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  1. I mean I really love Headless Horseman, but I'm just kind of confused as to why we had to wait this late in the month since it's the same event. Spooky month is almost over :< Still, glad it's here anyway. Looking forward to the convoys and car v car combat.
  2. Raptor Condor. People always seem to underestimate the range on it.
  3. Eh, recycled or not Headless Horseman is one of the highlights of APB for me so I'd like to play it at least one more time before this game possibly croaks.
  4. I don't know why it was a thing in the first place. If matchmaking was based on rank as well and not just threat, then yeah, having to grind for certain mods makes some sense (btw not saying matchmaking should be rank based, it's just the only scenario I could think of where restricting mods so high would be justified).
  5. I generally don't like kill missions, not because I get decked, I have good ones and bad ones, but the waypoints just kill it for me most of the time. It takes ambush tactics out of the equation and ambushing can be pretty gosh darning important if you're fighting superior foes or the "never miss" types. I will admit it can be fun at times. Seeing who can bait who first in a sniper duel, who can out shoot who in a head on engagement and so on. But more often than not it becomes a case of camp the high ground or worst case scenario the other team will run. My idea is to change one of the kill missions and make it so there are no waypoints and have a boundary instead. Going outside the boundary wouldn't kill you right away. It could either be a timer and instant death when the timer runs out or it could be bleed damage, doing more damage the further away you get from the combat zone. Part of me wants this to be the only type of kill mission, but I get that there are people who like the kill missions as they are, so I'd say just change one of the mission types. Keep the tug of war type as it is with the waypoints and make the first to get X number of kills boundary based, making it a mini fightclub essentially.
  6. I lol'd Yeah I'm not really for a cap at the Casino myself. I just figured it could be a solution to those who have concerns about gambling. If the developers had similar concerns then I'd rather have a limited casino then no casino at all. I love your idea for the Race track! Your post also got me thinking about the layout of social. The Galleria becoming the casino seems like a logical choice but it got me thinking about other uses for that space. I'm thinking rent-able apartments. Some could be first come first serve, like the Galleria display points. Other, possibly more fancy apartments, you would have to bid on in the weekly market auctions. You could have it so you can set a lock to group, friends only, a whitelist and so on. I figure there would be symbol display points inside as paintings. Color-able walls/carpet. Maybe even be able to rearrange the furniture. There could also be a TV that you could watch video links on, Garry's Mod tower style. Maybe some utility things too, like a clothing kiosk in a closet and a Laptop on a table to act as a mail kiosk. As for where the casino would go in this scenario I think you could open up the back of Joker distribution and create a new area for it. This way you have the prize room up front, makes the place even more enticing. @DeadlyHellhound A vault system would be very nice. Would make moving Weapons and stuff in general between characters a hell of a lot easier. At the very least we should be able to send multiple attachments in the mail. Maybe something like 5 for f2p players and 15 for premium. This doesn't address the storage space issue though and if the mail bugged out and you lost a lot of stuff it would be pretty devastating so a vault like you're suggesting would be preferable.
  7. My mistake. like I said I don't visit the forums very often so I forgot about the other sections :x
  8. Had a couple ideas I've been sitting on so I figured I'd start a general ideas thread. What are changes you'd like to see? Additions? Blah blah etc? First off social needs to be expanded and I think a casino would be rad as heck. I imagine it would be joker ticket based for most things, like slots, roulette, etc. Tickets wouldn't work for some things like poker since players could bid a lot and then fold to give one guy tickets. I wouldn't say keep poker out though, you could just have it with regular in game money since we're able to gift that to each other anyway. I understand there's some concerns about introducing gambling into the game, (outside of joker boxes) but you could put a cap on how many times you can play certain games per day or how many tickets you're allowed to spend. I'd like to see more interact-able things in social in general. The bars are really cool areas, but outside of role play you can't really do anything in them. Sit on bar stools! Take some shots! Live a little! Also dancer poles would be nice. And before you groan at that suggestion can you honestly say you WOULDN'T want to see Phresh working it? The general idea here is to have the environment be more interact-able, make the world feel less static. One last thing that's a bit of a nit pick but still a gripe for me is the clusterfrick that is the inventory. It'd be great to have it be organize-able, at the very least alphabetized. I mean it's alphabetized in the clothing kiosks but no where else? Weapons aren't so bad since you at least have the category option, but when it comes to listing items on the market it's a total pain in the a... neck. That's all I have for now. I don't frequent the forums very often so I apologize if I'm suggesting things that have been discussed here semi recently. I know the game has much bigger issues that need to be addressed first, but I'm just thinking along the lines of if apb gets to a point where it's doing more than just limping along and CAN be expanded. So if you think this game has a future or just want to entertain hypotheticals for fun I'd love to hear your guys thoughts and ideas. edit: Since I faffed hard and posted this in the wrong place because I forgot about the suggestions section, I suppose the focus of this thread should be changes and additions you would like to see in social mainly.
  9. Is anyone else getting new reply notifications but no new comments are loading?
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