbols, outfits, it can be put there instead of constantly duplicating hassle for clan designer and less struggle for members to " hunt " down clan designer if they need something. Also as members " contribute " to leveling and other clan activities( this will be talked about later ) they will accumulate " points ", think about it as DKP system. Example what you can do with points - leader puts legendary gun from his inventory into clan vault and sets its price in points, so members can see it and have a extra motivation to be active and useful to a clan. ( Also helps to track active players ). Well, nothing that else can be said about vault, since its just a bank after all. Now lets talk about clan vendor. Vendor will set unique themed items, such as weapon reskins, skins, clothing, unique car versions( preset car with unique visual mods or maybe even unique inner mods, like change honk to clan theme and etc ) and consumables( So we can finely move them out of random reward for missions, haha? ) available only through this vendor. In my opinion this will give extra motivation for people to socialize by joining in active clans. Also for the sake of balance, all items in this vendor could be " time " based, so we would not have people who joined an active clan, bough stuff and left. Ranked System Naturally comes that if when clan requires active members, there will be competition involved. So whats is easiest way for non-clan and newbies to find most active clans to join? Simplest would be implement leaderboard. So it will reflect clan member count, clan tier, their overall member rank( color ). Probably you have a question right now as " But wait, that`s not enough to determin what place a clan would have " and you would be right. Leaderboard will also take into account win/lose ration in clan wars. I know Matt said they currently don`t want to implement new freeroam maps, since player base will be divided even more. And as much as I want new freeroam maps, i have to agree with this. But there still is a way to add something new. My idea is clan warzone, basically a map of medium size where you don`t fight as enf or crim but represent only your own clan in a "conquest" missions, think about it as castle/territory sieges in PvP based MMORPGS. So your clan will earn rank faster and other rewards( By that i mean after this activity you will be send a box with rewards via mail, something minor but still worthwhile, like joker tickets, cash and etc ) in achieving top places. This approach open creativity with mission creation, since everyone is an enemy. Example would probably like " King of a hill " and etc, hijack convoys and etc. Basically can be used a lot of ideas that were not suited for regular maps. Also this doesn't require big map like financial or waterfront and you can use any map of smaller size that you did not know where to implement ( if rumors that RTW had some prototypes were true that is ) and if you don`t have these, it doesn't need to be a big map either. But what about not dividing playerbase? Well, trick is..clan warzone will be open only on weekends( Or even once a month ) for clan to fight for leaderboard and fame. _______________________ Well, I have nothing regarding this topic left in my current state of mind. The only thing I need to point out is next topic/suggestion will be regarding cars and there going to be some money sinks in it, so all cash increases from clan system will balance out. Probably.
  7. Hello all, Is there day that people join riot and start games? I want the skin and LF ppl who also have the same idea. Those who want the riot skins can we please join together and populate RIOT mode for one day per week. Or if there is RIOT mode sessions going on during the week please let me know. Love, LovelyJasmine
  8. When we get kicked for inactivity or the client gets disconnected due to any network issues, its only natural we return to same district we were before and this will cause the game to stop displaying HUD markers like objectives, teammates, mission items and sometimes even the enemies on Deathmatch events. IMO, we could just be moved to a Social District or even the character selection screen instead of disloging entirely. Maybe this would help until you can fix the HUD bug and if players could be moved to a Social District wouldnt lose any group and/or messages and some session settings like Contact Pledge and Daily Activities, etc. Unless the event is triggered by geting removed from and return. Then the only way is to make a diferent district type just for this, an empty district would load fast and maybe you can put a Joker Vending Machine but not much else, and this would be good as first district to load and for players to be moved to when inactive. (ofc this could force the bug to occur in case the client get disconnected before the player chose any district so having 2 of these would be required to prevent it by making clients to alternate between them) Thanks for your work on improving APB, it actualy seems a little better and I'm just hoping the engine update will bring fix on a lot of bugs and problems the game does still have. Hoping it will take it to a new era of APB playing. (in any case, sorry for my english but i have it set to portuguese so i see it all underlined)
  9. If you've ever spent 5s in Social, you'll know that 90% of chat is people spamming about selling/trading/buying legendaries, and the odd "Buy my shit" messages. People will send messages that take up most of the chat box itself. This can lead to people having a conversation (3+ people) having a difficult time keeping up with what's been said. Because of this, I'm suggesting there be a separate chat entirely, purely for people to advertise what they're buying/selling/trading. Yes, Social was made nearly purely for this talk, but it's getting out of hand.
  10. I have always wanted some shorts for my male character. When I see females walking around with shorts and us not having the option to buy one as well, it makes me kinda *triggered* and sad lmao. But seriously though, this should be added in the game!
  11. Recently came across of Q&A stream where Matt discussed many interesting things, one of which is inventory problem. In my understanding( they did not go into much details ) if they resolve problem of scrolling items as changing the look of the UI, its gonna help a lot, but still wouldnt be as ideal for those of us who have too much. So my idea is not to reinvent a wheel, but implement something so common to MMO genre, a bank. In the " lower left " area of the social where most people handout are 2 areas for clothing customization, always wondered why do we even need duplicate while a single one is more then enough. So my idea is leave Prestigue room for how it is ( because its bigger ) and change red room next to it ( forgot the name...derp ) to a bank area. Now we have two options 1) Boring one Just change visuals of the room and change functionality of machines inside. Different types of banks would be in tabs. 2) In-depth one Put there 3 new NPCs( Could be made by you or start an even where people would submit their versions of workers of Bank of San Paro ) 1. Personal storage unit - gives you ability to store " untradable " items such as permanent guns and other JT,ARMAS stuff. 2. Account bank - gives you ability to store legendary guns, cash, symbols, music and other stuff that are " tradable ", so you would not need to send 10-20 mails with a single item to your character back and forth. 3. Clan Vault - here you can deposit and withdraw basically anything that can be traded. Could be tied to clan system expansion, so some stuff can be taken only if you have specific role or " points " ( I will talk about this idea more in my next topic about clan upgrade ). Conclusion In my opinion banks are easiest way to solve inventory overload problem, also you can always sale " bank slot expansion " in armas, *wink-wink*.
  12. Any ideas for the bottom especially? I'm using long sleeve shirt as top but if I use Leggings as bottom the color wouldn't match and it looks weird, what bottom are you guys using so that it looks like an actual bodysuit?
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