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Found 4 results

  1. Сегодня PVE: TO BE OR NOT TO BE? Today I went to the Waterfront, I need to play there to raise the level and open up modifications and clothes. The problem is that after 3 hours of waiting, I never got the mission (I was ready). In the Financial District, I have no more contacts. Now I am waiting for 3 hours one mission in the area in which only I and another player, does not give me any mission. I managed to watch several films, and a couple of TV series, having waited more than 3 hours, I went out. Therefore it is worth adding PVE, since: 1) Bad players will be able to get a little pleasure from the game. 2) AI can be both difficult and simple, they can use weapons from both Armas and available to all players. 3) It will revive the game a bit, as players who play poorly against other players will be able to enjoy the game and invest money in the game, thereby developing APB Reloaded. 4) Players performing tasks against AI may not receive a “role” pumping by killing AI. There may be some additional roles associated with AI. 5) Bosses - each MMO has bosses, creating a boss in PvE mode can add the ability of players from different factions to work together. (A great way for friends from different factions to play together) P.S. Yes, everyone has their own opinion, someone will say that the AI is bad idea, someone will support this idea. BUT, THIS SHOULD BE DEDICATED TO SEPARATE AREAS WITH A SIGNATURE "PVE".
  2. *Updated Nov 1, 2021 Exile Historical Society Youtube Playlist - 150+ PvP Videos In the year 2009, Players from FoE (Fist of the Empire) discovered "wheel flipping". Wheel Flipping was the process of choosing your preferred faction and in Sector 2 starting with that faction quest line, completed that quest line, then completing your "shoulder" factions (the factions you gained reputation with on each side of the faction wheel; *note: shoulder faction gain no longer exists as of 1.9 or 2.1); then you headed to sector 3 and did the same thing. After that you would grind faction mobs of your preferred faction until you were neutral enough to take quests from the OPPOSITE side of the faction wheel, return to S2, and do the same thing for the other side of the wheel, and go to S3 again.... and do all the quests for that side THERE. THEN.... Flip again back to your original side. The purpose of this was to get the total Maximum amount of AP that was possible in game. The process took on average 2 months, but could be done in shorter or longer amounts of time. But, it allowed for character builds that were completely impossible if you had simply chosen a side, Remember what the Sector 1 Townspeople say "Watch out for those factions... they're Divisive"; Very True. Factions create Divides where there should not be, judging a player based on their Faction is akin to judging a player by a color above their head. Fist of the Empire was one of the first "Omni-Clans" along with Soldiers of Fortune. Due to Toxic behavior of Fist of the Empire Leadership and players, a small group of about 40 people broke off after FoE ordered, yes ORDERED players to stop playing Fallen Earth to join the Star Trek Online Chapter. Those that remained were no longer welcome in Fist of the Empire and without much thought given to it, I just started a clan called Exile, because that's what we were; Exiles of the 7th MSC (military sub-command). We were already a despised group because of FoE's slash and burn tactics in PvP; and inherited that tainted legacy; being called EoE (Exile of the Empire) by the players that hated FoE, we were alone against the server for several years and struggled to survive those first few months. Prometheus recruited the maximum amount of players (5000) and we started a provisional clan "Exile Provisional" and he started recruiting there as well. We were countered by a developer supported group called T.E.M.P.S (To ensure people stay), and other top tier PvP clans cherry picked the best players from that clan. It made for some difficult fights. We remained Omni until Misbee Haven, before the "Faction Patch" or "Make Faction Matter" forum campaigning that Wolves of War and the Kouncil of Klans (KoK) had garnered massive support for, The First Clan Wars were fought in S1 and S2, showcasing the games new mechanic while flexing our might in front of the new players in those areas, Exile won 2 out of the 3 full scale wars. Misbee put the matter of faction to a vote within the clan. The result of the vote was Tech, and it was the most "undermanned" faction at the time. Misbee Haven took on a heavy mantle after his predecessor and fought a lot against pretty much every other clan in the game. He was unhappy with the election results and started KAOS with Nufan (a writer for massively who has done articles on FE) and founded an all CHOTA clan that was permanently PvP flagged. RA had as many or more at times as we did, and we were also fighting against heretic and Damage Inc. and RFDC and too many to list. There were a lot of hackusations against RA, but my policy was the "Ironback Standard" which is "say nothing"; essentially fight and leave, or die and leave. Do not feed the trolls. It is a discipline that toward the end of that era, faded into obscurity as tensions rose to extremely high levels and members of Exile could no longer hold their tongue. Thomaas took over after my second major campaign, and later I returned to support him and his various alliances with other Tech only clans. We did small skirmishes (small compared to what I was used to), and stuck it out to the end of the server essentially maintaining our wealth and recruiting the odd player here and there, with a serious lack of training due to active members, but maintaining our diplomatic relations and intelligence channels (even enemies share information). Wastelanders / Clones Requirements for Joining Must have Discord Must be 21 or older, we do not discriminate on religious beliefs, sexual preference, gender identity, or race Must be willing to learn the culture and language of Exile, and follow orders when needed Interest in active roles (P.O.R.'s) is a major plus but not a strict requirement Features: REAL LIFE COMES FIRST-YOU WILL NOT BE GRIEFED FOR HAVING TO BIO/TAKE CARE OF YOUR FAMILY/GO TO WORK/ ETC. We offer what are called P.O.R.'s (Positions of Responsibility) - These are Volunteer positions that players can sign up for that are subdivided into 5 categories S1 - Recruiting & Personnel S2 - Intelligence and Information Gathering S3 - Operations / PvE and PvP S4 - Logistics / Crafting S5 - Technical Officers / UI mods / FESM (fallen earth sound mod) Reasons to join: Carefully Managed Resources Allows us to provide new players with Equipment, Guidance, and Character Development throughout the entire Leveling process all the way to end-game P.O.R.'s allow people to become their own leaders and learn how to be self-sufficient in game, as well as contribute to the development of other players many of our members are long standing members and have not left, we have a high-retention rate over time, however, having been the large clan on the server, we are susceptible to spies, freeloaders, and trolls (wearing an exile tag will not generally make you a lot of friends) How to know if Exile is not for you: If you cannot maintain a standard of discipline If you like to talk trash If you spend a majority of your game time chatting in global If you are not interested in helping players that are not Exile If 1v1's and 2v2's in Embry or Los Alamos is your mainstay in PvP How to Join: You will need to get a referral from an Exile. Any Exile can refer you, and that Exile is your point of contact to start your provisional membership If you are scouted, you will receive an in-game mail that you can respond to or private message the Exile that mailed you After 30 days of Provisional Membership, you will be officially inducted into the Clan SEE YOU IN THE WASTES
  3. Hello everyone! My name is Ella Clinton, and I'm the Founder and Director of Survivor's Refuge [RP]! Some backstory... Shortly after Christmas of 2017, I founded Survivor's Refuge [RP] with the hopes of bringing RolePlay back to Fallen Earth. Our focus shifted quickly after I took on my Co-Director Logan Montana and a few new members, and we began looking at an even bigger horizon. With the clan growing steadily, we decided to deem ourselves an RP / PvE clan, and set ourselves a goal of helping anyone and everyone, and offering fun to our members in the form of RolePlay and in-game environmental interaction. We stand today with a steady playerbase, a dedicated staff team, and a positive public image that's small, but positive nonetheless. So what do we do? I'm glad you asked! Survivor's Refuge has two main focuses, as said before - RP and PvE. We want to put the excitement back into these two particular aspects of Fallen Earth, and so we work together to promote these two activities, and to get everyone involved with them as much as possible. What makes the clan so special? We're quite a small group, but we pride ourselves in our active involvement with the Fallen Earth community. Our clan is broken up into 3 player divisions and 2 staff ranks: -Citizen (base rank) Given to everyone that joins. These people are members of the clan, and can interact and take part in clan operations as they wish. -Refuge Agency The group of players within the clan dedicated to RP and promoting RP as an activity. -Relief Unit The group of players within the clan dedicated to assisting the players within the wasteland. Our involvement can particularly be seen within the Event Towns. -Officer Hand-picked members of the clan who work to maintain the clan and make it as incredible as it is. -Director The head honchos! We also offer our members many perks, such as: Events. Giveaways. Hangout / crafting sessions etc. Interaction with other clans. Designated vaults with an 'eye-for-an-eye' item trade system. Advice and ingame assistance. This sounds great! How do I join?! All you have to do to join is find one of us in-game and ask us for an invite. Alternatively, you can PM me (Ella) ingame, on Steam (Invicctus) or on Discord (Hella Ella#8763). We accept all factions, levels, races, religions, sexualities, etc. ------ Please feel free to leave any discussion or comments below, and to get in touch with us if you're interested! Thank you for your time. Ella Clinton, Founder and Director of Survivor's Refuge.
  4. DCas135

    PVE Mode

    Hello Everyone A PVE mode should be added to APB Reloaded because I myself get burnt out of ether customizing things or killing other players. Then the drawback of wanting to play another game comes into play. Playing 8-bit minigames at an arcade in Social would help. Then you could win in-game money and joker tickets. Some ideas are checkers, chess, or 8-bit 1v1 flat fighter games, shooter games and some gambling games. All that would help the game feel like your immersed in the experience of the game, what ever that maybe. Plus it would give some relaxation after killing people all day in APB Reloaded or just burnt out of other stuff. Waterfront has been empty too for us gold players and the one ones that have players in it is bronze. Some bots would help improve population as well in Waterfront and Financial. Keyaert a TGM suggested I should make a suggestion here.
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