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  1. I would love a atac bodyguard JT 2 slot. Literally just for the skin. I really don't like the look of the atac patroller etc. I would pay money for that lol
  2. Started in RTW time. The people I play with still play. If I was solo I probably wouldn't touch the game tbh
  3. It's like an itch you can't scratch. Doesn't matter what game comes out regardless I'll still play this game the most. Even tho Valorant is taking my attention away slowly.(finally)
  4. Okay. Cool. On topic. It is pretty fun to see people rage Whisper you when you use the current meta. Like I shouldn't use it? Why not?
  5. Tbh I agree with this, but I don't think they are gonna get removed. Hopefully maybe reworked to help with the balance
  6. It should be fixed. Not removed. What other things do you hate? Lol try hard? Just because people are competing and want to win. To bad they don't roll over for you...
  7. I mean VAC has had like hundreds of false ban waves. Also Vac as an AC is a freaking joke. Imo its close to PB really. lol
  8. This is what you love about apb. You clearly love the forums haha. To post that
  9. You don't either. I never said I knew anything about it. I do know how to code, I also know that it isn't just easy to make a new gametype. How many have you made? Oh I think I know. It goes both ways. You either want them to cater to the live game or look to the future of apb with the EU where(hopefully) other things can get implemented quickly. Oh I think I know quite well. Thanks tho
  10. The customized everything. Toons, cars, guns(skins), music, sprays etc. Nothing else like it out there. You might get a modded GTA server close but nothing to this. Also the gunplay is unique which is probably my favorite part. Also the pure competiveness for certain people.
  11. Mhmm yes just let him do this real quick. Couple lines of code here and there and boom done. You now have everything you want. Oh wait it doesn't work like that. Or does it!? Would you like to know more?
  12. Wtf is this? Get outta here. 7 hours ago idk but it was fine for me connecting.
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