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  1. Thanks Matt, I'm gonna jump on today.....hopefully I can play and not get kick every 2-5 minutes.
  2. Well you guys killed my fun completely now.....I logged today for my Birthday, hoping to play and have some fun but nope only thing I get is kicks around....I cant even stay on a server for 5 minutes without getting kicked....tried to report the bug(if it is) kicked me before I had the chance to explain....well RIP APB:R, we had a good run....I won't give up on you, just hopefully they fix you before they completely kill you. LO I really put alot of hope in you guys before I know developing a game like this isn't easy....but to be honest I'm losing that hope at this point...because believe me when I tell you the game was way better off when it was maintaining itself than it is now. I'm sorry but its the truth.
  3. Tbh Stheno is the poor man's Euryale atm and the rich man's Euryale in a way.
  4. Just a suggestion Little Orbit that may bring new players to the game... Adding features that would only be available to new players/account like Login Daily Rewards....that would features some simple rewards that new players could obtain upon logging in to the game daily
  5. I get what you are saying....but considering that we get almost one(sometimes 2 or 3) of every weapon category in the game adding a secondary don't sound too bad... I think
  6. I'm loving the new website ❤ btw LO... I made a post awhile back about the Loyalty Reward System and adding new content to it... I'm not sure if anyone will agree with me on this but I came up with this today... I think it would be a good idea to add a 1open slot pistol to rewards and place it 5000G1C(atleast) more than the Euryale....I know you guys are busy with engine and have no time to create a new weapon to add to the Loyalty Reward System...so I was suggesting that you guys take one of the existing pistol and make it open slotted... eg. Colby .45 AP or the Obeya-fbw sd....I don't to look to see this anytime soon but If you could consider this and hopefully if possible you guys can implement this into the game by the end of year.... That would be nice. Peace out. Jav
  7. I'm sorry that someone scammed you and that you were foolish to trade two times before the trading system....but that's all on you. LO quoted that "support will not be accepting scam ticket because they are implementing a trade system and player should avoid trading until then" But you still went ahead an trade.....@CookiePuss was kind enough to offer you the gun you lost (Anubis) out of her/his (idk CookiePuss gender) inventory. Don't take advantage of someone's kindness.....what I'm saying is, don't get greedy and don't use such a stupid excuse such as I can't play/I can't rank up without a Raptor 'Condor'....I'm been scammed multiple times since I've started playing....I have three acc...two with max chars...and another with a rank 147 gold char and I haven't spend a dime on that acc...I've just been playing with contact weapons... I don't want turn this into a story....my point is be greatful for what get and don't be greedy.....I gave away all my Legends and I can still play the game... So, stop being greedy K
  8. Lol ok thanks guys.... I was planning on getting the Poison and Hunger pack....since it comes with the Swarm 'Locust' and Frog 'Kokoe' acc bound....I wanted to know if the Kokoe is good since I'm unable to try the gun
  9. Thanks for the help and the info guys. I appreciate it.
  10. Is this gun still good? And would you recommend getting it?
  11. The only reason I was considering buying it was because I thought the skins were glowable
  12. Which would you recommend to get Acc Bound?
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