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  1. DenVx

    Add Tactical Fast Helmet

    APB game where you can create your own image, you can create your character as you like, alas, there are quite a few tactical clothes and equipment in the game. I suggest adding a "Tactical Fast Helmet" in the near future. The helmet is already in the game (Combat helmet), this is a very old version of the helmet MICH 2009. It is old, and is not suitable for some images of personages. So it can looks like that:(3 last images is mine)
  2. DenVx

    Christmas discounts

    About LittleOrbit xD
  3. DenVx

    Changing the gender of the character

    Need to read right. I sad that in context, its was:
  4. DenVx

    Changing the gender of the character

    BUT! In game is female and male version of clothing, and its automatically selected for character gender. Its can just replace in shop that thing. Nothing hard here.
  5. DenVx

    Changing the gender of the character

    Its not so hard to do, if u know how to work with UnralEngine, i have a little experience in Lua, Java, MySql, and i get one main thing: If u want code that - u will do that. And most importantly - do not be lazy. Yes, colthing will become unwearable, so can sale it. Its not a huge problem. Do the community think its good or bad idea for the game, that the point. If i will get code of game, and 1-2 mouth to learn it - i can do that. months*
  6. DenVx

    Changing the gender of the character

    I don`t think so, just put function like in CHARACTER CREATION menu, other thing is clothes...
  7. Hello! I propose to add to the game the ability to change the character's gender in the character's editor. The amount of such an operation can cost a lot, it's not a problem. All of us created characters and passed connected, but suddenly I wanted to play for another gender. Create a new character does not interesting and borein, and for the auction to create content like clothes on both sexes where it is more interesting and better, a new platform for creativity opens! This was available in 2010, if I'm not mistaken... Sho, what u think, community? :)