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  1. Idk what happened to this game but there is explosive cancer everywhere. In one of my last games there were 3 ppl with osmaw and 1 sniper. How do you even deal with stuff like this?
  2. Because it wasn't fully utilized. I think they didn't enable it just because of being scared losing all the playerbase that uses modded clients (which is basically everyone if we count the advanced launcher)
  3. You just need EAC with all of its protections enabled. That will prevent client modding as well. I don't understand why they have decided to go back to battleye instead of integrating EAC properly.
  4. Because it will be harder to bring ppl back once when they have left. Some will come back when the engine update happens but a lot more won't. Not to mention without any significant new content, the engine update won't change much either.
  5. To me, it seems like they are trying to do something before even understanding how the game works. Reinventing the wheel but poorly. Give it another 7 more years at least.
  6. It was annoying back then and I can only imagine what it is as a meta. Consumables are probably one of the biggest mistakes added to the game.
  7. Normies these days... Once upon a time you had the privilege to get teamkilled on purpose all the time.
  8. Pretty much everything if it wasn't for the complete lack of content and all the cheaters.
  9. Don't worry. It has been coming since 2014. Also I pretty much called it that it is not going to happen in 2020 unlike a certain SPCT who tried to make fun of me when I said it.
  10. I don't get why it is even called a beta. Public beta is usually mean as a smoke test when the game is ready to be released, not half way into development. How many years of betas are there going to be?
  11. Merry xmas I wanted to make a return for the holidays but there doesn't seems to be anything to look forward.
  12. At this point - no. There will have to be a rain of new content after it is released for anyone to even care. And if the performance is worse than the current one, there will be even less.
  13. Looks like people hear "overpowered" and are losing their mind. Lets be real here. Is there even a reason to use anything else other than Clotting Agent? If one skill is way more useful than others of the same type, how is that called?
  14. Even if we ignore the FPS lag the beta has bunch of other issues. Inconsistent lighting, things in the distance popping out out of nowhere I like the change in the geometry and the new water but the new positive changes aren't really that many to make a good difference.
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