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Found 28 results

  1. GamersFirst players! We want to inform you about an important change with our Support Center. As of April 25th we have transitioned our support tools from Zendesk to Zoho Desk. We made this decision after careful consideration aiming to enhance the efficiency and accessibility of our support services. We understand that during this transition some of you may have experiences delay in receiving responses. Please accept our sincerest apologies for any inconvenience this has caused. Rest assured our team is diligently working to address all outstanding inquiries. If you have not yet received a response to a ticket submitted before the switch we kindly ask you to reach out again via our new system. Additionally, there will be changed done to the submitting system as well, so if you have feedback we would be more then happy to accept it. We've also relocated our Help Center https://www.gamersfirst.com/support/ to ensure you can more easily find helpful articles and open support tickets whenever needed. We currently have APB Help Center up with the rest of game following in the coming weeks. Additionally, we have a known issue list for APB that you can find here: https://www.gamersfirst.com/apb/known-issues. Thank you for your understanding and patience during this transition. We are here to assist you so please do not hesitate to contact our support if you have any questions or need further assistance. Warm regards, Customer Support Team
  2. Dear Little Orbit Support Team, I trust this message finds you well. I am writing to you with a sense of urgency and genuine concern regarding the recent trade lock imposed on my account in APB Reloaded. As a dedicated player who has passionately engaged with the game for over a decade, I find myself deeply disheartened by this sudden restriction. One of the most rewarding aspects of my gaming experience in APB Reloaded has been my ability to create symbols, outfits, and share them within the community. The trade lock has not only stifled this creative outlet that brings me immense satisfaction but has also transformed my gameplay into a challenging, solitary experience. I now find myself in a situation where I am forced into a hardcore ironman mode, making the acquisition of weapon modifications an arduous grind instead of the previously accessible option to purchase them from the market. What exacerbates my frustration is the lack of transparency and information regarding the alleged violation that led to the trade lock. I am certain that I have not knowingly breached any rules, and the absence of clarity on the matter leaves me feeling helpless. I have made numerous attempts to seek assistance from the support team, but unfortunately, my pleas for justice and information have gone unanswered. I understand the necessity of maintaining a fair gaming environment, but I implore you to consider the impact this trade lock has on my overall gaming experience. I firmly believe that there might be a misunderstanding or an error within the automated system, and I am reaching out to you with the hope that a thorough review of my case could shed light on this situation. My appeal is not just for the removal of the trade lock but, more importantly, for transparency regarding the alleged violation. I am more than willing to cooperate and rectify any unintentional mistakes on my part. I cherish my role in the APB Reloaded community and am eager to continue contributing positively to its vibrant ecosystem. Your assistance in this matter is of paramount importance to me. I kindly request that you reconsider the trade lock on my account, providing the necessary information that will allow me to understand and address any issues that may have arisen. I am confident that a fair review will reveal my commitment to upholding the standards of the game. Thank you for your time and understanding. I eagerly await a swift resolution that will enable me to once again enjoy APB Reloaded to its fullest. Best regards, lRush Removed non-PG13 content. - Azukii
  3. I have recently logged into my apb account and it has given me an error code 10008, i have no idea why my account has been banned as i have never cheated in this game. remove post if its not allowed in this thread also.
  4. The title really kinda sums it up. I'd really appreciate some links to the ARMAS marketplace and the support pages from the forums to make them a little more functional. As it stands with the new forums I have to specifically google "APB Reloaded armas marketplace" or "APB Reloaded support" which is a bit annoying.
  5. I cannot log in to my account after typing my password. I use the two-factor authentication for APB Reloaded on my account. I get the same issue when login to the GamerFirst website. When i type in the code from google authentication it gives me the error of an invalid code. I have tried it more than multiple times and i still have the same result. Before, it gave me invalid code; i typed it again and it worked. Usually the 2nd time works when i put in the code. Thankfully i had my forum account still logged in. When i am trying to login into the GamerFirst website: If it is possible removal of the authenticator would be fine. P l s halp LovelyJasmine
  6. I lost my access to my steam account. Is there anyway to unlink steam account from apb reloaded. I tried creating ticket on support but I am not able to click submit ticket button after filling all the options as shown on screenshot.
  7. How did LittleOrbit answer all support tickets: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W6BJON-77rQ I guess this board missed some occasional shitpost. Please don't ban me for that. P.S. You will only get it if you retried with support. And no... I don't really blame them.
  8. Has anyone else experienced really slow response from support? I have been waiting a week for a single response now. Just wondered what experienced you guys had since I'm starting to get unpatented. G1 usually answered after a day. but I'm giving these new guys a chance since they have had a lot of work to do
  9. I know, know, so many tickets so many things to do. But guys you talk about "" fair support '' and do s*it like this: I want say this: This is not the answear This not resolv any problem Now after 20 days of waiting I KNOW this... And this changes my view of the world This is Social Forum not Support so lets talk aboit it. Do I require too much ? or support shouldn't solve problems in detail. or in my opinion it is time when they can't waste time. for me and others like me ? Someone get this kind of reply or I am first ?
  10. Howdy, Just wondering... How long does it take for support to answer your ticket? Not sure if it's because the workloads are increased due to /report working again, but I have been waiting for a reply to a ticket for a week. Hyper
  11. I forgot my original account’s password and the password of the email linked to it, and there’s no way to retrieve the email. What do I do?
  12. Its been 2days since I opened my support ticket about my account being compromised. NO REPLIES FROM GAMERFIRST. Please improve your customer support and fix my issue ASAP. Customer Support was so better when there was no Little Orbit.
  13. Okay, so can someone in charge tell me why on the launcher LO doesn't have up to date information. Just like this extended time of servers being down. Some people don't know to come to forums for information. Latest news and updates it 'says'. Last listing was from August Would make more sense if you had it listed in launcher messages. You probably have a large % of players that think the game is shutdown even. I and everyone else in APB appreciates your efforts, but lets take it a step further and do as I am suggesting. It only makes sense. I have had to tell at least a dozen people it isn't shutdown, that you guys are doing some kind of updates. Lixil I expect you will be where I will get an answer for this or excuse/reason. Have a great day APBers. Much love to all and Happy Thanksgiving
  14. I changed my email ID which i linked to gamersfirst and now forgot my email ID which i linked to gamersfirst i still retain the original one prior to this one and have all the purchase bills and transactions email ID, I wanted to contact support regarding this issue, but for some reason, submit ticket option isn't working
  15. For curiosities sake, With moving things to unreal 3.5 then to 4. Do you think they would add NVidia Ansel Support? Would you guys like to see some sort of high fidelity screenshot capture tool implemented in game? I for one think getting a really artsy screenshot can be difficult without post processing. Now PP is okay to a degree (ha ha) but I'd like something that actually works, and works well without alteration. I've used Ansel before and I find it's a pretty powerful screenshot tool for the games that have some pretty hardcore graphics. I know APB isn't good on the graphics right now but with the new engine update maybe we'll see some better AA with symbols and designing and better lighting, bloom, dynamic lights. So who knows, I suppose the best questions to ask are, are the graphics in the newer engine going to be significantly better and even worth adding a fancy screenshot tool? Or will the game only preform better? And if they'd even have the money to pay for third party supportive programs like that. I don't know if Ansel support is something that's paid for by the developers or if it's a free kit with game development. I dunno the ins and the outs of how one would acquire such a program for their game but oh well, Curious as always to hear what you guys think. Edit: For those who don't know what NVidia Ansel is, it's a high quality screen cap tool that a lot of games today are implementing. Basically allows you to take a screen shot from any position, in full 3D and HDR. So basically it's just a beastly screenshot tool that would be infinitely helpful IMO.
  16. How can support be this slow in a game with a playerbase that small? It literally takes weeks for them to answer. I've seen games with giant playerbase were the support answer in 1-2 days as max. Not trying to hate, just a little annoyed about this thing, since I have a problem with Armas marketplace.
  17. hi there LO . as i saw the whole skins of the world countries its time to add another country skin that need to be add ! i would like you guys to add israel flag skin into apb so people from israel would have the choice to buy that and add it to there guns ty
  18. Bought the wrong weapon because of carelessness, support can change this weapon to another?
  19. I'm writing a post here because the topic needs to be refreshed. Matt-Scott and the administration agreed that they will increase the limit on items in the inventory, It's about weapons locker, themes, song, equippments and etc In an interview Matt tell that it will be done. In inteview Matt don't decide whether it would be an option to buy, or maybe in the event game, everyone does not say anything... During the events, there was more than one occasion, for add some prizes like this... but everyone seemed to forget about it. there were events with such a win a few years ago and no one saw the problem. They always said yes, and nothing doing. again.. there were events with such a win a few years ago and no one saw the problem. Can someone from our wonderful administration finally share any possibility to increase these lockers. any possibility... Yes I know Matt promised more content for this year... Well, I'm not going to talk about this topic because He has time until the end of the year And yes i don't have slots to receive my permanent weapon without deleting another permanent weapon (i am sad)
  20. Please fix this. I've paid a lot of money for these rims. The fact these wheels (and rims!!) clipping thru the ground bothers me (and other woke folks) a lot!
  21. Hi. I have a huge problem. My mobile broke and now i cant access to my G1 Account and tho game no more because it wants me to use 2 Factor Authentication. I had google authenticator on my phone. That means i cant open ticket and i cant contact support Please Help me
  22. I recently decided to come back and try the game after I recently heard it was purchased by a new company and they were starting to update it again. So I went through the processes to get logged back in. Along the way I found out that I do not remember my account name in order to manually log in. . . So I created a support ticket asking for assistance with the issue, that was 8 days ago, and not a single response. I am just curious to see if others have had such issues with customer support or I am the only one. Currently I am a little dissatisfied with the time wasted in waiting. Meanwhile I await a response, hopefully one will come.
  23. Had a neat idea while chatting about the origins of my username in district chat a few days ago. I enjoy playing support in a lot of various video games and something that feels like it is missing from this game is the ability to heal teammates. I realize that we have medsprays that do heal players that are around you when you use them but what if we had an orange character mod that dropped down a medkit which would decrease recovery time in a radius around you that lasted for a few seconds? Maybe they could be used like the ammobox with the player being stuck in an animation while the teammates around them received the buff or perhaps it could drop down like the consumable ammo crate with a bar that drains till it's out of bandages. I just think it would be cool to have more character mods and on top of this it would make for interesting strategies when pushing or defending objectives. Just a small recovery buff for a couple of seconds, standard orange mod cool down but something with a bit of a bigger radius/lifetime over the standard medsprays. I'm sure this has probably been suggested before so what do you guys think would be the best way to implement a supportive heal mod? Let's brainstorm!
  24. Small ideas for LO. 1. If you block someone their avatar is set to the loading default avatar. Or blocking anything made from the symbol editor. 2. Account blocking to block all there alts with one block. 3. If the user is perm banned or deletes their account they are removed from the block list so they don't take up space. 4. Client-side ignore list. This will allow players to have a small file on their own pc so it doesn't take up room on your servers. I don't want to remove one troll to add another If I block you I have a good reason to do so. An added note. I would love a streamer mode where you can block all avatars by default unless they're your friend. Or blocking anything made from the symbol editor for non-friends. Extra note from Saxtus on Discord. If you block someone their car is also set to a default type of that car.
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