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  1. Well I couldn't play because of work and timezones, and also life, so I dislike the idea of giving the skins to the ones who logged in only.
  2. Okay, I mean yeah we understand you are still new to this and still getting the curve of it, but you still have half of the old dev team, it's really getting annoying, just switch hosts/providers and get a better DDOS Protection, at this very day, APB has started to go downhill again.
  3. @Rebelliousness congratz dude, you just said everything that needed to be said about the problem with the broken matchmaking system, LO definitely needs to take a look on your comments and on this thread in general, @MattScott
  4. Thank you, @Lixil this thread serves no purpose I guess, you can lock it if you want.
  5. Are you sure about that tho? it would be better but may I ask you where did you get the information from? ( souce )
  6. I have no idea if Little Orbit have testers from the community that internally test everything new ( there is OTW but it's only for premium and not always online actually and just a trial to everything for free imo, You guys should open an application for a special role "tester" that internally test everything you are about to implement to the game to give feedback, obviously not everyone will be eligible. just a suggestions because after I saw the Weapon balance thread by our beloved @MattScott I thought it's actually a good idea to let good players with great experience ( a long one too ) be able to apply for the testing role to test stuff and give feedback on them.
  7. The game called "APB" way before RTW made APB playable. The very original version was released in 1987 an arcadebox game. RTW started working on APB back in 2005, then the released was delayed to 2010 for some internal reason, I guess because RTW worked on other games like crackdown, so it's safe to say that the name APB cannot be claimed by the TV show.
  8. It's not about the damage, both of them kill in a range of 7m, but the Hit Register is flipped up, most of the shots doesn't counts, you don't even hit them but there is a hitmarker and some blood, which put the players like me in conclusion that the hitreg is shit, even tho the hitreg is fine afaik from what I heard everyone saying.
  9. Am I the only one who thinks LO are freaking cool? just look at this, the community are finally ascending to heaven. keep it up Matt, you are doing a great job.
  10. Same here, I am not able to connect on all of my accounts, been so since yesterday.
  11. then enlighten us with a solution, that is what this thread for.
  12. I do believe this is a major issues, ghosting/griefing player WHILE they are in a mission, it's just totally unfair, but to be honest here matt did mention him fixing this, he was talking about something like removing the ability to interfere with any player that is in a mission, you can only visually interact with him, which is great imo.
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