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Found 8 results

  1. I really like christmas and so I want to share my suggestion about a christmas tree. Whats about placing a christmas tree in social district? At december 1st the christmas tree could look like this: Everyday there get new things added to the christmas tree until it look like: December the 25th gifts get added: And you will also get a option to interact with the tree/gifts to take a little reward. If you about to recive your reward it could just play a cute christmas sound and the animations of valentine box unboxing: Rewards could be a achievement, title, joker tickets. Or just a christmas releated clothing part. < Example of the location This small "event" could be added every year and has nothing to do with the main event. It just follow us through christmas. Ofc there are so much more possibilities as example interaction with that tree everyday as daily login reward. Or everyone get a local christmas tree he can build up their self. But my main idea was to keep that whole suggestion small and not too complex but still intressting. I really would like to hear everyones opinion about that!
  2. DCas135

    PVE Mode

    Hello Everyone A PVE mode should be added to APB Reloaded because I myself get burnt out of ether customizing things or killing other players. Then the drawback of wanting to play another game comes into play. Playing 8-bit minigames at an arcade in Social would help. Then you could win in-game money and joker tickets. Some ideas are checkers, chess, or 8-bit 1v1 flat fighter games, shooter games and some gambling games. All that would help the game feel like your immersed in the experience of the game, what ever that maybe. Plus it would give some relaxation after killing people all day in APB Reloaded or just burnt out of other stuff. Waterfront has been empty too for us gold players and the one ones that have players in it is bronze. Some bots would help improve population as well in Waterfront and Financial. Keyaert a TGM suggested I should make a suggestion here.
  3. I have always wanted some shorts for my male character. When I see females walking around with shorts and us not having the option to buy one as well, it makes me kinda *triggered* and sad lmao. But seriously though, this should be added in the game!
  4. Someone told me IT was working on the bugs, but it's been down since 10 pm EST and it's really annoying that its not up and you can't socialize on APB on the XBOX ONE with your friends. Does anyone know how long this is going to take??????? Like Jesus Christ, guys.
  5. Now I'm not saying by any means that these ideas I'm putting out there are fool proof nor perfect or what should happen in fact. It's open for discussion. For the most part, a one stop and shop in the corner of social is the only spot of "social" interaction and players huddle around there and then either hang around for a while longer or move dist. I personally think that social is very underutilized and could benefit from a few things and sort of "fill out" social and make it more lively. I know it would be at the cost of convenience but I've got a few suggestions of my own and I'm always curious as to what everyone else thinks on this. - Separate the "one stop and shop" corner. - Spreading out the shops and make each shop unique to what it sells and style the interior accordingly? - Make faction only items available only from a shop/contact in the faction clubs. (That's kind of a thing already but it's not locked to them or anything. Again, "one stop and shopping". - Usable seating in clubs, social areas and park benches. (I know that sounds kinda RPish and cringey BUT it would help with social grouping and making the game lively. If it isn't your cup of tea than so be it. You don't have to use it. - Mini games? Arcade area? Something that can show the peaceful atmosphere and inspire friendly competition between crims and enfs in true spirit of Social. - Update the car customization area/dealership. Make people's display cars open to the public, maybe lay a few out in front of the doors going into the dealership. (Contest winners held by LO/CMs for customization?) I don't exactly know, those are just a few suggestions that I've thought about. I'm a sucker for the lore and the free spirit of APB, I'd just hate to see so much potential go to waste with social.
  6. If you've ever spent 5s in Social, you'll know that 90% of chat is people spamming about selling/trading/buying legendaries, and the odd "Buy my shit" messages. People will send messages that take up most of the chat box itself. This can lead to people having a conversation (3+ people) having a difficult time keeping up with what's been said. Because of this, I'm suggesting there be a separate chat entirely, purely for people to advertise what they're buying/selling/trading. Yes, Social was made nearly purely for this talk, but it's getting out of hand.
  7. I have always wanted some shorts for my male character. When I see females walking around with shorts and us not having the option to buy one as well, it makes me kinda *triggered* and sad lmao. But seriously though, this should be added in the game!
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