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  1. How many do you want to make for releasing 1 new item in 10 years?
  2. I don't even know why NA server still exist. They should have merged it with EU long ago instead of removing threats.
  3. Ofc it will be detecting it as cheats. It can be very exploitative in the right hands. It would be surprising if it doesn't detects it considering even the most basic anti cheats does that.
  4. Did you buy the account from the guy who hacked you? If they can't confirm that is you, it is probably due the IP and email used for creating the account. The other possibility is that you have been downloading cheats and got keylogger. What kind of hacker would even care about an obscure game like APB?
  5. You have to be in the top half of the scoreboard for most of the time to climb. Ending up with 0 kills however doesn't affect threat even if you are at the bottom.
  6. It is really just a noob stomper mod that trivializes the whole game. Idk who thought it was a good idea. At least back then the explosives were only rentals.
  7. The problem with this game is that it never changes outside of things getting removed. if I login now, the game will be the same as it was 9 years ago... just with less players.
  8. You are missing the point entirely. he is complaining about the matchmaking being bad not the players.
  9. lmao such change will benefit the golds even more because they are usually always in stack and the other team will just have no clue what they are against.
  10. How do you expect to get millions of players with this matchmaking?
  11. Probably. At least it is not like the engine update where the game ran worse even with barely any people on the server.
  12. After playing for some time, the performance seems to be identical to how it was before. For some reason it was better on the test server. maybe I should try fresh install. at least it is not worse. Nice to see 100 people districts again. Also I am getting some weird bug where I can't see any objective markers and teammates until I die.
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