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  1. Everytime i return to apb it feels like nothing changed, its kinda a shame, i miss the game but it demotivates me to even get going again when everything feels almost as it did years ago . Hope we can get to see some adjustments soon or atleast a response from Matt in this case to what is actual going on / what is gonna go on .
  2. sounds interesting, if u are opening applications once again, then feel free to reach out .
  3. Coming back after a very long time to see some rework on the ntec, looking forward to try it out .
  4. Greetings, since there is a few discords out there with APB-R mainly focused then i would like to post mine aswell. This discord tho is much more than just APB, it is a public social discord for every invidual to enjoy and to be a part of. It is named '' Equality '' because there is on basis no restrictions to rank / roles that can be earned. It has everything from anime, gaming, art, music and so on. If you wish to, there is a role called APB-Reloaded, which unlocks the APB section within, in order to get this just contact me in there i am the owner '' Xaint ''. Click here to join -> Equality Discord Server If you have any ideas, suggestions or similarities then feel free to DM me here or on discord. Best Regards, NoobOnDrugs .
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