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  1. This is why you read the reviews before installing a game. Should've known what was coming to you.
  2. LO doesn’t listen to their community. “Critical gameplay update? Nah let’s just add the Corsair for more money!” G1 vibes. This may be an unpopular opinion, but I’d much rather have an actually enjoyable and playable game that doesn’t look very good and doesn’t run as good than having the same shit over and over again but looks really good.
  3. Yeah man where's my tampons. Calm down there nitro typer, don't need you wetting your pants.
  4. You being silver explains a lot.
  5. All i saw there was "im bad he must be cheating!11!!1!". Cheaters are a whole new topic, and nowhere did I mention them in my post. Talking game in general, take your personal issues out.
  6. Alright, before you get heated by reading the title, hear me out. It does not matter what server you go into. Bronze, Silver, Gold, hell... f*ckin Purple. There will always be a gold in your district. There will always be a guy who's keyboard is wet 24/7. Threat Segregation does absolutely nothing. All it does is it deters people who don't purposefully dethreat away because they can't join the only active district, that's bronze. Depends on the day if the district of the day is Bronze or Silver. I remember APB removing threat segregation last year and I experienced nothing different (though that's my personal experience, not speaking for all of you). Remove Threat District Segregation and district population will increase because we aren't all spread out. Again, this is my opinion and personal experience. You may agree, you may disagree.
  7. This one thread is more populated than all of NA. Let’s hope your plan works.
  8. Even with it's horrific TTK, the Norsemen is really fun to kill people with given its large magazine, which catches people off guard somehow. They really need a buff though.
  9. God, the amount of salty silver tears in this thread are giving me severe dehydration. Y’all have to remember, this is a free to play game. Stop wasting so much of your breath crying, and go play fortnite or something. That’s where a lot of you belong seeing as how you react to players who are just better. git gud scrub or leave
  10. After it ended, I used it twice and its back on a 6 hour cooldown. Amazing game.
  11. I would appreciate it if y'all fixed your f*cking game. https://imgur.com/a/e7lH1yp thanks
  12. Servers are going on an off, ping and packet loss are off the charts on and off stable, everything is delayed including chat. DDOS attack?
  13. Yeah yall are right. I apologize for coming off as ungrateful, not what i intended it to be. I was mainly just wondering if there was any holiday sales like past years. And i thought the premium was compensation? What's it for then?
  14. premium doesnt do much but bonus money. And a lot of the players that need premium rarely play or play too much and dont need it. And besides, the premium was compensation, not for a holiday.
  15. thats amazing. thanks for taking care of your players Little Orbit!
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