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  1. Well, the why, in Little Orbits older posts, do they state their working on a new engine to add to both tge console and pc versions?
  2. I don't have time to read through or try to look for answers. It's faster, for me personally, just to ask. Merged. The PS4 version was fine for the first 9 months, until Gamers First started the holiday stuff. This should be a clue for Little Orbit to start there. The console version did not have the new engine upon PS4 release because Gamers First weren't the one's who did new engine stuff. Little Orbit is the only one's doing new engine. They (Little Orbit) even talk about how they were planning work on new engine for console in older threads from 2018. I'm tired of seeing fog on door windows, blurry street signs, blurry ugly custom painted cars with blurry symbols (imcluding blurry custom clothing) that's there because the textures/graphics don't load properly more than 50% of the time. I was unstoppable with LMG for the first 9 months of PS4 release, then once Gamers First added the holiday stuff (Christmas 2017) Everything went to crap. I played missions until my main character reached max and I'd very much would like to play missions again but can't until Everything is fixed on PS4. For those saying buy a PC. I own one. Some things I like having on console.
  3. I see the threads regarding the new engine being in beta testing. Would someone from Little Orbit kindly tell me if the PS4 version is part of this? I haven't played missions in so long due to how broken the PS4 version is and I'm alao tired of the textures/graphics not loading properly. They load properly less than 50% of the time.
  4. Wrong, the new engine was planned by Little Orbit when they bought APB in 2018, from Gamers First. Gamers First did not release APB for PS4 on a new engine. Furthermore, Gamers First had zero plans to use a new engine. It was Little Orbit who decided APB needed a new engine when they made the purchase. GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT BEFORE COMING HERE TO COMMENT!!!!!
  5. We PS4 players have not had the engine update yet jackass! The game was released on PS4 in 2017 by Gamers First, who had zero plans for a new engine. It was bought in 2018, by Little Orbit who are the ones who planned a new engine and update. They claim they're working on everything but they're coming to their second year of owning the game and well, they haven't released anything to us! They haven't finished working on everything so no update release for anyone.
  6. Besides, to chill is ridiculous when the game has been a thing on PC for an eternity and on PS4 since 2017. Yes I know LO has only own the game for almost 2 years now but this is just stupid..... they've put game cons ahead of fixing this when this has been a game for so long. They're amateurs and as amateurs, they should do the right the first before anything else first.
  7. Where is the thread? I don't have countless hours to look for it.
  8. February 2020 is almost halfway over now, and the PS4 version is still garbage with no offical update release in sight..... why not PIN your topic about all work on the new engine and such ON YOUR HOME PAGE SO IT'S THE FIRST THING WE SEE WHEN WE LOG IN? It's bad enough as it is, you think game cons are more important than fixing a game for your fans.
  9. I knew you amateurs cared nothing for your PS4 fans... still no update... so sad... so pathetic. If you finished the update and sent it in for approval, why has it still not been approved. The Cons are over, bug the heck out of Sony to get them to approve it or something. Yes, I know, I keep creating new threads wondering what's going on. Ban me from the forum if you don't like it. I'm not someone who searches forums for hours because I never find answers when I've tried to in the past. It would be nice if you would, if you really cared, as the developer, to comment an answer right here. I doubt you have the guts to answer though, because you know you don't care about PS4 fans.
  10. K:D is not all that important on APB. Mission wins are more important. When a person can win missions by putting himself in harms way, purposely dying a lot to distract the opp from going after other team members, and still win the mission, it adds to the teamwork aspect. Kills matter when the final objective is deathmatch or if you have to kill a VIP. If you have to protect a VIP (keep them alive), running is an option. If you're the opp who has to kill the VIP but you don't know how to stop a runner or you just cry "Stop running", you're a lazy fool who wants kills to come easy. Running and going after runners is fun for me because it creates more competitive situations to think through and act accordingly. Oh! Also, because I do love a good police chase.
  11. Wrong sir, I didn't state it wasn't approved for some reason. I stated it is still waiting on approval. It hasn't even been looked at by those who are responsible for approving updates. Learn how to read. It will help, trust me.
  12. I will do as I please. I have every right to have my say. This is a forum, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. If you don't like that I don't have to do as you say, that's tough.
  13. That would also be Little Orbit not doing their job after buying the game a year ago, claiming a month ago, they finished the update and sent it in for approval, meanwhile, a month passes and the finished update hadn't gotten an approval while other games updates get approved every week, so, that's GamersFirst fault? I think not!
  14. I posted here because I believe those at Little Orbit are lying and there isn't an update coming. I'm tired of so many other PS4 games getting updates every week but APB Reloaded can't get one update since it was released on PS4 March 31, 2017. That ain't right...
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