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  1. I mean if it took you 8 years to figure that out.... I feel bad for you
  2. Daily I get rekt by car det. Add it to the pile
  3. I think they are talking about when someone gets close to it on certain areas of Fin/Waterfront it doesn't work. Has happened multiple times when using it on missions that it just doesn't work at all.
  4. This is your opinion. Many people don't have a problem with it. As some people also said this... Using your eyes is brillant
  5. It's shutdown from what they said in the game. Probably to fix the issues that were going on.
  6. Are you serious? I don't understand CS? Again I guess you don't understand a company as small as this one isn't perfect, but hey you go that route. Give it to the man. Maybe idk 3 months not doing anything.... Clearly you don't understand things get lost
  7. I don't get how you just sat on your patootie for months waiting? You couldn't submit another ticket to check just in case this one got lost? Maybe something with a polite email saying could you recheck on this ticket number, please? Also, you might be protected but it doesn't mean it won't get drawn out and you might not see any of it. Its to late for this to be politely resolved? You literally didn't do anything for months... Human error is real. Customer support is HUMAN. Jesus Edit Also charge back do it. +1 for vsb
  8. Yeah man go through the legal system. File those charges that will cost wayyy more than that pack. DOOO IT or the attorney fees. It sucks that you have to wait this long, but you should totally do the legal system route./sarcasm It could have gotten lost which happens or skipped over because human error is a real thing. Hopefully it gets resolved
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