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  1. Everytime i return to apb it feels like nothing changed, its kinda a shame, i miss the game but it demotivates me to even get going again when everything feels almost as it did years ago . Hope we can get to see some adjustments soon or atleast a response from Matt in this case to what is actual going on / what is gonna go on .
  2. ikr (,: gotta love it man i miss these times ..
  3. Enjoy, gotta love the way my friend laughs (,:
  4. sounds interesting, if u are opening applications once again, then feel free to reach out .
  5. Coming back after a very long time to see some rework on the ntec, looking forward to try it out .
  6. Greetings, since there is a few discords out there with APB-R mainly focused then i would like to post mine aswell. This discord tho is much more than just APB, it is a public social discord for every invidual to enjoy and to be a part of. It is named '' Equality '' because there is on basis no restrictions to rank / roles that can be earned. It has everything from anime, gaming, art, music and so on. If you wish to, there is a role called APB-Reloaded, which unlocks the APB section within, in order to get this just contact me in there i am the owner '' Xaint ''. Click here to join -> Equality Discord Server If you have any ideas, suggestions or similarities then feel free to DM me here or on discord. Best Regards, NoobOnDrugs .
  7. glad to hear that u enjoy it ^^ Best Regards, NoobOnDrugs
  8. a new provider for apb was the only thing left to save it else it would been a question of time before this game probably would have been shut down. Forever we are greatful and hopefully a bright upcoming future for the game itself
  9. so tired right now so bed it is after not sleeping properly for 3 days. Looking forward to see the new latency after this maintenance ! see ya once im awake again
  10. dont worry tho, even this maintenance might take a long time im sure futurewise that the weekly maintenance wont take as long as this one, they are working hard and they mentioned that these maintenances will take approx 2hours normally and that they would work to cut it down to 1hour Neitherways this gem of a game really needs some new polish so therefor it is actually good to see even it will take a bit .
  11. Cools then it wasnt completly a fail afterall and really i am thanking i am happy to see some progress within the game
  12. well it is ur choice, maybe its good to leave it for now ? just to avoid further '' bug / tech issue '' topic's regarding this. thats why i changed the title so that the inviduals understand
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