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  1. "you need to be a human" Thats racist
  2. Now 255 only with nades <:^)
  3. The arm pads should work without a vest. only the impact shoulder one needs a vest (same as the armored shoulder one). can u send a screenshot ?
  4. Didn‘t they already said something about it ?
  5. Time to bring gifting back oof!!!

    1. Ketog


      boi , i wish , i wish so much

    2. Fumiku


      Soon my brother 😄

  6. So its (Joker-talon „non silenced“) oof but ye contact reward for riot then
  7. Whats this for a pistol ? Looks like the Joker "Talon" without silencer
  8. dab.png

    1. a Pair of Socks

      a Pair of Socks

      get dabbed on fegget

    2. Fumiku


      U better stop dabbing around!!!!

  9. Holy Moly what a busy week....

  10. Hey mate, long time no seen.
    Catch me up somewhere and lets talk about good old times 🙂


    1. Fumiku


      Lets go !!!

  11. Update: Event prizes


    Since LO still didn‘t fix the Gifting feature, we using ingame $ as prizes. (For now).

    Event will be announced next week.

  12. Everytime these profil stalker <:^)


    What a handsome and interesting person i am 👌

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Fumiku


      Thats why i never said they are bad 😄


      sometimes they can come and say „hellouhs“ 😛

    3. Itazura


      I didn't quite feel mentioned by this. Just a general statement I thought would be worth sharing while stalking people 😋


      I'm not the one to judge anyone to be handsome or not. After all people don't know how you look so there's no point really. I meant my question more as in stating that fact, didn't mean to argue against it at all ^^


      Monday's are the worst indeed 😅

    4. Fumiku


      Nothing to add then xP

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