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Found 3 results

  1. So this has been on my mind recently What will become of the Armas Market....earlier I was reading through some post and I came across a post where someone was asking when was the next salad before you guys start the salt, I'm not asking for a sale....ok I saw this quote by Hexerin "MattScott specifically stated there wouldn't be any sales until after the ARMAS rework", so MattScott I was wondering what you and team was planning to do about the Loyalty Reward System when you reach you to the ARMAS rework..... Make me try to get what I'm saying to be more understandable.....I want to know if you and your team are planning to add any new Rewards to the Loyalty System.....I don't want to seem like I'm bothering or laying anymore burden on you guys.....I love what you guys are doing for the game....and I love how you guys speak to the community and letting us know what you guys are planning to do/add to the game....but yea lets get back my topic...where did I leave off at, oh yea adding new Rewards.....yes, I won't lie I love the Loyalty Rewards, it just feels good to know that you are getting something back for spending your money on a game.... It's nice while it last until you unlock the AMG-556 "Euryale" and after that the only rewards you get is Gold Mystery Boxes and 15 days Premium codes....yes the boxes are nice....you can rewards such as Legendary, Vehicles (for a period of time), Weapons (for a period of time) if you're lucky you can win a 1 slotted contact weapon (they are pretty useful when it come on to saving APB$).... All said it would be nice if you can add some new Rewards on the Loyalty System.....Going through some post I saw someone commenting that it would nice to add the FFA R&D3 up on the Loyalty System because it's no longer obtainable in the game.....I would second that but I think I'll pass because there still a chance to win it from Gold Mystery Box unless it was removed from that as well....I'll be looking for Sub-Dis for the Armas Market or Devblog if possible. Thanks for Everything MattScott and The LO Team Love Jav ❤
  2. What kind of ignore on the part of the Support of this game. I can’t understand. 13 days have passed since the first ticket was submitted. And ignore that fuzzy bunny is wrong. I'm tired of waiting for why I wait for 13 days, my friend wrote about the ban in support and they answered him on the same day. Maybe all the Chinese people cut out support because of bad work and in Little Obit there is no one to work in support because you don’t have enough money to pay them for work ??? What to call it? Seriously, I paid the money I earned. And after that you thank us that we go with you to the end. Yes, I can’t get your gratitude to hell because support and anti-cheat work. When Mat is ignored and forum moderation apologizes. I will say so. If support continues to be ignored, I will not be lazy and every day 3 hours of my life I will spam in support until they answer or give a ban. I have said everything.
  3. hi there LO first of all i want to say ty for you work and handling on the game im sure most of us very appreciate it . also i do notice that you listen to the game comunnity and that something very important and in this topic i want to talk/complain about few things that start up in the last few weeks so in the last few weeks ( around 2-3 weeks now ) i found out there is packet loss issue and extremely lags that didnt was much before . pack loss going from 1 - 10 . i was thinking its something from my side but after i check everything and also talk with my ISP and we did check all the sides and then i heard from a lot of my friends and also saw ( in discord stream ) a lot people have hugh lags and also in the same time packet loss issue . its happen from the update you did before the last one i guess . its need to be fix and i want you guys pls check about it . some people i know even stop playing apb due of this things and im sure there something to fix this . with much respect , Donjae .
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