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Found 4 results

  1. [Weapon Modification for Damage] Hey I am posting my suggestion here about new weapon mods I would like to see come out in the future for apb. I heard damage mods were part of APB in 2010 and was removed later on in APB Reloaded. Is there a chance we could see them appear again for future contacts unlocks? I would love to increase my weapon damage...at a cost of course! I thought about something that could maybe help is add minor dmg buff and reduce the range of the weapon by a good amount to make it fair Example: +8% weapon damage | -30% effective range The damage would be very good but considering the large amount of range loss it could make it lot more fair and a unique mod. Making it a RED modification so it doesn't combine with range mods and fire rate mods (since it would be too cheesy for combinations) [Vehicle Modification for Speed] I was wondering if we could add speed mods to the game since there isn't any and it could be a unique way to introduce a mod for vehicles which is rare usually. Just like the character modification "Fragile" the car mod for speed would have to decrease the car health pool in order to gain extra speed. Speed is always a crucial element when it comes to time and apb is should be all about action and wars right? Cars would be more "light weight" since they have "less protection/armor". Example: +6% max speed | +30% damage from weapons OR -12% max vehicle health This mod would come crucial for moments when you need time to reach an objective and it would be balanced by making the vehicle more weak and critical to weapons/damage. Making it a ORANGE mod would make it not compatible with other mods like "Nitro Booster" for top speed reasons [?] but I think it could also be great in as a GREEN mod because it is not an activating mod. Similar stats are seen on other modifications which means it could probably be easy to make? [?] Perhaps if the modification was GREEN instead of ORANGE it could work out well too since "Nitro Booster" only affect max speed when activated AND doesn't go above the speed cap (23 m/s). (inspirations) **EDIT** Probably going for green... [Vehicles Speed Cap] Would it also be possible to raise the speed limit on all cars by maybe 25%? Cars seems to be really slow in this game and time is crucial in this game due to the number of time we have to try to take an objective on foot and do tactics to reach it. To conclude I think those modification would be an nice addition in the future and could make gameplay more interesting and more diverse because I think apb is unique in the way things happens in combat. More scenario possible could make the game more interesting in my opinion. Thank you for reading! Please people don't consider those numbers like real ones I am just putting out what seems most logic but still I am not a developer I know that... (Sorry if I made any mistake in english)
  2. I'm releasing this post a bit early due to the weapon balancing that seems to be going on in APB. This post isn't a suggestion but a collaboration among veterans to reach an equilibrium with weapon balancing. This document is no where near complete and still needs a lot of work but i feel it can serve as a justification what can be changed to benefit all of the community. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1E6xMggGRngFFBTetuZQ7-e9cmWTRgSiX54BxO4gVGr8/edit?usp=sharing
  3. I have no idea if Little Orbit have testers from the community that internally test everything new ( there is OTW but it's only for premium and not always online actually and just a trial to everything for free imo, You guys should open an application for a special role "tester" that internally test everything you are about to implement to the game to give feedback, obviously not everyone will be eligible. just a suggestions because after I saw the Weapon balance thread by our beloved @MattScott I thought it's actually a good idea to let good players with great experience ( a long one too ) be able to apply for the testing role to test stuff and give feedback on them.
  4. Hey all, here is my suggestion for more consumables that in my opinion could be added in APB. I like diversity and unique battles so I am suggesting more stuff to make the game more fun! I made a list under of what I would like to see in the future for when it comes to consumables so maybe more will be added. I made other threads about weapon mods and car mods. Please note that this thread is for consumables and not modifications. [Radar Beacon] Effects: Deploys a Radar Beacon Detects enemies within 10m Consumable appears on Radar of detected enemies This consumable is inspired by the modification for vehicles 'Mobile Radar Tower'. It would act the same way but instead it would be a deployable Radar Beacon that detects enemies for half of the range. Just like the satchel charge, it would take only one bullet to destroy it (and do no damage). Your location reveal could be crucial for the opposite team. [Poximity Mine] Effects: Deploys a Proximity Mine Detonates after 1.5s when enemies are within 5m Spots hostiles opponents caught in the blast radius for 3s. (inspired by flare ammo but I am not sure about adding this one...) Enemy players can see when they are tagged. Can be destroyed without causing explosive damage if the mine is shot at. Causes 30% health damage with very low hard damage* and a blast radius of 5m. *Satchel Charge already have a high amount of hard damage Since there is no mines in this game already I thought we could add them as consumable to make it easier. Carrying it like any medium item in game this consumable would be very good for flankers and to protect objectives in a mission. Having a delay on it before it detonate makes it more fair and balanced since this item doesn't fall in category of grenades. A small damage input would make it worthy for moments where it is crucial to have more defense than attack and lacking help of reinforcement. Perfect for narrow places packed with enemies! [Invisibility Mutagen Vial] Effects: +80% invisibility +300% footstep noises -20% health Appear on Radar of enemies within 10m Disables Player Name while active. Removes invisibility if damage is taken or the player fires a weapon. Invisibility duration could last up to 8 seconds. Inspired from the Epidemic Event for it's name, this vial will give the player a stealth advantage in fights at the cost of health and louder footstep noises. Removing the player name tag above their head makes it difficult for friendlies to notice if it is an ally or an enemy. Otherwise it is a great tool for stealth infiltration in missions but the enemies can detect you or hear you louder if you are too close to them making it more fair.
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