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  1. Ooooof I totally missed the to say part. I guess this happens when you haven't slept at all because of resetting my sleep time for work. My bad Made a mistake I totally only read what I wanted to see lmfao.
  2. Duh because he knows everyone personally involved with the beta. He has the numbers to back it up... Jeez. (Sarcasm) Sucks that you had hiccups today. Next time will hopefully be an improvement. Just gotta keep going along and getting it done piece by piece
  3. Yeah exactly this. I change sensitivity because I like it. It's not a bad habit. Just I have done it in every game. Learned from a couple esports csgo players. I followed their habit LOL
  4. Personal shaders are allowed until EU. Same with Advanced launcher so that's not even a thing we should talk about. Dpi aka sensitivity(pretty much) Carbine should have a more moderate speed, shotgun should be slower, sniper faster, AR low-medium. You can make the case all day about those. Also pros(esports etc) change their sensitivity all the time in csgo, over watch etc depending on what they play. It literally makes no sense to ban for change in sensitivity. IT'S IN THE UI.
  5. Huh? I didn't say anything about scroll wheel or anything of that sort. I was saying that you make it sound like everyone should use the same devices and same sensitivity. Scroll wheel is terrible to shoot with just doesn't make sense to use imo. In that opinion you can't make lmb stay lmb. What happens if people have a disability or missing fingers etc and have to play with different buttons? I use my mb5 to shoot with because of limitations. So since I use that instead of lmb am I at a technical advantage? It's hard for me to use the lmb. If someone needs the scroll wheel to shoot? What happens then? Also I didn't want to bring up scroll wheel etc but you opened that can of worms. I also have no idea if they ban for it
  6. OK... You also stated your personal opinion also. So everyone should use the same sensitivity? Same mouse? Same keyboard? Sorry that's not happening anywhere on any level. Nobody is the same. Also sensitivity can be changed in game through the UI(thats a fact )
  7. Sensitivity can be changed in game so please stop with that. Not anyone's problem but your own. Keyboard and mouses are all different and have different click responses and pressure releases. Sounds like you want everyone the same thing? Esports doesn't even do this
  8. Scroll wheel is terrrrrible when on any weapon. Also lock the fire button to left click will not solve anything. You do realize that you can take a programmable mouse(razer etc) program it to make any button like the left mouse? Like I shoot with my m5 button not left click. I like the feel of it better, but it acts as a lmb. Also if it is locked and people have certain disabilities with fingers and feel better doing mb5 instead of left click how would that work? A month long wait to support to say idk. Sorry locking the lmb isnt the answer.
  9. Just stop. PMG is fine. You always complain about something.
  10. Ohh I wonder if someone is going to post a do you think I'm sensitive post about these symbols....
  11. Not when they do it on purpose to lose a rank so they can go in a different threat server then smash on them get gold and repeat... Thats unfair to the players that are actually trying to get better.
  12. Haha I love people that think they speak for everyone.
  13. I mean just to stir the pot, Wikipedia shouldn't be a source... https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Wikipedia_is_not_a_reliable_source *evil laugh*
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