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  1. Looks like only the spct have access right now.
  2. Age: 28 Name: Fum Faction: Crimforcer Place of residence: San Paro Arms & Equipement dealer for san paro Net income 678.000.000$ Criminals or Enforcer ? She don't care as long as they've got cash Could add some story, but the government blacked out the whole file already. "Wanna make some profit ?, GET UP FROM THE COUCH!"
  3. ye I know, just saw some people using this joker themed stuff as "citizen". Wasn't sure but thanks alot
  4. But why they need like 10 Joker store npc's ? @Sakebee
  5. " That is why we are happy to announce that opening Joker Mystery Box 23 will always grant 100 Joker Tickets on top of its normal prizes!" So 99 G1C for 100 Joker Tickets
  6. What ya mean with this exactly, since we can't buy lvls in armas (my brain just stopped) Still and ye, when the items are worth it why not
  7. This is the thing here We don't need to play events anymore since we get everything afterwards in armas. They should seperate the rewards. Like some can be obtained via playing the event only, and some via armas. Exclusive stuff isn't welcome anymore in apb. But thats a story for another time/topic.
  8. Didn't talk only about the christmas event. For some its fun, and for some its terrible. Thats how it is i guess xP Ofc i finished them as well. Uhm i think so
  9. This is your opinion. Don't have a prob with it.
  10. I believe the majority of the playerbase are rdy to buy it, instead of insanely grind for this stuff. Some events are terrible to play as well oi
  11. So we never need to play events anymore. After some days we can purchase everything. But people who missed it can get it now.
  12. 2018 you was able to get them, but not 2019
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