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  1. DenVx

    Armas Weapons

    I have money but i have no time. Very easy, for me (and for some other players) easy to pay real money for saving their time. Simple like a brick. (Typing from my phone, i got broken screen today xD)
  2. DenVx


    But damn it, I waited more than three hours for the mission to begin, and in the end I ended up playing games, since I was wildly bored. And I am sure that new players will also throw this game as there are no missions AT ALL. That is, no one wants to wander around the city for more than 3 hours, I lost my primium time. All by the fact that I was not given even a single mission. So what is the use of the game if it has nothing to do? The AI would fix this problem and make the game more interesting for all those who would be interested. The game would not be as dead as it is now.
  3. Another would be to add some new cars that could drive around the city and could be bought for APB $. Cars could be the simplest, for example from the 60s to our time.
  4. Сегодня PVE: TO BE OR NOT TO BE? Today I went to the Waterfront, I need to play there to raise the level and open up modifications and clothes. The problem is that after 3 hours of waiting, I never got the mission (I was ready). In the Financial District, I have no more contacts. Now I am waiting for 3 hours one mission in the area in which only I and another player, does not give me any mission. I managed to watch several films, and a couple of TV series, having waited more than 3 hours, I went out. Therefore it is worth adding PVE, since: 1) Bad players will be able to get a little pleasure from the game. 2) AI can be both difficult and simple, they can use weapons from both Armas and available to all players. 3) It will revive the game a bit, as players who play poorly against other players will be able to enjoy the game and invest money in the game, thereby developing APB Reloaded. 4) Players performing tasks against AI may not receive a “role” pumping by killing AI. There may be some additional roles associated with AI. 5) Bosses - each MMO has bosses, creating a boss in PvE mode can add the ability of players from different factions to work together. (A great way for friends from different factions to play together) P.S. Yes, everyone has their own opinion, someone will say that the AI is bad idea, someone will support this idea. BUT, THIS SHOULD BE DEDICATED TO SEPARATE AREAS WITH A SIGNATURE "PVE".
  5. DenVx

    Armas Weapons

    Why do people buy premium? To make money faster or pump contacts. People pay money for their laziness, but rather for their time. Many people buy the time of other people to be able to relax (I'm talking about the global concept). If a person has money, he will not spend his time on what he considers unnecessary, it is easier for him to pay for the time of others so that they do it for him. This is how global companies work; they buy the time of the workers so that they bring them money. Because players buy weapons in Armas, they do not want to spend their time trying to open them or earn Joker Tickets. (Damn them)
  6. If in the near future the game will be able to switch to a new engine, then it would be much more interesting to make the modifications displayed on the weapon. It is now the year 2019, this is not to surprise anyone with such an idea, but at the moment it is not in the game, the game remained in development in 2010, and without correcting some errors. Added a feature to visualize modifications, you can add a bit of modern realism. It is not very difficult to create / import a pair of models of sights, silencers, flame arresters and others. Just register the coordinates of their placement when installed on the weapon and voila, do not make new models of weapons with different visual modifications, just make sure that the visual modifications have their place on the weapon, this is the case for 60 seconds to prescribe the coordinates for them. Regarding the modification of the silencer, it would be nice to add it to the game as purchased. But for this, it is worthwhile to fix the tracer shots that are not displayed, but in the description of the muffler it is said that he supposedly should remove them. (Clean up what's not)
  7. DenVx

    Armas Weapons

    Vulcano is worse than OSMAW, EOL is generally a useless weapon that is 100% inferior to OPGL. What is the point of buying for big money EOL, when for a small amount you can rent an OPGL which is in 100% better?
  8. DenVx

    Armas Weapons

    Players in all games will always hate those who invest money in the game thereby helping this game to live and develop. It was always and always will be, in 2010 at the APB it was difficult to meet anyone with weapons from Armas, but now almost every third player has at least one weapon from Armas, and alas he meets angry criticism from the players who did not invest money in the game. So what about OSMAV and OPGL - I think the LB should add them, and correct the statistics of most weapons, since it simply means nothing and is misleading. What can we say about the silencers that supposedly should remove the tracer from the shots, but where is the tracer from the shots on the weapon that is without a silencer? No, there are no tracers, except that only shotguns have them.
  9. DenVx

    Armas Weapons

    EOL and Volcano is can`t replcae OSMAW and OPGL. EOL is a useless.
  10. DenVx

    Armas Weapons

    The main reason players buy weapons in Armas is to save in-game currency. Buying weapons in Armas saves a lot of money in the game. Personally, I buy weapons in Armas precisely for this reason, and also to support the game. But buying an OSMAW or OPGL is quite expensive, and would rather buy this weapon in Armas. So I suggest adding OSMAW and OPGL to the Armas store.
  11. APB game where you can create your own image, you can create your character as you like, alas, there are quite a few tactical clothes and equipment in the game. I suggest adding a "Tactical Fast Helmet" in the near future. The helmet is already in the game (Combat helmet), this is a very old version of the helmet MICH 2009. It is old, and is not suitable for some images of personages. So it can looks like that:(3 last images is mine)
  12. Need to read right. I sad that in context, its was:
  13. BUT! In game is female and male version of clothing, and its automatically selected for character gender. Its can just replace in shop that thing. Nothing hard here.
  14. Its not so hard to do, if u know how to work with UnralEngine, i have a little experience in Lua, Java, MySql, and i get one main thing: If u want code that - u will do that. And most importantly - do not be lazy. Yes, colthing will become unwearable, so can sale it. Its not a huge problem. Do the community think its good or bad idea for the game, that the point. If i will get code of game, and 1-2 mouth to learn it - i can do that. months*
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