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  1. Servers are going on an off, ping and packet loss are off the charts on and off stable, everything is delayed including chat. DDOS attack?
  2. Yeah yall are right. I apologize for coming off as ungrateful, not what i intended it to be. I was mainly just wondering if there was any holiday sales like past years. And i thought the premium was compensation? What's it for then?
  3. premium doesnt do much but bonus money. And a lot of the players that need premium rarely play or play too much and dont need it. And besides, the premium was compensation, not for a holiday.
  4. thats amazing. thanks for taking care of your players Little Orbit!
  5. Any good armas sales that will get us extra percent off on purchases or more G1C when we buy for Easter?
  6. i have a ticket from 7 months ago still unanswered.
  7. welp time to wait 3 1/2 years.
  8. i didnt recieve any. just guns
  9. I bought box 23. The Corsair.
  10. I thought you earned 100 or so JT when you purchase joker boxes now. Purchased 13 of them, no JT in my account.
  11. I never received either items. Tommy gun or the quiver.
  12. Another bugged event. no surprise
  13. Quiver never showed up either.
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