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  1. Look what they done to N-TEC 5 because of you!
  2. That's main problem. VPNs because I imagine this will be based on IPs? Then i move my second account over VPN at least forum-wise, it's not even that problematic.
  3. I just have two accounts which I use actively... And no. I really don't want them to be merged.
  4. HOW DARE YOU NERF MY HVR. Actually. Yeah. Quick-switching should be rekt.
  5. I agree. It's slowly hard to get original name in-game - i don't talk about account wipe, we just should make unactive users (2011-2013 should be safe right?) to take one new names when/if they rejoin us. They just losing right to their current name and free slot, jeez. It's not like we removing their accounts.
  6. I love all these advices. You all learned yourself - give that guy chance to do so cause right now i see ego stroking. And he is right skill gap between silver threat and gold is so huge it sometimes worry me. You might meet trash gold but most likely you meet up experinced veteran when on silver you meet mediocre potatos most of time (well with expection of obvious dethreaters). It's also one of many main reasons why people dethreat.
  7. Nice, typical silver tactics - running into the same place 3 times in row. Believe me, they expect you from there. Pro tip: Next time... try to attack other sides?
  8. Actually proving this is almost impossible. You would need to follow every single match of that person.
  9. No. I didn't even need to undermine your post. There is simple fact: If you play with cheater, you are not cheating. So hard to understand?
  10. Hope it won't be proceed by 2015... 2016... 2017... 2018...
  11. "I hope so. I also feel like that's where a fair amount of those "untraceable" bans went. Where people cheated on an alt account to carry groups and then were so surprised their main account came under the microscope and also got a ban. " ~ That's litteraly what you wrote. What does alt account ban and main with it along have with bans by assocation? Two different things. Someone teams up with cheaters vs someone cheating on alts. So yeah, I read correctly unlike you.
  12. You don't even correctly read what OP said, right? Of course, everything is justifed to you tho. Hey guys - you all who are forced to play with cheaters via FC teams - you all deserve BANS! Also it's know that FFs algorithm is stats-based. It like to ban for abnormality in stats, both known and hidden.
  13. I actually agree on disabling rank requirements for mods. What of most disgusting things I saw in-games are finals of missions with one team being under R195 overall and second being R195 or above. They usually pack item or themselves into car, one takes car surfer and OSMAW/OPGL or LMG and proceed to defend car while opposition without this mods are pretty much struggling to get objective/kill targets. Thankfully I though of some good counter-strategy which I will share to some under R195 which are struggling. Whenever something like that happens, passanger should pick up DMR or ISSR-B (better but ARMAs option) and shot down car surfer - both weapons you can use while peeking outside windows and they have huge car damage (and can deal with opponents out in open pretty quick too, with no misses it should easily outshot OSMAW), so after eliminating car surfer, proceed to shot car - it will quickly burst in flames, make sure driver or other passangers are prepared with weapons they feel the best with... take over item and run away too with such equipped passanger (I mean, they did that - you have full right to do it too). You just won game, congratulations.
  14. Before my ban I would bet on FAR "Spearhead". Nice assault rifle, capable to be good solution at all ranges. Used it myself when completing Assault Rifle role and I had locker full of ARs (cause i'm fan of all ARs).
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