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  1. Try restarting the PC. Sometimes is enough to do just that. If not, some program may be interfering.
  2. Well, you are not playing much if all you get is no opposition matches. The other option is to at least give minimal reward for completing non opposed missions to encourage staying to the end (which to be given only at certain server population to prevent farming on empty servers)
  3. I would be enough if the matchmaking was actually dong its job and doesn't always stack golds vs all other threats. I don't get why starting a mission without opposition is even still a thing. How hard it is to make it start only when there are enough people in both teams? And speaking of teams, 3v3 should be the minimum team size to even have a proper match. Fix that and the population may get above 200 people.
  4. No because there is no 64bit upgrade coming. It is not a matter of look but visual feedback. Something that this game can benefit greatly.
  5. Alig... oh nvm. Everyone still runs around with vegases vans and opgl
  6. The game is dead and will continue to be even deader if nothing changes.
  7. I am not touching this game until they revert the threat districts at least. Hf losing even more people. It was 600 like a year ago.
  8. This community is just hilarious. "mimimi APB doesn't have enough players" and in the meantime: "just uninstall 4head"
  9. Still no threat districts? How much of the playerbase has left already?
  10. So it took 8 years just to realize the obvious. Nice. Can there be finally any real progress now?
  11. The engine alone won't change the game. It is the same game and looks the same. Without pumping out any content, nothing will change.
  12. Reminds me of 2014 They could have rebuild the entire game from scratch for all this time. For the time they make it run on UT3.5 it will become incompatible again.
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