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  1. First of all.. I drop and choose to summon 2 cards... What and Where is my update promised? What and Where is Matt Scott? What is the actual situation? After ages, What have it happened to the new contenent promised? What and Who bet nobody of LO staff will answer to these questions? @Azukiiwhat's your favourite drink? Whatever.. just Some weeks to end of the year, to the posterity judging whatever it's coming :3
  2. Little Orbit, i sincerely want to thank you for picking up this game! Seeing as how much you've already done, from making slight changes to impactful changes. Being so communicative towards us from being active on the forums and active in-game, replying to as much topics as possible. GM's being active on the game itself, i haven't seen a single GM since 2013<When i started. And it's amazing to have you in-game, fooling with the community and laughing with us. The Q&A with Matt Scott looks promising, and really shows that he does listen to the community! I forsee a bright future for APB, please make us players proud! You'll have my support, and i'm sure many others will agree!
  3. Good evening dear community and Little Orbit I'm rather the quiet reader in the forum and must be here a lot going on what is on my heart and just depressed me to start this game. I play APB: Reloaed since 2014 and have nearly 4,000 hours in steam. I too was shit, a noob. But you always get better, be it with the advance launcher or change the resolution or other. Currently I am gold, I have 5 characters, some know them, some do not, I do not care. what I really want is what happened to me today. I was allowed to compete against 2 cheaters today, I do not mince words, but because of such subhuman it only makes me sad to start this game, which I come to the district, and which teleport as if they were son goku , It may be that BattleEye does its job, but sometimes I wanted FairFight back. Because they did their work. The banned these cheaters and never came back, it was the have made a new account which does not take 2 minutes. What I really want, Please do some little orbit. I love APB: Reloaded since I installed it and people like that ruin all my fun. I hope it will change soon in the future. PS. Before all complain about my english. i wrote it first on google translate and copied it. I will ignore any messages about my failures on english and grammar. Greetings and Good Night. EDIT: deleting "i was a silver" because i hurt someone the feelings
  4. The event is really amazing. I think we just need a smaller portion of the map to fight in because respawn are often really far. Other than that the event is amazing and I think after learning it and playing the objective correctly you can collect a lot of kills when stealthing in the fog to help a little. Defending is cool because the objectives are pretty critical and volatile... The fact that you have to go pick up a barrel everytime your attacks fail is a bit annoying though. The game mode have so much potential and could be event better with some small changes if it was used for other things instead of halloween. I like you Little Orbit for pulling out an even this big in so little time... the new car spawners, the barrels spawns, the ui icons... etc. Just all the new small things I see in the game makes me believe the future will be a lot better for APB. The OLD event was way less fun because it always ended up being all the survivors dead except a few running in cars for the few minutes remaining. It was so boring to have to wait everytime to try to survive and just die of being swarmed by numbers. No objective nothing, just survival thats it. Good job on the Halloween event Little Orbit. I love it (especially the barrel physics and models, I like those :3) P.S. Sorry for my english it is kinda rusty
  5. Comrades LO, you have long spoken about the transfer of Necrova to the Citadel But sorry, what are you waiting for? Online on Necorva [/URL [/URL [/URL [/URL This is the evening time. when everyone comes from work and study, in fact at this time the maximum online. But if this is the maximum, then it's hard to imagine what is happening at 12 am What is happening? 30 people in all districts. And what about the selection of opponents on this server? All these guys are newbies. Do you think they will want to play further? They are either destroyed by 255R GOLDS, or they are kicked from missions. You want more online. But hold Necrova. Russian new players come to this server, but instead get the game disappointment. They can not play at their level, because such areas simply do not exist. As a result, they get frustrated and leave the game without achieving anything in it.Necrova - a trap for Russian players, no more. Why can't you transfer as fast as possible? Unique weapons? Transfer them, it will not change the balance. But the players will be unique and will keep the memory of the game on the Russian servers. Nicknames of players? Just tell them to change them. Or left as is. It does not hurt in any way. Russian language in chat? So what? There used to be server "Obeya" and "Patriot". People played with Russians and it was not a problem. Take a look at more popular games! CS: GO? Russians play with Poles, Swedes, Turks. Nobody makes separate servers and does not separate people. This is complete nonsense. There is a difference only in ping where the servers are located. But in our case Nekrov and the Citadel have the same location. Combine already faster server, it is impossible. If you bought the game and want to develop it. That is a very important step. If you pull, the server just will not live another 3-4 months. What problems still have? If you don’t like the idea of carrying a weapon, just delete it and make a compensation (Which players on the forum will choose) Sometimes, to move forward, you must first take a step back. Sorry for english, used Google Translate.
  6. Hello, my in-game username is NixonDT, and i've seen that over the past years of playing APB; no new noticeable police features has been added. I feel like it would be better if they include some real police cars and features used in real life. So if APB could insert some popular police cars with a little tweak to it; that'll be amazing. After all, this is a Police vs Criminals type of game. Here's a few short-term and long-term goals that I suggest you guys should add: Short-Term Police Vehicle Goals 2017 Dodge Charger: Ford Interceptor SUV: Chevrolet Tahoe: Long-Term Police Vehicle Goals Ford Taurus SHO: BearCat (Different from the Pioneer): Ford "Bomb Squad" Truck: Short-term Enforcer Car Feature Goals: More police lights on vehicle body New spotlight that actually work New siren sounds Detailed interior design Actual police horn sound Long-term Enforcer Car Feature Goals: Ability to deploy spike strips Speed radar in police vehicle In mission districts, AI vehicles move out the way when siren noise get near Option to switch between emergency lights with no sound and emergency light with sounds (maybe by adding a hotkey 1-5 when in vehicle) Headlights that can be activated/deactivated and have a noticeable reflection on the ground at night (For all vehicles)
  7. JUST ASKING. (Sorry for annoying you folks at LO) We consoles player suffer from FPS drop, audio breaking in beacon, lag, and crashing. It'd be wise of you to fix the bugs and problems before you roll out content.
  8. Way back in the day when GamersFirst acquired APB and made it into APB Reloaded, myself and many others who were/are passionate about this game due to its unique gameplay experience, worked on a lot of feedback (some going above and beyond in terms of effort). Unfortunately almost all of that feedback was ignored and we realized G1 had seemingly no real interest in improving the game, only trying to wring as much $$$ out of it as possible. I'm hoping Little Orbit is different. Sure, LO has to make $$, I get that, but I hope they are committed to breathing life into APB in order to make it last. It will be beneficial to both the players and subsequently themselves in the long run. Here are is a list, mostly off the top of my head, of things that if fixed/changed, should greatly improve the overall quality of the game: <<< Additions >>> Ability to see secondary weapons / grenades on score screen, possibly without revealing mods Ability to put a resupply box (consumable) in the trunk of a vehicle and resupply from the trunk area (similar to the vehicle mod Mobile Supply Unit) Better friends list akin to modern games (friend request, account-wide adding, etc...) Bring the district caps back up to 100 (50 and 50) -- Possibly higher OR implement some sort of cross-district matchmaking (sort of how WoW's phasing system works) High res setting for primitives Loose ping restrictions -- Boot players out of the district if their ping exceeds 350 for x minutes maybe Make "non-meta" vehicles viable --> Give vehicles bonuses to certain mods (Han Veo = radar range, Ceresco = % bonus to the cargo expander, etc...) Mission-length replay (very similar to the replay systems of PUBG and Fortnite) Permissions system: Allow us to set permissions on our creations be they clothing or otherwise so other people can modify what they buy or obtain from other players Return our precious bullet tracer effect (with optional toggle inside the options menu!) Weapon/equipment loadouts with save slots (this might make some weapon switching unfairly quick? idk!) <<< Quality of Life >>> Ability to join a queue for full districts Account-wide storage (Sending legendaries or mods to other characters on the same account is tedious as hell) Account-wide currency ($$ & JT) Add a delay/invulnerability when switching to a stage that involves takeouts Allow players to attach multiple items to an in-game mail Better weapon sorting (Would love things to be alphabetical right now, but I'm sure the whole interface could use a revamp) Change how yellow mods work: Either make them unlimited (no cap) or when you hit the cap, stop receiving extras (mail spam) Consistency, consistency, consistency! One of my biggest gripes with the game since my first day back in 2011. Sometimes I have to aim behind people to 'hit' them, other times I can shoot where their actual player model is. Also this sort of ties in with inaccurate cross-hairs and client-side blood splats / hit-markers Dampen the sounds of people outside of your current mission slightly + have an option to 'mute' out of mission players (voip only) Different color 'tie' score screen (Green is currently shown for a win and a tie) Eliminate client-side hit markets / blood splatters and other things that can mislead players Ensure weapon reticles and such reflect a true accuracy Fix certain fence walls being unable to be shot through Fix certain map geometry to prevent seeing/shooting through Fix LOD on map geometry (certain walls, etc... disappear at strange ranges) Fix objectives (vehicles) in vehicle delivery missions from exploding in certain areas when you enter their vicinity -- Cant remember the mission name(s) but I run into this often in Financial around Fix progress on a point carrying over to another mission (Example: A break-in door objective that had progress on it but was never completed will have the same progress for whomever has their objective at the same door later on) Fix that one vehicle spawn in Waterfront that spawns vehicles facing the wall Fix the game volume / VOIP -- Currently you need to turn your in-game volume to max and then turn APB down in windows in order to have both sound and the ability to hear others decently on VOIP. Fix vehicle spawn areas so that, no matter the size, two vehicles can always spawn side by side Gas Can 4 has had a loose vertex forever which results in it 'exploding' during animation/use Item jump/drop 'trick' -- This was fixed for heavy items years ago but not for medium items. In lieu of this 'feature' give a player carrying a medium / heavy item x% more HP (only while holding said item). Make out-of-mission vehicles have 0 collision aka 'ghost' for people inside the mission but ONLY WITHIN x RADIUS OF AN OBJECTIVE Make sprinting 'always on' by default (auto sprint) -- There is little to no reason to ever not sprint in APB Minimize 'cheap' hold areas and other supreme choke zones by adding more ways to reach certain areas (There was an excellent thread with pictures on the APB forums years and years ago about this) More control over our settings in-game to remove the need for tools like Advanced APB launcher, shader edits, etc... More meaningful gun statistics (in-game) instead of the obscure bars we have now News / updates 'panel' on the login / character select screen to keep non-forum goers in the loop Only allow ammo/weapon switching at proper locations (ammo vendors / contacts / deployed ammo). Right now players are able to change weapons and such at mail boxes and car spawners which feels silly Remove the 'rocket protection' -- When you aim over a car, even if you have clearance, your rockets will shoot off to the side to 'save' you (this also affects grenades) Remove the various district specific compat files from the official game. There is no need and it causes problems. Remove weapon rank 16. It takes about the same amount of time to go from 1 to 15 as it does to go from 15 to 16. Quite an arduous grind! Revamp the tattoo system as it is easy to delete layers unintentionally, the layers are sorted backwards, etc... <<< Revisit >>> Contact vehicle unlocks -- Why would a new player use anything other than their starter car (1 slot with mobile spawner) when it takes a long time to grind up a 1 slot car? Differences between both factions (restricted spawners, vehicle types) Equip times on certain weapons (I'm looking at you Silver Nano) Gun preset mods -- Most preset guns you buy have awful mods for the modern era of APB (HB3 SHAW / HB3 Alig / Any shotguns with reflex sight / etc...) Kevlar Marketplace 20% tax Out-of-bounds system -- This needs some tweaks (several rooftops can still be exploited by crouching) as well as perhaps some slack for people goofing around outside of missions P5 / N5 -- Getting these in a mission usually causes the person doing good to lose the objective and can be very annoying. Ram raiding (does anyone do this for $$ anymore?) Spawn system -- This honestly used to be worse before elective spawning was introduced but it's still far from perfect. The biggest problem being people spawning down range of enemy snipers. Threat system (Though I'm not sure anything can be done to make things better given the # of people per district) TTK -- Some weapons, especially in CQC situations, can kill people before they can react and this seems a bit silly (Yukon is probably the worst offender) Tutorial district (or something similar) Two equipment slots are still locked Vehicle carry limit (Namely for the Vaquero and Mikro as they cant carry a heavy item without a special blue mod. This was done for ram raiding years ago, seem archaic now)
  9. So, after looking at the number of players over the last three years there has been a steady decline. We're getting just over 200 players now every month where there used to be 2000+ in the early days of APB. There was a nice jump up to 1000+ when Little Orbit took over development it seems, but since then a steady decline. Apart from the maintenance patches and holiday events, what is Little Orbit going to do to change the state of the game? Myself, and I'm sure the entire APB community, would like to know what the future of APB will be. Will any new mechanics be implemented? i.e., new objectives in missions? New zones? New contacts? As a player that played back in CBT, I appreciated seeing the 2021 Roadmap. It was a nice and seemingly fresh engagement with the community. I think we need more of that from Matthew Scott and other developers at Little Orbit in regards to what the future plans for APB are. I think there should be more of a dialogue between the devs and players in regards to these future plans as well. I would love to see a revival of this game because the game and gameplay have always been great. I would hate to see another team mismanage this game and let it die....again. Here is the population of players through Steam across APB's lifetime. https://steamcharts.com/app/113400
  10. I have no idea if Little Orbit have testers from the community that internally test everything new ( there is OTW but it's only for premium and not always online actually and just a trial to everything for free imo, You guys should open an application for a special role "tester" that internally test everything you are about to implement to the game to give feedback, obviously not everyone will be eligible. just a suggestions because after I saw the Weapon balance thread by our beloved @MattScott I thought it's actually a good idea to let good players with great experience ( a long one too ) be able to apply for the testing role to test stuff and give feedback on them.
  11. ...that Litte Orbit Gamersfirst doesn't seem to consider a rollback on patches or releases. Maybe APB Reloaded doesn't need new weapons. Maybe it needs less, to be a real success. In my opinion we can add, maps, cars and kits, clothes, hairstyles, music instruments, weapon skins, new symboles for designers and many many more on the creative side, it is amazing! But at least consider, if the game actually needs fewer weapons and which. I'd love to see a vote about these things (in a later state) if you'd like to involve us in the development, that is. And I'd also be thinking about, maybe removing car mods such as car surfer, radar tower, car spawn etc. and a fixed dynamic spawn-system. Removing the Volcano, simply reducing on explosives weapons, the osmaw is fine. And other weaponry like the Yukon and Trueogre etc., since these releases, didn't rescue Gamersfirst from bankruptcy and are breaking the game anyway. I know they are funny to play, but that's not the point. In the end, it's about making profit. And I have my own vision for the game, feel me? We all had years of silence to dream about them. There are only two ways, either release more stuff on the combat aspect and you might need to fear to lose all or take a step back and have another look from a different angle. Kind Regards
  12. (PLEASE FULLY READ BEFORE POSTING ANYTHING BECAUSE THIS TEXT IS GOING IN A TIMELINE ORDER OF GAMERSFIRST PAST UPDATES) Hello there Little Orbit, I have been playing APB since Beta and I have seen many weapons getting nerfed over the years and I wanted to share my opinion about it because I think not everyone followed the stream of things when it comes to weapons nerf and buffs. A lot of things I feel like were forgotten since and it is currently affecting how good the gameplay is when it comes to gun fights. First I would like to apologize for my english since it is not my main language. To begin, over the years I seen many patches about adjusting the weapon damage because other players were not satisfied with how fast they would die in certain situations and such. But let's not forget in beta, servers were not divided by threat level (Green, Bronze, Silver, Gold). So of course, yes a lot of the fights could of been rough because the players crying about certain "overpowered" things in the game when facing in reality Gold player threat as we now know. To come to my opinion, I think the game received a lot of nerf that should of not been applied and thought of to start with because now everything seems to be unbalanced and certain weapons are much better than others and players are constantly relying on these to make them go postitive or have a more control on the battlefield simply. But why does everyone is constantly using the same weapons as the others nowadays in 2019? (Ntec, OCA, NFAS, PMG). In the early days in Beta, the Joker SR115 Carbine was one of the most popular weapon because it was a 5 STK (shot-to-kill) weapon which made it one of the best because you have a lot of strafing mobility with it and the ttk was 0.60 seconds. In a 3rd person view game, of course a weapon like this would become very powerful and was considered the NTEC nemesis. Since the the two have almost the same range**. It suffered a nerf later on making it's damage drop from 21% to 19.5% (210 -> 195) per shot making it a 0.75sec ttk which made people a bit more happy about it but I think it is where everything started to go off because more people was taking advantage of this nerf to cry about other guns such as Obeya rifles and FBW pistol and RFP and shotguns later on... **not anymore since the weapon balance in 2013 or 2014 that led to a rework on all damage on weapon range drop off. I will talk about this later in this text. Some months later, we receive a nerf on weapon hard damage (damage dealt to vehicles). Every weapons hard damage is almost nerfed by half making it almost 3x times slower to take down an enemy cars passing by because you also have to reload in most cases because it won't blow up a car in one magazine. It enforce the players to team up and shoot cars togheter of course but in most situation the guy in the car will always come out alive and be rescued by his team coming over (especially in a low pop game, not a lot of people know how to team up to shoot cars). SO GamersFirst later on hit us with a other patch making it so cars have more health than before making it even HARDER for us to blow a freaking car even if its an entire team shooting it (example: 'Nulander Pioneer/Nomad' with Steel Plating 3). This makes ALL the other cars in the game look USELESS compared to the Vans such as Seyio Espacio and Nulander Pioneer/Nomad with their incredible 1600 health points without any mods (Bishada Rapier has 900 health points). This removed a lot of fun for customizations and a lot less people buying kits on Armas Marketplace since the most useful vehicles in-game right now are the vans. Months later, we get hit by a massive nerf on weapons drop-off range. Making it so every weapons deal even less damage over range than before. Making it so weapons like N-TEC 5 cannot dominate at long range over weapons like Obeya CR762 (marksman) and this one dominate over N-HVR 762 (sniper). We understand GamersFirst tried to make a balance update so good players don't dominate everyone over range with weapons such as a N-TEC or even Joker carbine. I think this is where everything started going down the hill very fast for the game because core aspect for gun fights was in fact unbalanced since the range was playing a REALLY BIG part in the early days. First, weapons such as OCA were harder to use against pistols and carbine users since the range is so small. Secondly, the Snipers and Marksman weapons became master of all because the range for them didn't really matter since most long range had their drop off range set at 70m and 90m for snipers. Pistols and shotguns were most used and most fun to watch in youtube clips (Shini CSG shotgun Gameplay). Suddenly everything became so unbalanced since weapons with a lot of range were dominant in every situations. N-HVR staying 2 shot at every range is like being served cake everyday on a silver plate. On the CQC side the FBW pistol and RFP was becoming so powerful because of their damage becoming dominant in medium and close combat since range didn't "matter" anymore. 5 shots to kill for the FBW making it 0.80 sec ttk close his familiar friend the Joker SR115 Carbine now a 6 STK weapon with 0.75sec ttk (0.05 sec difference but the weapon is not so different even for the range & recoil) making it basicly a baby Joker Carbine. Now you start to see a pattern coming up... NERF NERF NERF. The range patch destroyed how the weapons system worked in this game since weapons are getting less unique. Everyone start using the N-HVR with their quickswitch method (shoot from a pistol then switch to NHVR and shoot right away to gain a kill). This ""unique"" thecnique become popular so quick that it actually shows that people are opting for more range on their weapons because they want to get the most of it when it comes to TTK. Almost no penality on range for an ACT 44 or Colby RSA making it the best of the best. But the amount of tears are growing and growing. Many updates later on are applied to APB to nerf pistols like FBW to make it a 6 STK and other weapons such as ACT 44 and RFP to have more bloom. Yet despite all this huge range patch rework that everyone seems to forget the range stays the same...Unchanged. Weapons with more range still dominate. Everyone uses shotguns in CQC for the power output and for long range you already guessed it, N-HVR and Obeya CR762/OBIR. A small choice of weapons are now available to you making the game less unique/rewarding and less explorations to do. Again later on, GamersFirst hit us with a new patch and nerf damage on shotguns from 80% dmg to 63% dmg per shot for CSG shotguns and something similar for JG couterpart. (As I am talking about this we are getting new rework again for shotguns...sigh). Why is the damage always the reason why a weapon is so overpowered and not the global range? Can we just try to look for other possibilities instead of nerfing everything we find too powerful to use against a low level player? I think the range damage ramp is the real reason why everything is so unbalanced and also all the number of nerf that was applied for weapons to make them more "balanced" against other type of weapons when in reality the range is the real reason why everything is going downhill. Why does a weapon have to absolutetly become a pea shooter after it reach its minimal damage range. I think we should stop nerfing weapons to make them slower to kill. I think we should go back to vanilla and make the range back to what it was. Where a OCA could beat a Joker SSR15 Carbine at 40m if you had the aim and where a Obeya CR762 player wasn't affraid of peaking a Sniper to melt them with 5 clear shot at 90m. The skill cieling was way better in Beta! To conclude, I think Little Orbit should really go back to formula which means they should stick with the old damage system and RANGE then they could really start working on what is the problem about weapon balance. Please don't go down the path of nerfing every weapon in the game LO, we already suffered a lot over the years for it. Every "GOOD" player is regening faster than the damage they receive with Clothing Agent 3 and everyone also use a Sceyio Espacio/Nulander Pioneer as a freaking tank. All the same weapons in missions... NTEC, PMG, OBIR.... nothing is fun anymore. PLEASE GO BACK TO VANILLA APB (IN TERM OF WEAPONS DAMAGE & RANGE) and rebuff the hard damage too because vehicles are giving way too much protection now. I probably forgot to mention more update about nerf and weapons but I am getting a headache trying to keep track of everything as I type this super long text full of juicy information for Little Orbit. Oh and don't even let me get started on Grenade spam now but at least they are trying to fix it right now with consumables... BACK TO VANILLA PLEASE! IT AIN'T ANARCHY IF EVERYONE IS RUNNING AROUND WITH NERF GUNS!!! Have a great day!
  13. What kind of ignore on the part of the Support of this game. I can’t understand. 13 days have passed since the first ticket was submitted. And ignore that fuzzy bunny is wrong. I'm tired of waiting for why I wait for 13 days, my friend wrote about the ban in support and they answered him on the same day. Maybe all the Chinese people cut out support because of bad work and in Little Obit there is no one to work in support because you don’t have enough money to pay them for work ??? What to call it? Seriously, I paid the money I earned. And after that you thank us that we go with you to the end. Yes, I can’t get your gratitude to hell because support and anti-cheat work. When Mat is ignored and forum moderation apologizes. I will say so. If support continues to be ignored, I will not be lazy and every day 3 hours of my life I will spam in support until they answer or give a ban. I have said everything.
  14. What a great time, a 10 hour lunch break during prime time playing hours. You are even more slow-minded than Gamersfirst TEN HOURS?! Are you making Half Life 3? .
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