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  1. The game is dead and will continue to be even deader if nothing changes.
  2. I am not touching this game until they revert the threat districts at least. Hf losing even more people. It was 600 like a year ago.
  3. This community is just hilarious. "mimimi APB doesn't have enough players" and in the meantime: "just uninstall 4head"
  4. Still no threat districts? How much of the playerbase has left already?
  5. So it took 8 years just to realize the obvious. Nice. Can there be finally any real progress now?
  6. The engine alone won't change the game. It is the same game and looks the same. Without pumping out any content, nothing will change.
  7. Reminds me of 2014 They could have rebuild the entire game from scratch for all this time. For the time they make it run on UT3.5 it will become incompatible again.
  8. I wish there was a way to make permanent day. It is so annoying not to be able to see anything. And it applies double for this game where there are still part on the maps that are completely black and the only indication you have for an enemy is their name in the air.
  9. They should have kept it only for the dead server then. The pop was like 400 just a month before the change and now is half of that.
  10. Yikes. Literally 200 ppl online during the weekend. If going to disable threat at least bother to hide it during matches.
  11. Being a 32bit app is not an issue. Any 64bit system is capable of running 32bit apps without problems. You can force it in compatibility settings but any modern hardware / OS will just refuse to run anything under 32bit color.
  12. This wasn't a suggestion. xD It is something unavoidable that will just happen.
  13. It is much simpler than that. A game with 200 players, most of which cheater. Guess what happens if they ban those. You get even dead-er game.
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