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  1. Ireally want the new buffs and nerfs in so i could test them its somthing i am pretty hyped for
  2. I guess you all guys right and i somehow became one of those rushing kids
  3. I feel what you are saying, i am not asking for anything to pop out of the wild, but as the QnA was going they mentioned some Dev streams which i was hoping to see. I know that there is a lot to fix but as i said to scaredofsnakes i am just looking for some quickshots of updates. and for you i just dont know what to say lmao.
  4. Now, i dont want to sound greedy, Gamerfirsts knew how to keep us waiting for ages.. But i dont want to lose my hype yet.. Was waiting for dev vlogs/streams, and little updates here and there. Anywho ! Hope to see somthing soon !
  5. How do i get access to the OTW ? Is it something public ?
  6. This is the thing, My support ticket is complete deleted
  7. I sent a ticket regarding for a refund i want, Also opened a topic on the thing... it took a long time since i ever got a respond and now i checked and my ticket is actually got deleted and my waiting time was a wasting time. Please explain, i cant contact anybody who can actually help
  8. Thanks for the advice ! Ill do it I know this is true about refund for real money but read what i asked for
  9. So.. i asked this question a week ago already i think.. i waited for an admin to respond but yet nothing went up so i thought maybe to bump it with a new post since pumping the other one didnt really work, i will try to be more specific this time aswell. Basicaly i bought myself an acc bound of the ALIG Sunfire and regret it pretty much immediately and i asked if it is possible to get refund which i meant a G1C Refund, Not any real cash refund. Basicaly want to get another weapon for the same value.. I hope theres somthing that can work out otherwise i just lost a bunch of money on it.. Thanks for the responders
  10. Also sub-subject out in the social is the market place, which in my opinion realy need to get sharper, A better searching tools and such. I'd also add some unique stands next to the marina dock so it will have that intimacy feel at nights anywho great ideas I just like you would love to see the social getting wider with possibilities, i think thats this is one of the best features the game has to offer and most of us can stay hours hanging out
  11. So basically i think that we can all agree its pretty annoying spamming the join district button when its 40/40, I really think in my opinion that we should get a new Que System that will just let you chill instead of monitoring the join district button, Somthing like BF4 style. Hope to see that feature soon or once more people will pop into the game
  12. @Lixil Can i have your opinion ?
  13. So i just encounter this weird DLC popped on my steam called APB RELOADED Steam Exclusive Items, it has a legit Code Number yet it says it was added back in 01/01/1970.. now i tried to apply it on the armas and it says it is expired... i am *realy* curious about what is this thing. Thanks for respond, Please respond anything necessary.
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