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  1. yeah merge them. but block them from using guns like OSCAR. it is no fun to hit an 400ms OSCAR teleportation magician.
  2. I love this idea. It truly would upgrade the designer.
  3. This should be banned from games. But Little Orbit do not remove gamble milking players is just so much fun
  4. They will add osmaw nano to marked place.
  5. Still since LO is here. i have not played against a cheat boy. Not a single one. I think guys just have to get goof and stop using the /w
  6. how about another social district. Like Metro station. or something different. Im tired of seeing the same Social for 10 years. Shooting Range is an amazing idea.
  7. Wait another Month. there is nothing new so far. (only battleye). No new content so far...
  8. yea im sick of those polls. lets make a poll (remove polls/keep them). All those silvers thinking the star does not need a buff make me sick. To many Ntec lows in that game.
  9. Sehr schön! Umbrella ist auch noch bei APB.
  10. Not long time ago the game was almost dead. Who knows if the game survive this year.
  11. Matt Scott is leider kein Österreicher. Der führt euch nicht an... :^)
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