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  1. Yikes. Literally 200 ppl online during the weekend. If going to disable threat at least bother to hide it during matches.
  2. Being a 32bit app is not an issue. Any 64bit system is capable of running 32bit apps without problems. You can force it in compatibility settings but any modern hardware / OS will just refuse to run anything under 32bit color.
  3. This wasn't a suggestion. xD It is something unavoidable that will just happen.
  4. It is much simpler than that. A game with 200 players, most of which cheater. Guess what happens if they ban those. You get even dead-er game.
  5. Isn't it just v-sync on or something? It just prevents tearing but slows down your inputs for the picture to catch on. There is no reason to play on less fps unless you are getting visual issues or overheating.
  6. It is cure. Ppl thinking that they are actually being heard.
  7. The power factor of every gun should be based around the Star. Also considering how laggy this game is, it really needs longer TTKs. Sometimes I die before can even see than I am taking dmg. A lot of times I start landing shots first and the other guy turns around and still kills me in half a time.
  8. I didn't know there was a way to kill an already dead game twice. I woudl understand doing that for Jericho but Citadel? Really? What a way to kill off the entire bottom part of the community.
  9. It wouldn't be a problem if there was a system to kick dethreaters back to server select every time when they hit gold.
  10. What do you mean "suddenly"? Was there a time it didn't have cheats?
  11. Too bad there is nobody who can keep the players inside it.
  12. I have already posted it in another thread. It is the only type of media coverage this game will ever get nowadays.
  13. Yes. That is the point. It didn't bankrupt the company even when it is bad.
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