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  1. „In addition to all the players who contributed to our Official Forums, there are well over 200 players who contributed on the Unofficial Discord.“ They count everyone who posted into the #redhill channel I guess the 200+ people are all who was posting/active in the channel since only a few was solving stuff. but matt will bring light in this
  2. "These players will get an account wide title "Conspiracy Cracker", and an exclusive new Weapon Skin made just for the event." So there is the RIOT free skin and a themed event skin ?
  3. dab.png

    1. a Pair of Socks

      a Pair of Socks

      get dabbed on fegget

    2. Fumiku


      U better stop dabbing around!!!!

  4. What about a pair of "GPNVG's" ? Lenses up/down version Just made fix a Ps one so you get the idea
  5. Ye i guess no one would spent that amount for this crap. but like „mmoga“ etc had it oi ^^
  6. Buy now cheap money! Safe and trusted <:^) 100.000 for 200$ 500.000 for 600$ 1.000.000 for 1.100$ *Only Visa* this ?
  7. For some its 5Mil+, for others 250mil+. Its a wide range in apb. As BXNNXD said, its easy when you are good in creating content such as symbols, themes etc
  8. Fumiku

    On-Eye VR Glasses

    Thats true ayyy. Next time
  9. Fumiku

    On-Eye VR Glasses

    Every mask we have in the game makes us „blind“ anyway. What about the snowball head, pumpkin head ?
  10. Fumiku

    On-Eye VR Glasses

    Its just a small thing, but would be very nice. A "On-Eyes" version of the VR Glasses.
  11. You can do this in some games as well, like CsGo etc Even if its first person.
  12. Holy shit, ye acer. I was a bit wooshy with predator and razer :s Fookin stupid names ....Corrected it oi
  13. Yup it is. as i mentioned before. With the Acer Razer Z35 i would get a headache from playing (cuz stretched everywhere). With the Samsung its fine (ye its just new that you see more as normal) But i don't regret it to bought it xP
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