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  1. I totally forgot that A LOT of Jewish and others still don't like this symbol.. I wonder why? Damn the US it's always their fault. Lmfao. Best comments are these
  2. First off. Rude. Oh shit. Sorry I read it like you said one thing in the beginning then a different thing right after. Kinda like how it was wrote. Learn how to not contradict yourself. Higher ttk servers are not the way to go with apb imo. I have my thoughts on it and you have yours. Thanks.
  3. Yes they did. I literally played in them. You can't say they didn't and say it's misinformation. You literally contradicted yourself. Except they didn't, then go on saying they did open those servers and try to say it was broken(but it wasn't literally raised the ttk like people wanted). Most???? Literally saw people complain about higher ttk because the game was not apb like and more tanky. This has been a thing since the game opened. It's literally going in a circle. Raise the ttk they do its crap they revert it. Give it a couple months/year and we are back at it again. I'll keep my opinion on higher ttk is crap. You can say that you want it. Regardless if one or the other happen people are gonna stay and be happy or leave because it's complete crap.
  4. Yeah no. They tried the higher ttk in districts. It didn't receive good feedback. Don't feel like going in full circle again.
  5. They nerfed medspray and box. Once every 8 hours. Working as intended. /s
  6. Figured it was this. The yellow mod was transitiond to Orange mod. Might wanna check to see what their orange mod is first before the ima report you thing. So they can't use the yellow mod anymore, but the orange mod isn't. It's in the joker tickets store. Go have a look.
  7. Ehh I don't think so but that's me. He said it as it's something wrong with it. Not meaning a buff.
  8. Holy crap. Please tell me you wear that tin foil hat in game and outside of the game? Threaten bans? So you think LO are cheaters? Seriously you need to take a break from apb.
  9. They are working on fixes for the console version. The EU is already on the consoles. Literally Google it and see the differences. It's not that hard. They aren't working on a "new" engine for console. They are working on updates and fixes that the consoles desperately need. The engine update is NOT out for PC. Also if you are talking about the EU to Unreal engine 4. That's gonna be a VERY long process. Just in case you were I wouldn't say they are working on it because almost all resources are pulled into getting the EU fixed and released (2.1)
  10. Unless it was tiggs back in the day LOL
  11. Stating a fact? What is the fact? That a snarky comment is what's wrong with the community? What is a fact in what you said? It's literally your opinions. The only thing I see as anywhere near a fact is the community is fed up with cheaters and how the game is being handled. Have a good one.
  12. Oh so I can't voice my opinion on him posting? I don't have that right? Get outta here with that. Lmfao Has a right to say he was banned? Weird but okay. I don't think we have rights when we sign that TOS. Support is the most logical choice. Snarky comment or not. So sorry, well no I'm not.
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