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  1. Coming back after a very long time to see some rework on the ntec, looking forward to try it out .
  2. dont worry tho, even this maintenance might take a long time im sure futurewise that the weekly maintenance wont take as long as this one, they are working hard and they mentioned that these maintenances will take approx 2hours normally and that they would work to cut it down to 1hour Neitherways this gem of a game really needs some new polish so therefor it is actually good to see even it will take a bit .
  3. Cools then it wasnt completly a fail afterall and really i am thanking i am happy to see some progress within the game
  4. well it is ur choice, maybe its good to leave it for now ? just to avoid further '' bug / tech issue '' topic's regarding this. thats why i changed the title so that the inviduals understand
  5. so as you all might tryina login and cant understand why you cant connect it is simply not because the server crashed but rather because they are doing their weekly wednesday maintenance. I hope this topic helped you to provide the answer you needed in order to understand the 'issue' with connecting to the game itself. Best Regards, NoobOnDrugs .
  6. So the purpose of this clan is quite simple and similar to our rules. The purpose was to create a community that wanted to spend time and enjoy the game with eachother, since we also have a Discord we like to discuss things together and talk as a clan on the whole, not just about the game but also about the inviduals and other joys of life . Noobondrugs ( Owner ) xFeisty ( Leader ) N3xa ( Officer ) AnonSquarred BoglsusKrist DarXoP elise1996 HYPERONII l3ritney KhaledAshrf MrsKittyYo roselina Vylai xPaulinka XxKillergangster ZNZNCJ So rules here are very simple, first of all you must understand and speak decent english, it doesnt has to be perfect as long as you can understand and read it ofcourse. Besides that we search only inviduals with good intentions and positive vibes, since the clan is mainly based on having fun and enjoying with eachother. Ofcourse this includes no racism, hate, cheat, and so on but it should be common sense atleast to us that you already is self awared about such things. Regarding activity ( being active ), there is no requirements what so ever on this, ofcourse we would like to see some happy active members but it is free on this point wheter you have time or not and there isnt any limitations on these points . To join the clan simply leave a Reply in this topic with followed : Ingame Name : Time played : Country : Why do you wish to join ? : If there is any questions or anything not related to the clan recruitment / topic itself, then feel free to send me a PM on the forums and i will reply as fast as possible . Other contact options - Discord : *✾ॐ xαιηт ॐ✾*#2510 Application Status : OPEN
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