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  1. How do you expect to get millions of players with this matchmaking?
  2. Probably. At least it is not like the engine update where the game ran worse even with barely any people on the server.
  3. After playing for some time, the performance seems to be identical to how it was before. For some reason it was better on the test server. maybe I should try fresh install. at least it is not worse. Nice to see 100 people districts again. Also I am getting some weird bug where I can't see any objective markers and teammates until I die.
  4. Wow it is actually happening? it only took 10 years to have something shipped on live. I really hope it doesn't stop there.
  5. Yup. groups ruin this game. If there were more players and bigger team sizes it wouldn't matter but now it is guaranteed to have at least 2 golds vs a silver and a bronze.
  6. It is not the name but the substance that needs changing. Fix the game, add bunch of good new content and advertise the heck out of it.
  7. Some quick first impression since didn't have time to play much: The game seems to run slightly better and maybe load faster which I really didn't expect. However, i get something like consistent frame skipping when moving the camera around (as if the game holds on a frame for longer than it should and then skips ahead. Similar to playing a streamed game on a weak connection) which is not present on live. I also get this file blocked by battleye which is also not happening on live: [INFO] Blocked loading of file: "C:\Program Files\Avira\Endpoint Protection SDK\amsi\x64\avamsi.dll"
  8. That is exactly the problem. Instead of chasing unachievable things, they should have kept updating the game with actual content (or do it in parallel ) And now with only less than 200 people online, the game is as good as dead.
  9. The roadmap for 2023 is the cancelation of the 64 bit update :^)
  10. People don't need new accounts to cheat. Not allowing new accounts is like locking the door, eating the key and starving yourself to death.
  11. Try restarting the PC. Sometimes is enough to do just that. If not, some program may be interfering.
  12. Well, you are not playing much if all you get is no opposition matches. The other option is to at least give minimal reward for completing non opposed missions to encourage staying to the end (which to be given only at certain server population to prevent farming on empty servers)
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