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  1. LewdLemming

    Lewd Clothing

    When I saw the title, I thought someone wanted a line of clothing for me (which I'm totally agreeable to).
  2. 3-day Premium -> CreepedOut2019 This little gem was "hidden" in Lixil's post about the Halloween Costume Contest: My artistic talent allows me to draw, at best, stick men and women. Because of this, I don't even bother clicking on any post that relates to designing things, even contests. If you are like me, then you may have missed the fact there was a freebie Premium code available. The only way I knew about it was a tweet by @gordoismyname (thanks Gordo!) that was liked by APB Reloaded which is why it made it to my feed. Enjoy. And thanks to LO for bringing back freebie codes. Hopefully this trend continues and happens more often. -Lewd
  3. I feel with the threat level invisible it would just mean more people hackusating their opponents.
  4. Thanks for these. The first link was not bad. I have listened to stuff like that before and enjoyed it. I liked the second link, but enjoyed the third the most. In fact, I've actually heard that tune in a few dnb mixes before. I also liked the Metrik tune. I also enjoyed this. I find these guys remind me of Noisia without the sampling, with an annoying MC. Might want to check out the EATBRAIN and Blackout podcasts. Quite good. On YouTube, I've subscribed to BassDrop's channel as (s)he posts the EATBRAIN podcasts ( https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCA6lCs0CBpc5NHqVxiSqpLw ) Aaaand, check out this one:
  5. Yeah, I've experienced the same thing with the chain link gates. Had the gate respawn in the tail of my vegas, which ended up blocking my teammate from getting to me and the objective. Had to shoot it a bunch of times to get it to "destroy" again.
  6. I don't understand why players are grouped up at the beginning of unopposed missions, You end up getting a group of 3 or 4 players and they end up sitting waiting for opponents until players start abandoning. Just make it a single player for an unopposed mission, and then pull them in to an opposed multi-player mission. I've been placed in so many unopposed missions with other players and we've ended up sitting until the end of the timer for a veeeeery long time. Completely blows. Or, the other thing that happens is that after players bail, you are left by yourself in a mission then gets opposed ... by one other player, leaving you in a 1v1. Not. Cool. Respectively, LL
  7. They have 2 new contacts that are being added that are waterfront only. This will re-populate waterfront as I suspect all of the R255's will be playing waterfront to complete the new contacts. Will probably see a complete reversal of what we have right now. Waterfront will be full-ish, and financial will be almost empty. I believe the contacts are being added with the engine update. Here is what Matt said about the reason they are being added to waterfront: Hi there, Waterfront has always been short two contacts. So while it is not ideal, this is where these contacts were designed to go long before we took over. Thanks, Matt
  8. Out of the 3 you shared, I enjoyed "Urbandawn - Come Together (feat. Tyson Kelly)" the most. Thanks for that. Thanks for sharing these. Out of your 3, I laughed at the fact that I enjoyed the "Cliffy - Commercial shit your Nan will like" one the most. I love dubstep more than dnb, and this tune was kind of a nice mix. The tunes from Redeyes is music I have to be in a certain mood to enjoy. Out of the bunch, "Just Greg - Puglist Junglist" was my favourite as it is most close to the stuff I normally listen to with its speed, beat, and sampling. Thanks you guys for sharing. This is one that I am really enjoying. Love the "heh, heh, heh" bit (eventually I'll figure out how to separate that from the track and then I'll use it as my text msg notification, lol). This is the original. And this is the VIP version. I like both, but prefer the VIP version. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.
  9. Buncha savages. Lol. Ya try to make a nice thread ...
  10. Well, I knew I could remote pledge, but I did not know that I could accept DAs as well. Thanks! Still learning things about the game (or being reminded about something I forgot ... could be that too. lol.)
  11. Nuuuu. I should be rewarded for thinking outside the box.
  12. I think for the most part, we can all agree that there are a lot of toxic people in the apb community. Lots of threads "showcasing" this. This isn't one of them. Both my mains are R255, and I've been around this game for a number of years on and off. So, not a newbie just starting. Newbie in-game, but not just starting the game. I'm one of those guys that does the daily activities (DAs) while I'm playing my missions, etc. I enjoy most of them as it forces me to use a different weapon than I would normally use, plus has the added benefit of giving me those JTs so I can collect em up and maybe get a 3-slot character bound weapon from the joker store in social. The problem for me is that there are some of the daily activities that take me a while to get and because I am at my fifth daily activity, I can't switch the activity out. Or more often than not, I forget that I can actually go to a contact and change the DA. I think the one I dislike the most though, is the resupply 25 ammo to teammates one. Takes forever. It takes me a long time (usually) to "run 2 (or is it 3?) people over with your vehicle" and this one frustrates me. Earlier this month I had this particular DA and it was about an hour and I still only had run only one person over. I got so frustrated that I asked in district chat if "one of the nice terrorists would allow me to run them over so I could get rid of the DA". Wasn't really expecting someone to say "yah, I'll do it if we get opposed", but someone did. Figured, Ok just someone messing around with me, but lo and behold we ended up opposed and he whispered me and said "where you at? I'll let you run me over" ... and he did just that. Sadly, I can't remember the players name. I'm pretty sure I was on my "AmorousAardvark" alt enforcer toon at the time. And last night, I had a player deliberately spawn his vehicle and bring it to me to allow me to blow it up (twice) so I could clear my DA. This one I remember(ish) the name ... Weatherin or Witherin. I was using my main enforcer toon, "LewdLemming". So yeah, just wanted to say THANKS and say that not everyone is toxic in this game. Maybe I'll be able to pay it forward to someone else.
  13. Like I said, if you do a quick search on "disconnect" or "crash", etc you'll see a number of posts with a number of ideas for fixing the issue. They may or may not work for you. None of them have worked for my buddy though.
  14. There are a few threads about random disconnects in this section of the forum. The majority of them seem to be "ran out of memory". If you run a search on "disconnect", a bunch should pop up. Plus, if you have an RTX card, there are known issues between them (the drivers are for 64-bit, or something like that) and the game as the game is 32-bit. Apparently the drivers are not so backwards compatible and so the game tends to crash. That being said, there is a log file that is created when you launch apb. If you open that file, it will give you a better idea of what the problem is. Unfortunately, though ... there is no black and white fix for the issue. LO is aware of the issue and have indicated that they have not experienced any issues (re: random crashes) on testing the new engine upgrade, which they said they hope to release by end of year.
  15. I about choked on my coffee when I read this bit. That right there is a signature waiting to happen. And please, fer the luva gawd Havana, lay off the caps. You don't need the caps for the community, or at least the ones that frequent the forums, to know you are upset. I've been around this game for years as well, and frequently get my butt stomped. Do I get upset? Lots of times. Mostly when I have my doubts about a player or two from on the opp team. But, that being said, I also realize that maaaaaaybe that person is actually just that much better than me. Lord knows I am not that great of a player. The other thing to keep in mind too, is that the young-uns reflex times are usually much faster than us older folks. With regards to reporting, LO has indicated they are about 3-4 weeks behind on answering support tickets, which I assume is how a /report gets to them. Could be wrong about that though.
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