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  1. I mean just to stir the pot, Wikipedia shouldn't be a source... https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Wikipedia_is_not_a_reliable_source *evil laugh*
  2. Valkyrja-

    Halloween Title

    Lmfao go figure. 10/10
  3. That's a lot of assumptions. It's a shooter where you can customize the character you want anyway you want(to an extent) so why does this matter so much for you? It's showing a game that you can customize a character. Some people also play the game to do just that and hang in social.
  4. So what? Why does it matter? There are more games with 18+ that show the same thing on steam
  5. I thought you were already bronze? So wouldn't the complaining already be done by you? Like always?
  6. Skins that look better are automatically given a +10 accuracy boost. So if the skin looks better its definitely pay2win.
  7. I mean they have that movie that kinda was the premise of the battle royal world... You know it's called battle royale
  8. Just go back into your dark hole. Nobody cares that you cry nonstop. At least LO is trying but you just want stuff now now now!! Like a kid that doesn't get what he wants to he screams and shouts and cries in the middle of a store.
  9. Weird 10-11 am where I am I'm at work. So weird to see nobody on at this time!! Where is everyone!?!?!? *Sarcasm*
  10. Back again to complain and do conspiracy theories. Can you not post crap that nobody cares about for 1 day?
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