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  1. People act like this level of excitement is normal. It isn't. Most people havent played APB in a number of years so how would LO know how to measure exacly how much capacity is needed? Cmon people: think.
  2. Both are quick to address issues. Both are quick to address major balance or gameplay changes. …..... And both have a calm demeanor. Which IMO, terrifies me if they ever get angry.
  3. I personally really enjoyed it, but to each their own I suppose.
  4. oh I'm aware, this was just a satire post trying to lighten the mood.
  5. Packetmon gotta catch 'em all it's you and me I wanna play APB Packetmon Ohhh, you're not my friend I just want to kill some crims Packetmon Gotta catch em all I am so screwed You just got JG'd too??? You shoot me and I'll shoot you Packetmon Gotta catch em all Gonna kill myself Packetmon --------------------------------------- Feel free to shit on my dreams. I tried at least xD
  6. ...and what if Little Orbit puts out a marketing video for the game detailing all of the confirmed changes? Sure, it's a long shot, but if they keep this amount of passion, who knows what we'll see.
  7. MrHigz

    Servers Died :(

    I take it the ISP ran out of hamsters temporarily?
  8. You are correct. and I guess I'll just play ESO tonight or something.
  9. @Lixil I'm happy the infrastructure is being worked on, but I'm sad because I get off of work in an hour :'(
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